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Free Personalized Online Radio

Free Personalized Online Radio
Independent Music with No Commercials Earbits offers handpicked independent music, curated by a team of music experts. You won't find the usual mainstream stuff here, but if you're ready for real music discovery Earbits is the place for you. Choose from 409 genre based stationsBookmark and play your favorite tracks and albums anytimeConnect with great bands and earn Groovies Scanning 131,224 songs... this'll just take a sec!

7 Reasons Nerds Should Listen to Classical Music Are you a nerd? Chances are that if you clicked this link then the answer to that is a proud “hell yeah!”. Well I am too, and one of my most surprising nerd revelations was discovering that classical music is a perfect musical genre for people like us. I didn’t work this out until I was about 23, and until that point pretty much had no idea of all the delicious geeky goodness contained within. If you’re like me then you’ve probably listened to quite a few classical pieces, but haven’t ever really, really gotten into them — at least not in the same way as your favorite non-classical pieces of music.

Windows Media Guide First published on October 2, 2017. Revised on June 1, 2018, upon announcement of the discontinuation of the Groove Music iOS and Android apps. On October 2, 2017, we announced that we'd be partnering with Spotify to bring the world’s largest music streaming service to you. We know that access to the best streaming experience, the largest catalog of music, and a variety of subscriptions are top of your list. Couleur 3 Point Barre Édition Pixel: PowerUp FPV, Star Wars Battlefront, The Crew Wild Run (S3E13) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Carrera Connected, Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Jetson TX1 (S3E12) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Paris Games Week, Magic Leap, Halo V Guaridans (S3E10) Point Barre Édition Pixel: BLOCKS, Witcher 3 Hearths of Stone, Bedlam, Windows IoT (S3E08) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Microsoft, Transformers, Flame in the Flood, RePhone Kit (S3E07) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Google, Armikrog , nVidia Shield TV , Skarp Razor (S3E06) Point Barre Édition Pixel: ETH Flying Machine, Soma, Rinse & Repeat, USS Entreprise-D (S3E05) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Tilt Brush Forza 6, Tokyo Game Show, Dronie (S3E04) Point Barre Édition Pixel: IFA 2015, Keynote Apple, Tearaway Unfolded, Mario Maker (S3E03) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Robin Smartphone, Metal Gear Solid, Mad Max (S3E02)

Classical music rising in popularity as people seek 'tranquillity' He added that classical music on mainstream television such as 'Maestro', the BBC talent show for wannabe conductors, featuring Goldie, a Drum and bass DJ, had helped spark interest in classical music, in addition to Radio 3's showcasing "composers of the year", including Handel, Haydn and Mendelssohn. In the commercial sector, Classic FM also boosted its audience by more than 300,000 over the past three months to just over 5.7 million adults who now tune into the station every week. The station also reported a rise in the number of children tuning in – up 70 per cent to 573,000 a week. Darren Henley, Managing Director of Classic FM, said: "Classical music is unique among all musical genres in its ability to create an almost spiritual connection with listeners.

The Biggest Problem With Music Discovery Services By Kyle Bylin of . If you want the short answer: a majority of listeners don’t care. They have zero desire to be recommended fledgling artists or emerging songs. The biggest problem is that there isn’t a problem. Music discovery appeals to a niche audience. Music Tech Exec Roundtable: Who Does Music Discovery Appeal To? By Kyle Bylin of Twitter #Music is a music discovery tool. You can lean back and listen to each music chart like a radio station, but you often need to pull out your iPhone and skip past undesirable songs. Given the low ranking of Twitter #Music in the App Store charts a month after its launch, some industry pundits are calling the app a flop . It may be that the appeal of music discovery is limited to a niche audience.

NARM and The NPD Group Unveil Results of Research Report on Consumers and Music Discovery– NPD MARLTON, N.J. and PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., November 10, 2011 – Music business association NARM and leading market research company The NPD Group today released findings of a joint study that examined the ways consumers discover new music. The report indicates that while music discovery is still vital to the industry, it applies differently to various consumer groups, and it has changed significantly since the organizations last studied the topic in 2007, as television and social media and other digital services have emerged as major influencers. According to the study’s findings, more than 80 percent of all respondents were interested in learning about new music from artists they were already fans of, and 60 percent were interested in learning about unfamiliar artists in genres that they usually buy. AM/FM radio and family/friends/coworkers are the most common avenues for discovery, and discovery via online radio and Web videos were also important for the most active music fans.

Music Discovery Still Dominated by Radio, Says Nielsen Music 360 Report More Teens Listen to Music Through YouTube Than Any Other Source Nielsen’s “Music 360” Report Offers Comprehensive Insights on all Aspects of Music Interaction NEW YORK—August 14, 2012 —Radio is still the dominant way people discover music (48%) – followed by tips from friends/relatives (10%), and YouTube (7%), but more teens listen to music through YouTube than through any other source (64%) -- followed by radio (56%) and iTunes (53% ) and CDs (50%) - according to results from a comprehensive, in-depth Nielsen study of consumer interaction with music in the United States, the Music 360. Turn it Up: Music Fans Could Spend Up To $2.6B More Annually Music is the universal language that fans speak fluently. In fact, a recent Nielsen study found that 40 percent of U.S. consumers—those classified as fans—are responsible for 75 percent of music spending. These fans, who spend between $20 billion and $26 billion on music each year, could spend an additional $450 million to $2.6 billion annually if they had the opportunity to snag behind-the-scenes access to the artists along with exclusive content. The study results, presented at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, showed that the high level of spending from a relatively narrow group of music consumers is dominating the share of overall music spend.

TastemakerX’s new game for music snobs nabs $1.25M to improve artist discovery Gritting your teeth long enough to ask the resident music snobs what they’ve been listening to usually provides much better results than most social music discovery technologies. Music startup TastemakerX understands this. It has created a social game that specifically appeals to those precious music snobs. Essentially, TastemakerX lets people pull music from several different sources (Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud) to play songs they believe the community would enjoy. Snobs (which I should probably start referring to as users) get rewarded by participating in a “fantasy football league” for music artists that allows them to assign value to their favorite bands in the form of records, add songs to a collection, and more.

Why it’s still hard to discover new music online (and how we can fix it) Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside are a great band. They have released two excellent full-length albums – their second, Untamed Beast, arrived just last month. They have solid music videos for their tracks Party Kids and I Swear (amongst others). They have played on The Late Show with David Letterman. Which Music Discovery Platform Has the Biggest Audience? This isn’t just another speculative poll on which music streaming / discovery platform is winning the arms race. Oh no! I thought it might be fun to collect a bunch of data from tools used by the digital marketing community to highlight which platform has built and maintained the largest online audience. I’m going to say up front that this blog post has nothing to do with the profitability, quality, or awesomeness of any of the platforms compared.

Articles: Making Overtures: The Emergence of Indie Classical Illustration by Michael Renaud In January, I saw an unforgettably strange concert at the small NYC theater Le Poisson Rouge. Andrew W.K.-- party-rock force of nature and living animated .gif of a David Lee Roth jump-kick-- shared the stage, or jostled maniacally for it, with the Calder Quartet.