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We design brand experiences - Edenspiekermann

We design brand experiences - Edenspiekermann
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The International Office Achtung almost Modern ARA, creatief, interactief communicatiebureau A2/SW/HK +44 (0)20 7739 4249 Swiss Federal Design Awards - Michael Kryenbühl / Ivan Weiss We are all fa­mil­iar with Aki Kau­rismäki's au­then­tic every­day he­roes: the tac­i­turn garbage col­lec­tors, the dream­ing su­per­mar­ket check­out girls, the reclu­sive night watch­men. These melan­choly, soli­tary fig­ures are found not only in Fin­land, but rep­re­sent the uni­ver­sal human being and the (some­times rough and ready) va­garies of life. In their 272-page book Ak­i­lan­dia, cre­ated as a grad­u­ate piece at Lucerne Uni­ver­sity, Michael Kryenbühl and Ivan Weiss com­bine their col­lected im­pres­sions of eleven weeks spent study­ing Kau­rismäki's cin­e­matic world. They have called that world Ak­i­lan­dia and they guide the viewer through the films of the Finnish di­rec­tor. As in a film, the con­tent of Ak­i­lan­dia is con­veyed by the dra­matic struc­ture and se­quenc­ing of the im­ages. [read more] As in a film, the con­tent of Ak­i­lan­dia is con­veyed by the dra­matic struc­ture and se­quenc­ing of the im­ages. [close]

Daniel Carlsten Manual — Slice Slice works with world-renowned industrial designers to create innovative cutting tools for the home and office. Slice engaged us to create a more up-to-date brand mark and flexible system. The identity system needed to be easily applied to multiple packaging forms yet consistently deliver the brand message even in the absence of product and point of purchase materials. Manual approached the design of the logo and packaging in parallel. We realized there was an opportunity to forge a perfect unity between the logo and the graphic identity as expressed in the packaging. By simply cutting away at the word Slice at an angle, it not only made the logotype more edgy and dynamic, but also allowed us to exploit the angled slice across numerous packaging executions. The angled slice was further employed as a distinctive graphic element across product brochures, screen printed promotional posters, and trade show exhibition design. Awards: The Brand New Awards 2011. Pentawards 2010.

STUDIO NEWWORK Wayfinding & signage | Cartlidge Levene The Barbican Arts Centre is one of the largest arts, conference and exhibition venues in Europe. Since its opening in 1982 it had suffered from a lack of wayfinding clarity. Cartlidge Levene and Studio Myerscough were commissioned to develop a new wayfinding and signage strategy as part of a major refurbishment of its public spaces to make the foyer navigable and welcoming. Working as part of an integrated team, with architects AHMM, we built on their rationalisation of entrances and realignment of routes to develop a wayfinding strategy that heightens intuitive understanding of the space. Graphic interventions act as wayfinding beacons and directional signs combine with large scale destination graphics to exploit new openings and sight-lines. Sensitive alterations and additions to the architecture, combined with a bold wayfinding language has created a clear, calm and uncluttered foyer. Sign Design Society Awards 2009Winner D&AD Awards 2007In Book Design Week Awards 2007Winner

Sr. y Sra. Wilson — Estudi estratègic de disseny Sr. y Sra. Wilson som un estudi estratègic de disseny amb base a Mataró, Barcelona. Estem especialitzats en branding i comunicació de marques. El nostre objectiu és crear marques que ajudin a créixer els negocis, utilitzant el disseny com a element diferenciador per connectar amb la gent d'una manera atractiva i efectiva. Ens impliquem amb els nostres clients en tot el procés de disseny al complet. Per això, creem un entorn apropiat per escoltar les necessitats i aportar solucions. Som un equip petit en nombre, gran en esperit. Ens impliquem en petits i grans projectes, aplicant les mateixes premisses sempre, creant conceptes aparentment complexes des de la simplicitat, sintetitzant al màxim el missatge, el to i el disseny, però sense perdre ni diluir la seva eficàcia, buscant el millor camí per a resoldre qualsevol repte amb un resultat creatiu, original, rellevant i, sempre, buscant l'excel·lència.

Design Museum of Barcelona – Lifeline | Domestic Data Streamers Lifeline A visualisation about life expectancy at DHUB Transforming a data base into an info-experience. DEMO is an event structured around multidisciplinary collaborations between industry and craft exploring new creative processes and methodologies. In this context Domestic Data Streamers was eager to explore information about demographics and more specificly life expectancy. That's why we developed one of the biggest data experiences at the Design Museum of Barcelona Until what age would you like to live? For 12 hours, 15 anthropologists around the city of Barcelona took surveys about demographics and life expectancy both on the street and in the Design Museum of Barcelona, interviewing more than 2,000 people. During twelve hours we transformed all the stream of data from the survey into a live infographic represented in three dimensions in a space of 90 metres by 30 metres. In one moment it switched from a demographics data base into an important information that the people was caring of.