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Info - Julien Douvier About me : My name is Julien Douvier, 24 years old, I studied graphic design in France along with editorial / print design and advertising design. I'm now a freelancer looking for projects opportunities. What tools do I use to create my animated photos ? I use most of the time a Canon 600D with various lenses, a tripod, Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Photoshop. Quality over quantity :

HOME — Motion + Design Jigyasa is an interactive installation that incorporates augmented reality to explore the notions of curiosity and discovery and encourages participants to look beyond what they see at the surface. The piece is structured like a planet, which is peppered with quirky characters and various flora and fauna. The participants have to explore various regions of Jigyasa to see what each character reveals about itself and discover what hidden surprises lay buried amongst the trees. It’s a playful piece that helps create a sense of community as everyone participates in a collective quest while individually being able to explore different areas of the same planet. It also attempts to recreate a childlike desire to interact with fantastical creatures in an imaginary world and see a painting come to life.

- Shoji Ueda Office - Shoji Ueda was born in 1913, in Sakai-machi, Saihaku-gun (now Sakaiminato) in Tottori Prefecture. In 1925, he entered the Yonago prefectural junior high school, where, during his third year, he immersed himself in photography. After graduating in 1931, he joined the Yonago Photography Circle. Tom Froese — BC Liquor Created and produced by Everlovin’ Press and myself, Greetings From Canada is a limited edition run of fine letterpress postcards featuring the work of 10 Canadian artists, illustrators and designers. The first project of its kind in the country, it aims to elevate the art of letterpress printing while showcasing a selection of some of the best creative talent Canada has to offer. I designed the packaging and branding for the project, and also was arm-twitsted by Vince into designing one of the cards (the dogsled one). It's humbling to be featured among such amazingly talented illustrators! For more info and to purchase a card or the whole set, visit Featured on Poppytalk and Applied Arts.

SomeOne This is what we’re good at... Brand Strategy There’s a lot of waffle spoken about strategy. We prefer to call it a plan. DOMO-A Inspiration blog gdcdesign: Diamond Dogs, Officina post industriale1984—1987 NapoliToty RuggieriDiamond Dogs, Officina post industriale,1984—1987 Napoli, probes the flooded imagery of Italian underground, talking about Naples and specifically about a unique and symbolic place: the Diamond Dogs.The volume reproduces, for the first time, the complete archive of Neapolitan photographer Toty Ruggeri who followed the local stage in his activities from 1984 to 1987. The author’s visual language doesn’t leave room for any photographic formalism and leads us in the first person in the artistic community of Naples; the DD becomes a symbol, a little volumetric space, in which the human presence, the gestures, the look, are trenchant signs of the change that was happening in those years.

Conor Harrington ‘A Whole lot of Trouble for a Little bit of Win’ is a new body of work I’ve been concentrating on over the summer. It’s based on my 2nd big photo shoot. Two of the paintings are currently on show at the Lazarides Bedlam exhibition, I’ll have 1 more big piece at the Rathbone later this month and finally I’ll be having a show of drawings and studies at The Outsiders early next year. Hip hop nerds among you might recognize the title from a recent El P track and I thought it was the perfect sentiment to sum up the ideas in my work over the last few years. Big thanks to Joao Retorta for the behind the scenes film above, Alex De Souza and of course to photographer Eoghan Brennan and models Jaffar, Alan, Louis and Cody. Fight Club – The Mess We Make.

MASTERS PROJECTS — JORAM ROUKES & CHARLES WILKIN Masters Projects is pleased to announce Lost Corcosa, a group exhibition curated by Todd Masters. The exhibit title and theme is pulled from Robert W. Chambers' book of horror short stories published in 1895, entitled The King in Yellow. A variety of media will be shown—installation, mixed-media, painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, collage, street art—and a number of artists represented: Peter Buechler, DAIN, Dee Dee, ELLE, ENX, Amze Emmons, Dima Gavrysh, Gilf, Nicolas Holiber, Steven Katzman, Robert Janz, Karl Klingbiel, Amanda Marie, Timothy Paul Timothy Myers, QRST, RAE, Jon Rappleye, Joram Roukes, Shin-Shin, Chris Uphues, Nathan Vincent, Charles Wilkin, Hyland Mather and more.

Flamingo Magazine: The Future Craft Issue A couple of weeks ago I received a copy of Flamingo Magazine: The Future Craft Issue. Founded in 2010:‘Flamingo is a London-based culture and illustration magazine that celebrates doing-it-yourself. Investigating alternative lifestyles, we believe that creativity, community and grassroots culture are the most fascinating things in life.’ Apart from the subject matter, which is well written and concise, what I immediately liked about the magazine was it’s size, print quality, layout and the diverse spread of it’s content.

Visual Communication ProsHome - Carve Branding and Design Welcome to the carve design HQ! We are a boutique branding and graphic design studio. Want to see more? Welcome to the carve design HQ! Missana The Twenties Briefing: Renew the brand identity and existing collection of Spanish upholstery brand Missana with new textures and colours to attract new and existing clients. Solution: Taking in count the 20 years of existence of the Spanish brand and its popularity on the French market, the collection called ‘The Twenties’, is inspired mainly by the crazy twenties in Paris, while another part seeks to reach a more actual market through trendy colors and materials; As an advance of the future collection actually in production that includes only author designs. “Through new colors and textures we wanted to reposition Missana as an upholstery brand that creates emotions and seeks to be part of the people’s lifestyle.”

MarninSaylor - The Poor Patron Featuring Skip Dolphin Hursh We stalk along the trails of the internet jungle, hacking through content. Wet pixel bits stick to our pith helms as we drive out new media quarry. We rip through the landscape in gangs of cool-finders. Repost and forget. Like and leave. But sometimes we stumble on something that will not be jilted. High Tide High Tide is an independent design studio creating compelling visual narrative through innovative and interactive media tools. By partnering with a visionary group of photographers, illustrators, and developers, High Tide creates timeless design that conveys a unique identity and emotional resonance. From branding and marketing projects to limited edition publications and site-specific installations, High Tide communicates a vision that pushes the boundaries of traditional design. A native New Yorker, Danny Miller received his B.F.A. from UCLA before returning to New York to work as an art director at Atlantic Records. In 2009 Danny founded the Bear Cave, a creative agency that worked with global brands such as Nike and Heineken, helping to establish a creative vision for Warby Parker and others.

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