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Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards Choose a platform from the left. Download Anki for Windows Installation Save the installer to your desktop or downloads folder.
Learning News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker Learning News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker I totally agree, but don't think that wikipedia-surfing is a good example, because you search for stuff that you want to know (or maybe easier to understand) while when reading a scrience book f.e. you have to read all the way through the article, even if some parts are harder to understand I tend to agree as well, but I've found that as someone who strives to learn almost to the exclusion of all else in my life, when that learning is severely depressed by any of a variety of factors, I'm encouraged to drink. Maybe dumb people don't 'not care,' but they're just not as capable of learning, and lack to means of acquiring the necessary facilitation to expand their minds. Or, maybe you're right and they don't care.
The Excretory System - Human Body FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format, Free Interactives and Games
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Lesson and Lab Exchange Choose from hundreds of free, downloadable science lessons shared by Terrific Science staff and program graduates. National Chemistry Week These free, downloadable science activities are great for quick classroom experiences or fun student take-homes. For in-depth lessons and more detailed science explanations, see the source books listed for each activity or schedule one of our hands-on workshops. Freebies :: Terrific Science

Freebies :: Terrific Science

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Science Reporting for Kids Science Reporting for Kids Key: Meeting Journal Funder 12-Apr-2014 Feature Story Solving the mystery of massive star birth Like people, stars are born, they grow old and they die. Small and medium-sized stars, we know, are born in enormous clouds of cold gas and cosmic dust known as nebulae.
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Science With Me - Science Website for Kids

Science With Me - Science Website for Kids

New Home April 2 ScienceWithMe! was developed by a mom and dad team of professional scientists who love science and want to pass that love of science onto the next generation. In order to do that, we developed a bundle of science animations, songs, e-books, and science apps for kids, each carefully designed for teaching scientific principles in a fun and engaging way. Our products are not only great ways to teach science to kids but are also fun activities that kids will actually want to do. All our products are available for immediate download, so there is no waiting around for books or materials to be mailed to your home.
Science Matters

Science Matters

Yah, I know some of us are winding down from schooling for the summer months, but I can’t help but stay on the lookout for resources I know I’m going to be needing again all too soon. I’ve come across some interesting science things of late that I want to check out – perhaps you, too, can find something useful. For your perusal:
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Site MapSubscribe to Hubble NewsContact HomeNewsImagesVideosShopHubble ExtrasAbout HubbleScienceKids & TeachersPressProjectsFor scientists Home Picture Of The Week potw1402: Hubble close-up on the Coma Cluster View All View All


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MAKE HOMEMADE SCIENCE TOYS AND PROJECTS One Penny One Minute Science Activity When I was a kid I accidentally saw little dots in my vision when squinting in bright light. Later, I discovered that I was actually seeing stuff floating around in the fluid of my eye. Bob Colbertson told me a quick and easy way to see them. Take a piece of aluminum foil—at least big enough to cover one eye—and crumple it up into a ball.


Science Experiments, Amateur Science demonstrations, projects: SCIENCE HOBBYIST
Free online courses are offered by real schools. Learn which courses are available, what topics they cover and which ones lead to real college credit. Online Courses for Credit All of the schools listed below are well-known universities with a variety of free online course offerings. These classes are typically offered as part of an OpenCourseWare (OCW) project. Universities with the Best Free Online Courses -- Education-Port

Universities with the Best Free Online Courses -- Education-Port

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Space Time Travel – Relativity Visualized

The theory of relativity holds a certain fascination for many people. At the same time it is often regarded as very abstract and difficult to understand. Part of the difficulties in understanding relativity are due to the fact that relativistic effects contradict everyday experience. Motion, for example, is a familiar process and everybody "knows from experience" that it entails neither time dilation nor length contraction. A flight with half the speed of light could correct this misjudgement but is not on offer. Space Time Travel – Relativity Visualized
Water, good ol' H2O, seems like a pretty simple substance to you and me. But in reality, water - the foundation of life and most common of liquid - is really weird and scientists actually don't completely understand how water works. Here are 5 really weird things about water: 5 Really Weird Things About Water
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