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With crypto in UK crosshairs, secret US report says it’s vital. Chris Barton: Kim Dotcom fights back with encryption. For his latest trick Kim Dotcom is not just fighting back against his oppressors.

Chris Barton: Kim Dotcom fights back with encryption

He has unleashed the dogs of war. Whether the encrypted does indeed cry havoc on the movie and recording industry is still playing out. But at the very least the exotic New Zealand resident has set one of Gareth Morgan's hated killer cats among the pigeons. There's no doubt there's some utu at work here too. Dotcom is getting some payback for the way the United States, with the assistance of the New Zealand government, its police, and its spy agency, the GCSB, unilaterally shut down his business.

There is a touch of The Terminator too as Mega delivers a cheerfully maniacal "I'm baaack! " Suddenly personal data stored online can now be incredibly secure. Encryption - scrambling computer data into something incomprehensible using a key so that only the holder of a matching key can unscramble it - is such an elegantly simple idea you have to wonder why nobody thought of it before. Crypto Law Survey. Be Prepared for Increase in Number of Criminal Cases Involving Crypto-Currencies. Yesterday I bought pot on the Internet using digital currency.

Be Prepared for Increase in Number of Criminal Cases Involving Crypto-Currencies

Sorry, let me rephrase that. Yesterday, I bought a pot on the Internet using digital currency. It was a flower pot, for our office peace lily. The point is that I bought the pot using Bitcoins, the most popular of around five-hundred or so different types of co-called crypto-currencies. I bought the pot from, one of a few mainstream retail outlets that accept Bitcoins. Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies are ideal for purchasing things pseudonymously on the Internet.

What led me to purchasing bitcoins and traversing the Dark Web was a seminar a couple weeks ago at KPMG, the accounting firm, hosted by the Metropolitan Washington Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, called “Emerging Crimes of the Digital World and Virtual Identity.” Crypto-currency uses cryptography to control its distribution, as opposed to a government or a bank. Guide to Cryptography. Development Guide Table of Contents Objective To ensure that cryptography is safely used to protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive user data.

Guide to Cryptography

Platforms Affected All. Relevant COBIT Topics DS5.18 – Cryptographic key management Description. Yahoo sees end to end email encryption by year-end. Washington (AFP) - Yahoo said Sunday it plans to introduce "end to end encryption" for email this year to boost privacy protection for users concerned about snooping from governments or hackers.

Yahoo sees end to end email encryption by year-end

The Internet giant demonstrated new security and safety features for its email service at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, ramping up efforts to boost privacy since the 2013 revelations about government surveillance. The new security feature aims to allow non-technical people to use encryption with the click of a button after an initial setup of a few minutes. A test or beta version of the encryption software is being released for developers, and it is expected to be rolled out to users in the coming months.

"Our goal is to have this available by the end of the year," Alex Stamos, Yahoo's chief information security officer, told AFP. "Anybody who has the ability to write an email should have no problem using our email encryption. " Cryptography. Encryption Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance. Warning: This guide has not updated in over a year.

Encryption Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance

Freedom of the Press Foundation is working on an updated version. If you're interested in contributing, or have ideas for what this guide should cover, please submit issues on GitHub Download: [en] PDF, LibreOffice ODT • [pt] PDF, LibreOffice ODT Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on. The NSA is the biggest, best funded spy agency the world has ever seen. Defending yourself against the NSA, or any other government intelligence agency, is not simple, and it's not something that can be solved just by downloading an app.

Table of Contents Threat Model The NSA is a powerful adversary. While the tools and advice in this paper are aimed at protecting your privacy from the NSA's collection methods, the same advice can be used to increase your computer security against any adversary. Crypto Systems We discovered something. Software You Can Trust Microsoft Corp. OTR Clients Logs. Disk Encryption and File Encryption news, help and research - SearchSecurity. Cyber Attacks Explained: Cryptographic Attacks - LINUX For You. Cryptographic solutions are used to encrypt data transmission over wireless or wired protocols.

Cyber Attacks Explained: Cryptographic Attacks - LINUX For You

Unfortunately, these techniques have proved to be vulnerable to attacks and data can be stolen. This article explores the various means to strengthen encryption techniques to protect network infrastructures including methods using FOSS-based solutions. As we all know, the heart of cryptographic network communication is public-key cryptography (PKI), which is used to encrypt the TCP/IP communication between two network end-points. PKI uses various encryption algorithms to ensure data security. The whole idea behind encryption is to make it a very difficult, time-consuming task to try out all possible keys. While the key length is an important factor, the mathematical algorithm used for processing encryption and decryption is also equally important. It is important to understand what cryptography means to the Internet. Now let’s see how this mechanism works at a higher level, for a browser.