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Visual Communication ProsHome - Carve Branding and Design Welcome to the carve design HQ! We are a boutique branding and graphic design studio. Want to see more? Welcome to the carve design HQ! We are a boutique branding and graphic design studio. Want to see more? Brand | BRND WGN Retail International Group This project is the result of an interesting fusion between a deep respect for traditional values and a passion for contemporary design. The brand is reputed to be one of the pioneers in fashion retailing across Malta and North Africa, and the rich influences emanating from this corner of the world have served as important inspiration for this project. Air Malta: Candle Stop Motion Using over 400 of these ubiquitous red candles and a crew of thirty people we decided to tell a Maltese story on a beach at sunset. BRND WGN Wine Bottle 2012

The Coolest Business Cards - Use of Cool Shapes, Textures, Creativity, & Talent : Graphic Design Blog & Graphics News Blog The Coolest Business Cards I Have Ever Seen - Use of Cool Shapes, Textures, Creativity, & Talent This was the most fun that I have ever had posting a blog. This blog is for showcasing the most amazing and innovative business card designs that I have ever seen. Some of the following business cards are shaped like objects, some have pop-up textures, some of these business cards even have plants growing from within the card itself.

SomeOne This is what we’re good at... Brand Strategy There’s a lot of waffle spoken about strategy. We prefer to call it a plan. A plan that defines what success is for your product, service or organisation, and how you are going to get there. Develop a Position not positioning What’s your opinion? About | MAUD Inform­a­tion Maud cre­ates pro­voc­at­ive design that builds brands and busi­nesses. Our approach is hon­est, driven by human insight and always starts with brand strategy. We’re multi-disciplinary team of thinkers who place func­tion before aes­thetic and work to cre­ate endur­ing design solu­tions that con­nect with people. Ser­vices We apply design think­ing to any shape of prob­lem, but if we were to cat­egor­ise the things we do most often it would include the following:

Robin Kinross Robin Kinross (born 1949[1]) is an author and publisher on the topic of visual communication and typography. His most significant work is Modern Typography. He is a proprieter of Hyphen Press, which publishes books on design and typography.[2] Kinross started Hyphen Press in 1980. Modern Typography was published in 1992. Since the 1990s, Hyphen produces about "two to four publications a year".[3] Important publications by Hyphen include Christopher Burke's Paul Renner and Fred Smeijers' Counterpoint. Blog So, it feels like an eter­nity since I actu­ally wrote a blog post so here goes. You may notice I’ve tweaked this site a bit, I’ve shoved my work on the home page and trimmed a load of fat that wasn’t really needed, so over­all the site is much more con­cise and to the point now (which is kinda how I’m feel­ing right now). I realised recently that I hadn’t updated my port­fo­lio for over a year as most of what I’ve been work­ing on has taken ages to go live, but I’m able now to share some of the stuff I’ve been doing. I also took about 3–4 months off work last year to get over some heavy stuff in my pri­vate life (which I won’t go into here) and am only now start­ing to feel like my head’s back in ‘work mode’.

High Tide High Tide is an independent design studio creating compelling visual narrative through innovative and interactive media tools. By partnering with a visionary group of photographers, illustrators, and developers, High Tide creates timeless design that conveys a unique identity and emotional resonance. From branding and marketing projects to limited edition publications and site-specific installations, High Tide communicates a vision that pushes the boundaries of traditional design.

RAW COLOR Designhuis is the only museum in the Netherlands that is focussing solely on design and applied arts. Setup by Lidewij Edelkoort in 2007 an left in 2009, the museum developed in a short periode a well known profile. In march 2010 the exhibtion Kleur- Colour took place, highlighting the meaning of colour in contemporary design. Color is provoking feelings, associations and reactions. Colour is influencing atmospheres of interiors till the appeal of a product. In what way are designers dealing and using colour in their work and what is the role of psychology, zeitgeist and culture in this circumstance.

"The future is now" - Nice to meet you! "The future is now" The future is now, is my university degree project.Theme: the Demographic change in 2050. How 1/3 of the people will be over 65. Topics I work with: Ignorance. the people don't think about that. HOME — Motion + Design Jigyasa is an interactive installation that incorporates augmented reality to explore the notions of curiosity and discovery and encourages participants to look beyond what they see at the surface. The piece is structured like a planet, which is peppered with quirky characters and various flora and fauna. The participants have to explore various regions of Jigyasa to see what each character reveals about itself and discover what hidden surprises lay buried amongst the trees.