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The Red List

The Red List
Designed as a trend book, the Red List offers total immersion in the world of visual arts so as to build bridges between historic and contemporary creativity. What would cinema be without photography? Interior design without architecture? Fashion without painting? Image seekers need to see what’s new and innovative, but they also need to train their eye by picking up on the references, echoes and allusions that nourish artistic creation. See more >>

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Artists create images from 35mm film degraded by digestion A pair of graphic design students from Kingston University have created a photography project centred around swallowing 35mm film and seeing how their digestive systems affected it. "I turn myself inside out" by Luke Evans and Josh Lake saw the duo swallow individual frames of 35mm film, excrete them and then wash them. Then the damage made to the surface of the film by the students' digestive system was examined using an electron microscope. These images were then blown up into large-scale black and white prints. Evans told that they had the idea when discussing the brief for their first year major project, which was "outdoor".

ANDRESGALLARDO Andresgallardo is a new, creative approach to fashion jewelry. Brokenporcelain is the concept behind ANDRESGALLARDO collections: Inspired by elements of flora and fauna, combines metal, leather and crystal fragments with porcelain figures that have been reworked and set into whimsical, nature-based jewelry pieces. Porcelain figures are broken and repolished by hand and then assembled into subjective and sometimes surrealistic compositions. Designer Andrés Gallardo studied fashion design in Madrid. While working for several Spanish-based fashion companies, he began to create one-of-a-kind jewelry, finding antique or forgoten porcelain pieces, breaking them and using only the choosen fragments, he created, in 2010, the first serie of unique pieces for friends, stylist and special clients related to art scope.

Galleries - Europeana Collections Culture curated for you! Discover Europeana Galleries! Painter and photographer G.H. Breitner created powerful images of daily Dutch life in the late 19th century. RAW COLOR Designhuis is the only museum in the Netherlands that is focussing solely on design and applied arts. Setup by Lidewij Edelkoort in 2007 an left in 2009, the museum developed in a short periode a well known profile. In march 2010 the exhibtion Kleur- Colour took place, highlighting the meaning of colour in contemporary design. Color is provoking feelings, associations and reactions. LensCulture Portrait Awards 2015 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL PROJECTIONS • INDUSTRY INSIDER EXPOSURE • $22,000 in Awards 8 days, 20:29:03 hours remaining Seeking the New Photographic Portrait The LensCulture Portrait Awards is the 2nd annual call for international portrait photography. The importance of portraiture is present in cultures across the world, illustrating the power and endurance of human connection.

Liesa Van der Aa Marc Lagrange mostly gathered his worldwide fame with his sensual portraits of naked women, which have now become his trademark. Art galleries have discovered his work and his pictures are now very eligible with collectors and art lovers. Lagrange has been on a 20-year quest looking for the ultimate image that finally captures the beauty of the woman. Wittenoord Wittenoord (2010) This is the story of a woman who lived in Wittenoord. Here she found almost jewel like pieces of nature. They were beautiful, but very fragile. They had to be protected, so she made glass beads to put them in so they can be worn and admired.

A Cloud of 100,000 Illuminated Balloons Suspended Inside Covent Garden by Charles Pétillion French artist and photographer Charles Pétillion has just unveiled a cumulus cloud composed of 100,000 white balloons illuminated from the inside at London’s Covent Garden. Titled ‘Heartbeat,’ the installation was created as part of the upcoming London Design Festival and stretches the length of the South Hall ceiling of the Market Building. Pétillion is known for his use of white balloons to fill unusual spaces, a photographic series he refers to as Invasions. This is by far his largest installation to date and his first public art piece. He shares about Heartbeat:

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