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Meet Don Belisario Today I am invoking Rule 32, Section C, Paragraph 7 of the Brand New Selection Criteria Guidelines whereby it sort of states that if a project is small or “not mainstream at all” it must have “a very compelling design story.” Located in Lima, Peru, and launched this year, Don Belisario is a restaurant devoted to rotisserie chicken, a popular familial meal in Peru. (And other parts of the world as well; perhaps a lonely meal for a really hungry human being). Designed by local firm and 2011 Brand New Conference fan-favorite, Infinito, the identity for Don Belisario revolves around the eponymous, yet clearly fictitious, hacendado — the Spanish word for the boss, el jefe, of an hacienda, itself the Spanish word for plantation — and patriarch, paying homage to this wonderful food group and its source. Wordmark.

8 Simple and Useful Tips for Kerning Type Kerning is fun! All right, unless you’re a serious type nerd like me, that’s definitely not going to be a true statement. However, it is an absolutely essential part of your typographical education and implementation. If you’ve been ignoring kerning or simply aren’t sure how to do it properly, take a look at these eight quick tips and get started on the road to becoming a kerning master. Introduction The past few years have seen an explosion of type on the web.

About – Collins Brian Collins ECD / Co-founder Over his career, Brian Collins has won every major creative award. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Creativity, Fortune, Rolling Stone, Creative Review, Graphis, NBC News, ABC News and Fast Company, which named him one of five American Masters of Design. For ten years prior to the founding of COLLINS, Brian was Chief Creative Officer of the Brand Integration Group (BIG), the design and innovation division at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. His clients included IBM, Motorola, The Ford Motor Company, Goldman Sachs, AT&T, Vera Wang and American Express. Johnson Tsang . Geniality frozen in porcelain drops * Design Catwalk Johnson Tsang . Geniality frozen in porcelain drops Hard to define the burdens of geniality in the work of Johnson Tsang, I definitely love everything he’s able to conceive. The world transformed in porcelain frozen actions, where mesmering ideas and a super high profile tecnique fight together in a match in wich both are the winners.

MP® / MSTRPLN® Design & Direction Strong From The North Branding. Art Direction. Product Design. All Work Skip to main content All Work Ladies & Gentlemen Print, Branding Website Awards - Sites of the day This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Cookies Policy.GOT IT! stills — Electric Art Electric Art is a Sydney based, globally recognised creative production specialist leading the way in Creative Retouching & 3D, Motion, Interactive & Augmented Reality. Founded in 1993, over the years we've worked with some of the biggest brands, ad agencies & photographers around the world. With today’s proliferation of new image mediums & the shift to more web-based work & animation, we now find ourselves managing whole projects. We output assets spanning traditional print, web, animation & interactive. In short, we love to take on challenges & occupy brand new spaces. In 2006, we introduced the tagline ‘Play god.’ which is still in use today & has become synonymous with EA & all that we represent.

Wild, Weird and Wonderful Porcelain Sculptures by Johnson Tsang - if it's hip, it's here Sculptor Johnson Tsang of Hong Kong has a large repertoire of porcelain works. His vast range of pieces includes what he refers to as “his babies.” Chubby sculpted infant heads and full bodies in whimsical installations and unusual compositions.

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