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Recruitment agencies

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How to find jobs. Recruitment agencies. Expand your job search by making use of the expert knowledge and extensive contacts of graduate recruitment agencies What is a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are essentially 'middlemen' between jobseekers and employers. They work on behalf of employers to find suitable candidates to fill vacancies. Many employers use them, so signing up with agencies will give you access to jobs that aren't advertised elsewhere. When an employer needs to hire someone, it will provide the recruitment agency with a job description. REC Corporate - Jobseekers. Jobseekers What is the REC?

REC Corporate - Jobseekers

When we asked people to rank the importance of various life decisions the average person has to make, choosing what job to do was judged the most important – more important than deciding where to live, when to start a family or even who to have as friends. Our members empower you to make those important choices and understand that getting the right job is a special moment in life. Jobs transform lives, which is why we are building the best recruitment industry in the world. As the professional body for recruitment we are absolutely passionate and totally committed in this pursuit for recruiters, employers, and the people they hire. Agencies that join the REC agree to abide by a Code of Professional Practice, and must pass our compliance test every two years to continue being members.

How to use recruitment agencies. Entering the job market can seem an intimidating prospect.

How to use recruitment agencies

There are so many ways of applying, including agencies and consultancies – how do you work out which to choose? Or, do you need to choose? Many people simply apply to a targeted company directly, as opposed to using a consultancy. In some cases this may indeed yield results, particularly if you have a contact within the company. But what if you don’t? Picture a typical busy HR department in a large organisation. Now consider another picture. A good consultant will know where the roles are in the market that will best suit you. Using Agencies. Ask the experts: Using a recruitment consultant. "Are recruitment consultants only looking for round pegs to fit round holes?

Ask the experts: Using a recruitment consultant

I apply through agencies on job sites and get nowhere - am I doing something wrong? I was promised as much work as I could handle but my phone hasn't rung once... " These are all comments from posters in our forums, who appear rather mystified about how recruitment consultancies work. OK, perhaps frustrated is a better word. Some of our readers wonder why their availability, plus having their details registered with an agency with promising jobs on offer, does not seem to ever equate to starting a new job next Monday.

On the flip side though, others have had good experiences, and they have landed dream jobs via recruitment consultancies. Recruitment Agencies: Advantages & Disadvantages - Career Ambitions. Recruitment Agencies – you can love them or hate them, however just like any relationship, it’s about knowing how to manage the relationship effectively.

Recruitment Agencies: Advantages & Disadvantages - Career Ambitions

Remember, it’s not just what’s in it for you, but also what’s in it for them! Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment agencies. "I heavily over invest in recruiting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment agencies

I have an understanding with certain search firms that if you find someone great, don't wait until there's a job opening - send him to me. " - Kevin P. Ryan. The launch of the National Career Service Portal and India’s first Digital Employment Exchange, has been hailed as very positive moves towards bringing the employers and job-seekers closer. On this occasion, it is apt to discuss regarding another section of this job market which has been acting as liaison between the employers and the job seekers - recruitment agencies. What are the disadvantages of using a recruitment agency? 10 benefits of temping. While we continue to see growth in new jobs, companies are remaining cautious and temp jobs have started to overtake permanent roles in terms of popularity.

10 benefits of temping

So, if you’re struggling to find a permanent job or don’t want to tie yourself down to one role for a long period of time, temping could be the answer. 1. You're in control One of the biggest benefits of temporary jobs is flexibility. YOU are in control of your career and it’s far easier to take career breaks and fit your job around your life. 2. Different companies use different systems to get the job done, even if they’re doing the same work. 3. And that brings us on to experience. 4. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. 5. Temping Tips For Graduates - A CV Centre Guide. After you have emerged from the long hard slog of final exams, the next item on the agenda for most graduates is likely to be launching your career.

Temping Tips For Graduates - A CV Centre Guide

Temporary work can be a great way to bridge the gap - both in terms of finance and experience - between full-time study and your desired position in the work place. Be Specific About Your Needs Temping is by nature very flexible and so it can be worth using this to your advantage. Make sure you are clear in your own mind about the hours, location and type of work etc. that you would like, and of your ultimate goal. Developing your career.