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Kindred Spirits Jairamji :: Kindred Spirits There should be a warning on the album cover "Do not operate heavy machinery or drive an automobile while listening to this CD." The very first sound is a splash, and believe me it's your consciousness taking a dive into the deep end. An A-Z Index of the Apple OS X command line Commands marked • are bash built-in commands. bash is the default shell, it runs under Darwin the open source core of OS X. OS X Man Pages - Apple Developer ConnectionDiscussion forum Links to other Sites, Books etc... “Mac OS X is a rock-solid system that's beautifully designed. I much prefer it to Linux” - Bill Joy

Multi-Location Space Opera and the Future of Music Performance Loudon Stearns, Berklee College of Music Berklee College of Music Professor and Master of Fine Arts, Loudon Stearns, is the creator of "Every When at Once," a Multi-location Space Opera, performed on June 20, 2015 as a collaboration between Berklee College Valencia, Berklee College Boston, Emerson College Boston, and Emerson College LA. The opera features simultaneous network-connected music, dance, acrobatic, and graphic performances in three locations (Valencia Spain, Boston Massachusetts, Los Angeles California), connecting technicians and artists from all the institutions, and blazing trails in contemporary opera performance. Following a trend of applying cutting-edge technology in theatric performances, Loudon's production applied projection mapping, internet streaming, custom websites, and contemporary music techniques under the umbrella of "opera."

Psychedelic sixties The White Rabbit in Wonderland (East Totem West, 1967) Art By Joe McHugh Nick Mason David Gilmour Richard Wright Some Words About Ariane’s Work – Turn Your Vision Into Reality Mané says: “Ariane has helped me develop my artistic image and concept. She has taught me how to define some precise goals for my career and how to work towards them step by step. We have been working together on creating a strategy for my project, starting with my message as an artist, and then working on all the aspects that surround it, such as visuals, fan-base, website, concerts. Back In The U.S.S.R. by The Beatles Songfacts The story of this song begins in Hrishikesh, India, where The Beatles were on a retreat learning Transcendental Meditation from their guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Also on the retreat was Mike Love of The Beach Boys , who told us: "Paul (McCartney) came down to the breakfast table one morning saying, 'Hey, Mike, listen to this.' And he starts strumming and singing, 'Back in the U.S.S.R.,' the verses. And I said, 'Well, Paul, what you ought to do is talk about the girls around Russia, Ukraine girls and then Georgia on my mind, and that kind of thing.' Which he did. So I think it was the fact I was there, which caused Paul to think in terms of Beach Boys, and then my suggestion for what to do on the bridge, he took that suggestion and crafted, like only Sir Paul can, a really great song."

Web applications Overview Fundamentally, we consider web development to mean more than simply building websites. Carried out correctly, web development should grant the ability to fulfill business needs by exploiting the rich potential of modern web technologies, internet resources and cloud computing. A modern web application shares nearly all the benefits of a desktop application and can be accessible anywhere, any time, using a broad range of devices.Traditional web technologies have significantly improved and rich client applications have become a mainstream in our industry. Experience

Sample Pack Welcome to the first of what will be a regular column at RE:VIVE called “Sample Pack”. These sample packs will feature mixes of archival sounds that we’ve come across that we think will be interesting for you to sample. The sounds will range from digitized wax cylinder recordings, old 78s, folk songs, field recordings, ambient sounds, ethnographic recordings, lost languages.

Cambodian Surf Rockers Were Awesome, but the Khmer Rouge Killed Them Cambodian surf rock artist Ros Sereysothea When a friend invited me to a “Cambodian surf party” in his run-down apartment in Sheffield, England, I figured he was just being a pretentious idiot. It’s a retro novelty, I thought. About NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION (NBHAP) What NBHAP is about The world we live in is becoming more fast-paced and diversified than ever before. It might seem hard not to drown in the myriad of possibilities and some of us decide to simply live rather than to create life. But there are people who want more. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION strives to connect those people. Individuals who consider open minded arts, culture and thought as something more than simply an afterthought to the life of labor.

WESTERN SKIES-EASTERN DREAMS " a thrilling collection of improvisation-based pieces long on virtuosity, near telepathic musical interplay and the rhythmic and/melodic aspects of India, Africa and the Middle East as interpreted through a western ethos...The Music is transcendent and transportive.....Brave, exciting and often beautiful " Jeff Miers The Buffalo News "Both musicians are completely sympathetic and work/play together with an impressive amount of creativity. The music breathes and moves together in a special unified spirit."

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