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Meet Don Belisario Today I am invoking Rule 32, Section C, Paragraph 7 of the Brand New Selection Criteria Guidelines whereby it sort of states that if a project is small or “not mainstream at all” it must have “a very compelling design story.” Located in Lima, Peru, and launched this year, Don Belisario is a restaurant devoted to rotisserie chicken, a popular familial meal in Peru. (And other parts of the world as well; perhaps a lonely meal for a really hungry human being). Designed by local firm and 2011 Brand New Conference fan-favorite, Infinito, the identity for Don Belisario revolves around the eponymous, yet clearly fictitious, hacendado — the Spanish word for the boss, el jefe, of an hacienda, itself the Spanish word for plantation — and patriarch, paying homage to this wonderful food group and its source. Wordmark.

This Is New York - Angela Southern next This Is New York I draw inspiration from words and phrases I hear in daily life, on the news, in popular culture and music. All Work Skip to main content All Work Ladies & Gentlemen Print, Branding TYPOGRAPHY, ILLUSTRATION, FASHION, DESIGN,T-SHIRTS,BARCELONA, STUDIO October 27th 2011 YESS! after a few months collaborating with Society 27, that was an incredible pleasure...XD, Today is the launching of SNEAKER Nº2 ·THE ORIGINS· → Check it out!

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