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Downstream Digital Marketing. How It All Started In 2009, our founder, Alan Engel, was using online marketing in his real estate business.

Downstream Digital Marketing

That is about the same time the Yellow Pages started their steep decline. Google was quickly becoming the new Yellow Pages, which was great for those who do not want to leaf through a book to find a phone number. But, for most small/mid-sized businesses that had relied on the Yellow Pages for years to get their phones to ring, the change was not great. Businesses that never seriously considered having a website now found that having one is an absolute must. But then they learned that having a website did not mean potential customers/clients/patients would be able to find them. A new industry was developing. How Hackers Crack Supposedly Secure and Private APIs. A Python console program called mitmproxy that is used to intercept and examine HTTP traffic has become a go-to tool for individuals looking to reverse engineer APIs thought to be private and secure when those APIs are called by a client-side Web or mobile application (for example, an iOS or Android app on a smartphone).

How Hackers Crack Supposedly Secure and Private APIs

This trend, along with the recent security vulnerabilities revealed within the Moonpig API authentication strategy, highlight a need for increased API security analysis. A developer recently published an explanation of how he used mitmproxy to reverse engineer the private API used by the mobile app of travel service Kayak. And this week, another developer revealed how, when told that a popular service he liked, Couchsurfing, would not be offering a public API, he used mitmproxy to reverse engineer the company's private API.

Aldo Cortesi, CEO of Nullcube, a security consultancy, founded the mitmproxy project. Balancing Transparency and Security. Rankings and Reviews of Best PPC Companies. Best Pay Per Click Management Companies & Firms. Zero Company Named Seventh Best PPC Management Firm by for January 2015. NAPLES, FL--(Marketwired - January 14, 2015) - The independent authority on online marketing providers,, has named Zero Company the 7th best pay per click management company for January 2015.

Zero Company Named Seventh Best PPC Management Firm by for January 2015

Zero Company was selected due to their remarkable performance in the rigorous evaluation process. Thousands of agencies are considered while only the top 100 are highlighted in the rankings. These services are investigated through a meticulous evaluation process to uncover which services to highlight in the ratings. While there are thousands of pay per click management services, the ratings are compiled of the absolute best the search marketing industry has to offer. The independent research team examines the competing services across five areas of evaluation in order to uncover their overall level of competency in areas including campaign analysis, keyword selection, CPA minimization, automation, and create effective ads.

Free Adwords Ebook Download. Free AdWords Ebooks.

Free Adwords Ebook Download

What Kinds of Businesses Should Use PPC Advertising? On Monday, we published a new infographic based on original research into the industries that spent the most money on Google advertising last year, contributing to Google’s 2011 revenues of $37.9 billion, 96% of which came from advertising.

What Kinds of Businesses Should Use PPC Advertising?

(Larry answered some follow-up questions about the research here.) Following up on those results, we wanted to share some advice for new or hopeful AdWords advertisers – namely, what kinds of businesses are finding great success with AdWords and other pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platforms? What types of characteristics could make your business a good match for PPC?

Below are five traits of businesses that usually see great results and strong ROI from paid search marketing. If any of these apply to your company and you’re not yet engaging in PPC, this marketing channel is worth investigating. The Top 10 Industries that Contributed Most to Google Earnings. Google AdWords Solution Center - AdWords Best Practices Series. Local Search Forum. 9 Pay-Per-Click Tools That Will Help You do Keyword, Ad Copy and Profit Analysis. If you are just getting started with paid search marketing, there is one great strategy you can use to get insight into keywords, ad copy, and even which AdWords extensions to use – competitor research.

9 Pay-Per-Click Tools That Will Help You do Keyword, Ad Copy and Profit Analysis

Chances are your competitors have been paying for ads a while, which means they have been learning what works and what doesn’t. So, instead of reinventing the wheel, you can learn from their successes and failures to get more out of your own campaigns right away. Paid Search Marketing: Better Tools, Better Paid Search Results. Paid search marketing is an inexpensive and scalable form of web marketing designed to connect your ads with searchers actively seeking what you provide.

Paid Search Marketing: Better Tools, Better Paid Search Results

The smartest paid search marketing campaigns are pay-per-click, or PPC campaigns, and the logic behind them can be summarized simply: you bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links for keywords related to your business, then you pay the search engine a small fee for each click. Paying for every click may sound like you’ll end up paying a lot, but in a well-designed campaign, the opposite is true. Because your potential customers will see your ads only when they’re searching for precisely the products or services you offer, they’re far more likely than a casual browser to be at the point of purchase. And so, with the right research and a little tinkering, the paid search ads you place will actually end up earning you far more than it costs to place them.

Say you’re a pet food manufacturer. The Rules of Ad Ranking. A bash web scraper for Google Analytics Code's » Slowbro. A bash web scraper for Google Analytics Code’s For SEO purposes, I mocked together a quick script to scrape clients websites to make sure that they had google analytics setup on their sites.

A bash web scraper for Google Analytics Code's » Slowbro

It searches for the known code “UA-” which is the standard starting letters for google analytics. Go and try it out! Free PPC Audit Services Helps Local Advertisers Lower Costs and Improve Advertising Effectiveness. B2B Resource Team LLC’s free Adwords Account Audits cut costs and improve online advertising results.

Free PPC Audit Services Helps Local Advertisers Lower Costs and Improve Advertising Effectiveness

Interested organizations that meet a minimum ad spend requirement can contact the company for a free no obligation, no risk audit. Sarasota, Florida,, United States – – October 3, 2014 /PressCable/ — Sarasota, Florida based B2B Resource Team LLC (B2BRT) announced a new affiliation with boostmyppccom to reduce costs and increase results for Local Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) accounts. is a Google Adwords partner, whose expertise is finding Ad Spend waste, and improving click-throughs and conversions.

Being discovered on the web via organic search is important but SEO can be tricky and time-consuming, and PPC is often the most effective advertising route. A recent data from Wordstream shows that PPC gets 65% of search clicks, vs. 35% for SEO. For full details, interested parties can call, or click here. For more information about us, please visit. Advisor Pricing. What are my billing options?

Advisor Pricing

Is there an annual contract? WordStream has a variety of plans to suit your needs. We believe that it can take time to significantly improve your campaigns, drive higher Quality Scores and get the most out of our platform. PPC Management – In-house or Outsource, What to Look For? PPC Management – In-house or Outsource, What to Look For? 166 Shares Twitter 17 Facebook 0 Google+ 148 LinkedIn 1 inShare1 Buffer 0 166 Shares × Struggling between keeping your Pay per Click (PPC) in-house or outsourcing management to a digital marketing company? The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors. Strategic Marketing Solutions. Blog l Contact Us l 508.969.9581 Custom Search Zowie kapowie! I am beyond impressed with your latest.... Prospect feedback, forwarded by PMG client Strategic Marketing = Rave Reviews!

1310.4647.pdf. 5 Questions to Ask a PPC Consultant. Guest post by Susan Hankins, owner of Ask-Susan, LLC. Outsourcing to InvisiblePPC — PPC Profits. Sample Agency Website - Boostmyppc. Ad Exchange Vendors - 3PAS certification Help. AdWords third-party vendors - 3PAS certification Help. Requirements for third-party ad serving - Advertising Policies Help. You must comply with these policies if you use third-party tracking, including pixels (beacons) on the Google Display Network. Format. Third-party policy - Advertising Policies Help. AdWords Help. 6 PPC Tips for Entrepreneurs & Very Small Businesses.

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