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Big Active - art direction, graphic design, creative consultancy and representation +44 (0)20 7739 5601

Big Active - art direction, graphic design, creative consultancy and representation +44 (0)20 7739 5601
Mat Maitland has directed a 3D video installation for the window of Parisian department store Printemps du Louvre. Situated next to the Louvre Museum, their first store in 30 years is the new flagship for the luxury French retailer. For such an esteemed location, Printemps needed an evolving long-term solution for the store exterior that competed with (and measured up against) their prestigious neighbours. Mat’s solution came in the form of a three minute film played on a screen mounted within a mirrored frame. The mirrors create a kaleidoscopic effect, surrounding an interchangeable physical product. The film features architectural detail from the original Printemps store, as well as images of the iconic artworks from the museum next door.

Thomas Schostok – Graphic design, Art and Typography Magazine Eng Esp Dave Seidman Vahalla Studios Wrap magazine For the latest issue of Wrap we were lucky enough to be able to work with the super talented illustrator Alex Walker who created this image, ‘Cosmic Sorbet’, in response to the issues theme of balance. Alex said he made this image with quite a free-form approach to try and capture a sense of visual balance and to make something ‘process-led and fun’. Alex’s artwork is available as a pull-out print/wrapping paper in Wrap issue 11- ‘Balance’, alongside a in-depth interview with him. Order online at:

Vasava Freebies Motifs et Cie Les freebies de Motifs et Cie Vous trouverez ici quelques petits cadeaux bonus. Ils sont utilisables librement et gratuitement pour un usage privé uniquement !Aucun usage commercial n'est autorisé. Free for private use only, commercial use forbidden Calendrier 2014 6 pages A4 à découper et à assembler avec une ficelle pour un calendrier mural tout en couleur !Télécharger le PDF (version française) / Download PDF file (english version)

Design Embraced - Anthony Goodwin sans titre