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Kid Anxiety

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The Learned Attitude That Makes Children More Anxious and Violent. 11 Superpowers of Anxious Children. Let’s not sugarcoat it: Life can be hard for anxious kids.

11 Superpowers of Anxious Children

Even simple, everyday tasks can seem big and scary when they come with sweaty palms, a pounding heart, and the feeling that something — anything, maybe even everything — is about to go horribly wrong. Anxious kids may feel like it’s their job to stop a disaster from happening, or even like they’ve done something wrong and need to fix it. That’s a lot to shoulder at any age. But they’ve done nothing wrong; in fact, those anxious feelings have some hidden advantages. It’s kind of like having a secret superpower. 1. Often, the people who worry the most have great imaginations. 2.

Having a little bit of anxiety can actually help you perform better at all sorts of tasks, both physical and mental. 13 Tips to Support Your Socially Worried Child. 4 Jedi Mind(fulness) Tricks to Help an Anxious Child. “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power,” says Obi-Wan Kenobi to Luke Skywalker.

4 Jedi Mind(fulness) Tricks to Help an Anxious Child

“It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” (Photo Credit: Levent Konuk / My favorite movies of all time come from the original Star Wars trilogy. Middle school hurt. My parents tried to cleave me from the throes of panic with consistent love and reassurance, but to no avail. So I built one–an impenetrable emotional force shield. I believed my own words until the plan started to fall apart, and in the end was nothing short of an epic fail. Instead of wielding the Force, I numbed it, particularly the dark side. That bomb went off at age twenty-five. You see, Luke Skywalker is a beacon of strength and a guardian of peace and justice not because he always feels happy and good. By the time Luke reaches the final battle with his father, Darth Vader, in Return of the Jedi, he is a master of mindfulness. How to Consciously Parent an Anxious Child with 3 Powerful Tools.

I recently had the honor of sitting down for a chat with Dr.

How to Consciously Parent an Anxious Child with 3 Powerful Tools

Shefali Tsabary, pioneer of the conscious parenting movement. Conscious parenting is based on the idea that children have the power to spark a transformation so deep within a parent that we begin to learn and grow alongside them. In other words, raising children is also very much about raising ourselves as parents. I asked for her insight on raising anxious children through the lens of conscious parenting. Below are Dr. When our children suffer, it is like ten thousand arrows pierce our heart. When we watch them anguish, it is like being buried underground with no hope for air. When we watch them obsess over details, worrying about every cloud, bump or twist on this journey of life, it is like our own skin burns with fear as we wonder, “Will they ever just be happy and carefree?” Raising a happy child is the holy grail of parenting. But first, a caveat: All my work is focused on the transformation within the parent. My mandate? When Your Anxious Child Rejects Your Help, Try This.

The worry begins as a trickle in your son’s (or daughter’s) mind.

When Your Anxious Child Rejects Your Help, Try This

It develops momentum and drops into his body causing his palms to sweat, heart to race, and tummy to ache. Finally, your child’s worry erupts: “Mommy, what if I have a new teacher in school?” “Daddy, what if I can’t find someone to play with?” The words hit you. You try reassurance: “Honey, everything is going to be OK, I promise.” You invoke logic: “It wasn’t so bad last time, remember? You lend strength: “You’re strong and brave. You teach coping skills: “Take some deep breaths.

The result? And you? If this is how you feel as the parent or caretaker of an anxious child, you are not alone. Instead of focusing on the end goal of reducing the anxiety, begin with a powerful baby step. Note: If you’re feeling tired or even angry as a result of your recent experiences trying to help an anxious child, please do this before using any of the techniques below. Use the Fast-Food Rule Tell a story about yourself Remix the coping skill.

When Your Child's Anxiety is Making You Anxious: Repeat These 22 Phrases. As parents, we have a natural tendency to reach out to our children when they are anxious, scared, or stressed.

When Your Child's Anxiety is Making You Anxious: Repeat These 22 Phrases

What none of us can anticipate is how our children’s anxiety will cause us to feel anxious, helpless, hopeless, angry, or desperate. The next time your child is ridden with anxiety, repeat any of these phrases. You will be surprised that your child will likely mirror your reaction. 1. This too shall pass. 2. 49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child. It happens to every child in one form or another – anxiety.

49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child

As parents, we would like to shield our children from life’s anxious moments, but navigating anxiety is an essential life skill that will serve them in the years to come. In the heat of the moment, try these simple phrases to help your children identify, accept, and work through their anxious moments. 1. “Can you draw it?” Drawing, painting or doodling about an anxiety provides kids with an outlet for their feelings when they can’t use their words. 2. Being told that you will be kept safe by the person you love the most is a powerful affirmation.