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BVD — Simplify to Clarify

BVD — Simplify to Clarify
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Meson Nadi – Sojournal The Nicaraguan Jungles Boutique Hotel Saskia Nadi has fulfilled her dream of living in a real-life paradise. Since last year, together with husband Dennis, the two have opened their stylish and sustainable boutique hotel Meson Nadi in the jungle of Nicaragua. So what is the story behind Meson Nadi and its creation? Saskia: Four years ago we bought the land, and the construction of the hotel took around a year and two months to be completed. The opening was just in September 2016! Your hotel focuses especially on design and products - what labels are you working with? Saskia: We collaborate with a wide range of local manufactures and have mostly created the designs ourselves and implemented them through careful supervision of local artisans and artists. It seems you’re really living the dream! Saskia: This is really a good question Sara! For prices and further details visit Meson Nadi on their Website Text / Interview: Sara Umbreit Photos: Saskia & Dennis Nadi

Sweden Unlimited / Sweden Unlimited is a New York City based interactive design firm that develops comprehensive websites and solutions for many of the leading names in fashion, art, and entertainment. Matthew Anderson - Graphic Design Curate Labs – Design for wellbeing. Hem | Beckmans Beckmans Designhögskola bedriver treårig grundutbildning inom konst och design som leder till konstnärlig kandidatexamen (180hp). Form Mode Visuell Kommunikation Kvällsskolan pågår under ett läsår. Läs mer Beckmans Akademi vidareutbildar dig som redan är yrkesverksam inom mode, form och visuell kommunikation. Läs mer

the macula Nyheder | Page 2 | Praksis Arkitekter Skip to main content Enhver tradition skal til stadighed omskrives for at kunne genfødes Nyheder Forskerboligerne tildeles prisen Store Arne 2017 Praksis tildeles Betonelement Prisen 2017 Praksis skal genopføre Svinkløv Badehotel Praksis vinder Maltfabrikken Praksis vinder Oluf Bagers Plads Praksis hos Zumthor Dato Nyheder Relateret projekt Praksis Gazelle virksomhed 2016 Caruso St. Henning Larsens Fond hædrer Praksis Maltfabrikken, Praksis videre til fase 2 Maltfabrikken Svendborg Sund Hytten Mette Tony som mentor Prækval. Prækvalificeret til Maltfabrikken Prækvalificeret til De Fem Halder Rahbeks Allé Rahbeks Allé Fagdommerhverv Svendborgs Arkitekturpris 2015 Villa Thuesen Pages

Nordic Design - From Scandinavia with love Mendo - Build in Amsterdam Mendo A candy store for book aficionados Mendo is a candy store for book aficionados with a flagship store situated in one of Amsterdam’s most inspirational hoods, called The 9 Streets (De 9 Straatjes). The store is fully dedicated to sharing the love for beautiful books. Awwward, FWA Award, CSS Design AwardE-commerce We translated the world of Mendo in an online e-commerce experience where the visitor can see, read and almost feel the book without touching it. Futura PT Bold Graphik Regular Building their e-commerce platform required us to reshape their identity. Pantone Natural Black #1f2020 We've directed a photography style where Mendo can showcase their book catalog in a minimalistic way. We were able to focus on conversion without compromising the identity & design. Adding smart elements enhances the seamless process of the shopping experience. Easter eggs was for Mendo a must.

30 Inspiring Design Agency Websites In this post, we’re showcasing a collection of design agency websites to let you see how agencies and firms are presenting themselves to potential clients. When choosing a design firm to do a project, it’s extremely important that you get a good feeling from their website. It’s important that you feel confident in the type of work they do. If you like the style of their website, it’s a good possibility that you’ll like what they can do for you. Cuban Council DKNG Studios Starflower Design Collective emtwo web studios cappen fudge 80/20 Studio Helms Workshop Fixel August Interactive Tokyo Digital Ally Creative Inservio Web Solutions The Sum Shape Pound & Grain They Creative Design Royale InfinVision Night Owl Interactive the loft Teixidó Image Mechanics Wearesignals Combine Studio BKW&Co Built by the Factory Truly Design Lifetree Creative Grandpeople Source: The Best DesignsThe CSS AwardsSite Inspire About the Author Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Read More

10+ Solutions for Responsive Data Tables Having trouble fitting your tables into a responsive site? They look great on a desktop layout, but look miserable on mobile. Here I will show a basic solution I have used, followed by a list of other plugins and tools you might want to use. Retro-fitting Old Table Markup First remove any fixed widths from your HTML. Before: <table width="540"><tr><td width="300">Header 1</td><td width="60">Header 2</td><td>Header 3</td><td>Header 4</td></tr></table> After: <table><tr><td>Header 1</td><td>Header 2</td><td>Header 3</td><td>Header 4</td></tr></table> The width attribute is deprecated – better to let the browser size the columns. Basic CSS Styling First add some padding and borders. Then maybe some striped rows. Adapting to Mobile-sized Layout As the viewport gets smaller, the table width will shrink. A Quick Hack If you have a large site and you cannot fix each table, you could allow the table to horizontal scroll, without breaking your layout. MOBILE (scroll to the right) A Better Solution 1. 2. Demo