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Illustrators, Illustrators' Agents, Illustration Agency, Art Rep, Artists' Representatives, London, New York, Shianghai, Paris, Hamburg, Singapore,- Heart Artist’s Agents Toro y Moi – live dublab “sprout session” (03.11.10) « dublab 03_11_10_toro_y_moi_live Podcast: Download Toro y Moi has the feeling of your favorite sweater tossed on as you rush excited from your home into a crisp winter adventure. The warmth of the cloth and million tiny sparks hug and dazzle you with electric comfort. Scratch that…Toro y Moi is the sound of a choir of angels singing forms of cottony clouds into a sky scattered with floating bongo drums and brilliant dreams. Scratch that…Toro y Moi is the moment you realize that sitting outside the club listening to a Smiths tape in your car is one million times more joyful than being inside with the all the sweat and posturing. Final scratch…Toro y Moi is Chaz Bundick who is making warm and beautiful music in many forms and blessed dublab with this live set sure to fill your ears with happiness and be permanently filed onto the “classics” shelf of your heart.

Print’s Hand Drawn Illustration Competition Finalists New Girls Club by Michael Byers (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) Materials Used: Ink and Digital Color Artist’s statement: This piece was for an article about a woman who started a new financial service company directed towards helping women in financial crisis. When This Shall Fall Into Your Hands, I Shall Have Disappeared by Jared Boggess (Doswell, VA) Materials used: Pen and ink Artist’s statement: A 2-Page spread for Stevenson’s classic, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Quail Fig Bouquet by Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius (Philadelphia, PA) Materials used: Acrylic paint and ink Artist’s statement: This is our interpretation of Alice Waters’ recipe, “Quail Salad with Roasted Fig Vinaigrette”. The Leviathan by Philip Cheaney (Brooklyn, NY) Materials used: Ink, watercolor, digital Artist’s statement: The Leviathan is part of a series of illustrations for a Biblical Bestiary book titled “Superbook,” which focuses on some of the more fantastic and bizarre creatures and beings found in the Bible.

Marianne Ratier - illustratrice Heart Directed :: A Gallery of Art Directed Blog Posts Début Art – Illustrators and Artist Agents, London justin gabbard cemlurk: The first concert I attended on my own volition was on July 13th, 1996, the gig was Pantera/White Zombie/EyeHateGod at Coca Cola Starplex in Dallas, Texas. It was also the first time I took LSD. I was 13 years old. At the time, it was the coolest thing I had ever done.

Lettre ouverte à ceux qui n’ont rien à cacher « Apportez-moi deux lignes du plus honnête homme et j’y découvrirai de quoi le faire pendre. » — Louis-Benoît Picard, inspiré de cette citation attribuée au Cardinal de Richelieu : « Avec deux lignes d’écriture d’un homme, on peut faire le procès du plus innocent« . On entend souvent dire que « seuls ceux qui ont quelque chose à se reprocher ont quelque chose à cacher« , remarque « de bon sens » allègrement utilisée par ceux que ne dérangent pas -voire qui défendent- l’extension des mesures, contrôles et lois sécuritaires, et des technologies de surveillance qui leur sont associées. Il fut un temps où la peine de mort relevait elle aussi du « bon sens« , tout comme auparavant l’interdiction faite aux femmes d’aller voter, ou encore le fait que les « nègres » et « bougnoules » ne pouvaient pas avoir les mêmes droits que ceux qui les avaient colonisés. In fine, ou en résumé : le problème, c’est le voyeur, pas celui dont l’intimité ou la vie privée est ainsi violée. Every logs belong to us

The Organisation - UK & US Illustration Agency Agent Molly & Co - Photographers, Illustrators, Set & Prop Stylists Group : Screenflick - Screen Recording / Capture I don't have Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Can I still buy Screenflick 1.6? Sure. Although 1.6 is no longer under development, if you need Screenflick 1.6 to run on Tiger (10.4) or Leopard (10.5), you can find the download link at the bottom of this page. Try it out and make sure it does what you need it to do. To purchase a license for it, go ahead and buy Screenflick 2 and then email us to retrieve your license for 1.6. Why is the video dark when I record a game like "Amnesia"? It's darker because the gamma alters the display's gamma. Why do I see a white and grey checkerboard when recording DVDs? This is OS X's DRM at work. Why isn't audio from this application being recorded? When you start a recording with system audio turned on, Screenflick switches the system-wide default audio output device to the "Soundflower" virtual audio device, which Screenflick then uses as an input to record audio from. Launch the program which plays the audio after you start a Screenflick recording.

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