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Duplicate File Fi

Duplicate File Fi

Emergency Recovery What does File Recovery do? The problem: Mistakes happen – you may have cleared a folder you didn't mean to delete or lost important files due to a virus attack, a system crash or another accident. Whether those are work documents or precious photo memories, losing something so valuable is never fun. The solution: File Recovery can bring back the files you thought were lost for good. It works with hard drives, USB storage drives and memory cards, recovering all file types, even from lost partitions. No reason to panic when you have such a powerful tool in your arsenal. Why File Recovery? Power to surprise you You may be shocked at how much data the program can recover from your hard drive or memory card, even after a quick-format. How can I prevent file loss in the future? Back up your important data regularly to an external drive or cloud storage Protect your computer with a good antivirus program to prevent malware from wiping your data Download now Did you know? Recover all file types

Marco Pontello's Home - Software - TrIDNet (Last updated: 10/01/15) TRIDNet is the GUI version of TrID, probably more practical to use than the CLI version, especially for those not very familiar with the command line prompt. In addition, with a simple double click, it have the ability to display a series of information about every match listed: the definition's file name, its author & e-mail address (if provided), a clickable link to a reference URL, remarks, etc. At the moment TrIDNet is able to load only the filetype's definitions in XML format. Soon, it will be updated to support also the new single file .TRD package. Upon start TrIDNet load all definitions at once from the file TrIDDefList.TRS. When running TrIDNet, it's possible to specify the file to identify as a parameter. TrIDNet use the TrIDEngine as its "core", and can also be considered a demonstration of the features that the library can provide. Download If TrID proved useful to you, maybe you can write a comment here in the forum!

The R Project for Statistical Computing Defragment Did you know? Registry defragmentation hardly has anything in common with disk defragmentation. Registry Defrag defragments data inside registry files, eliminating gaps and reducing the file size. Awards and reviews "When you run it, it tells you that it will perform a registry analysis, after which you will be able to review its registry report, and once that's done with you can run the registry optimization, requiring a reboot to defrag and compact the registry." "This simple tool defragments the Registry, and gains you a bit of hard disk space. "Cleaning your registry may keep your system in tip-top shape; defragmenting is another way you can improve things. كلور الصفات المميزة[عدل] الكلور في حالته العنصرية النقية، غاز أصفر مخضر ثنائي الذرة Cl2. وهذا العنصر من سلسلة الهالوجينات المكونة للأملاح، ويتم استخلاص الكلور عن طريق الأكسدة وأيضا بطريقة التحليل الكهربي الشائعة. ويتفاعل الكلور بسرعة تقريبا مع كل العناصر الأخرى. وفي درجة 10° C فإن لتر من الماء يمكن أن يذاب فيه 3.1 لتر من الكلور وفي درجة 30 °C يمكن إذابة 1.77 لتر فقط. الاستخدامات[عدل] يستخدم الكلور في تصنيع كثير من المنتجات التي تستخدم بصفة يومية. يستخدم (في شكل حمض تحت الكلور) لقتل البكتريا والأشكال الأخرى من الجراثيم في ماء الشرب وأحواض الاستحمام. يتم استخدام الكلور بكثرة في الكيمياء العضوية كعامل مؤكسد وكمجموعة استبدال لأن الكلور غالبا ما ينتج عنه الخصائص المطلوبة للمركبات العضوية عند استبداله للهيدروجين (كما في إنتاج المطاط الصناعي). الاستخدامات الأخرى تتضمن إنتاج الكلورات الكلوروفورم، رباعي كلوريد الكربون، كما يستخدم في إنتاج البروم. تاريخ الكلور[عدل] الكلور (كلمة إغريقية χλωρος،، تعني أصفر مخضر) تم اكتشافه عام 1774 م عن طريق كارل وليهلم شيلي، الذي ظن بطريق الخطأ أنه يحتوى على الأكسجين. .

Tool Blunts Threat from Windows Shortcut Flaw Microsoft has released a stopgap fix to help Windows users protect themselves against threats that may try to target a newly discovered, critical security hole that is present in every supported version of Windows. Last week, reported that security researchers in Belarus had found a sophisticated strain of malware that was exploiting a previously unknown flaw in the way Windows handles shortcut files. Experts determined that the malware exploiting the vulnerability was being used to attack computers that interact with networks responsible for controlling the operations of large, distributed and very sensitive systems, such as manufacturing and power plants. When Microsoft initially released an advisory acknowledging the security hole last week, it said customers could disable the vulnerable component by editing the Windows registry. For instance, most Windows users are familiar with these icons: Further reading: Siemens: German Customer Hit by Industrial Worm

Antivirus 100% Effectivein Virus Tests Auslogics Antivirus received the prestigious VB100 award from Virus Bulletin twice for demonstrating 100% detection rates and zero false-positives in both reactive and proactive defense tests, placing at the top of the charts both times. "Detection rates were really quite excellent, with consistently high scores throughout the Response sets, no issues at all in the WildList sets and no false positives either. You can pay less forbetter protection! Priced below most competition, this program ranked above several "big-name" security products in Virus Bulletin tests making it a winning choice. "Auslogics Antivirus is a powerful anti-malware package with rather more features than some of the competition."

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