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The Guerrilla Gardening Home Page

The Guerrilla Gardening Home Page
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Parkour UK – What is Parkour? The sport originally termed Art du Deplacement, now also often referred to as Parkour or Freerunning, was founded in France in the 1980s by a group of nine young men. The founders are David Belle, Yann Hnautra, Chau Belle, Laurent Piemontesi, Sebastien Foucan, Guylain N’Guba Boyeke, Charles Perriere, Malik Diouf and Williams Belle. The term ‘Parkour’ was first introduced by David Belle in 1998.

Andrea Zittel A-Z Uniform Project, Second Decade Close A-Z Uniform Series, 2004-2014 A-Z Uniform Series, 2004-2014 A-Z Uniform Series, 2004-2014 A-Z Uniform Series, 2004-2014 A-Z Uniform Series, 2004-2014 A-Z Uniform Series, 2004-2014 A-Z Uniform Series, 2004-2014 A-Z Uniforms are personal “uniforms” that are made and worn for an entire season. Stop the Net Grab Stop the Net Grab To voting members of the World Conference on International Telecommunications: I strongly oppose any attempt to undermine the fundamental freedoms of citizens online. 35 Pest and Disease Remedies Before you begin... My friend and garden assistant, Peggy, tells me that of all the yards she helps tend, mine is the healthiest (although it is not necessarily the tidiest). I credit that health to myriad factors.

101 Ways To Heal The Earth What can one person do to avert climate change? The answer is: a lot. This list of 101 suggestions doesn’t begin to exhaust the possibilities; use it as a creative jumping off point and come up with your own ways to make an impact. The unifying themes here are changes in lifestyle that: (1) reduce energy usage and slow down the fires of industrialism; (2) protect and restore the environment so that its climate-stabilizing mechanisms are preserved; (3) increase individual participation in governmental and economic decisions; and (4) facilitate a deep personal commitment to caring for the Earth.

Camping and campfires - Cool Camping the ultimate guide When you return to your tent after a day outdoors and dusk is drawing in, is there anything more magical than the glow of a campfire to see you through the evening? The moment the heap of wood in front of you crackles and creaks into life, the best part of any camping holiday can begin. Before long, you’re wrapped in a blanket watching sparks and glowing ash float languidly up into the starry sky above, as your cheeks glow with the heat of the blaze.

Placemaking Gets Deep - Forecast Public Art Mark VanderSchaaf, regional planning director of Minnesota's Metropolitan Council. Photo courtesy the Metropolitan Council. Today’s cities could use a little soul, says city planner Mark VanderSchaaf. For much of his nearly 12-year tenure as director of regional planning for the Metropolitan Council of the Minneapolis and St. Trans-Pacific Partnership undermines health system - Opinion The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a deal that is being secretly negotiated by the White House, with the help of more than 600 corporate advisers and Pacific Rim nations, including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. While the TPP is being called a trade agreement, the US already has trade agreements covering 90 percent of the GDP of the countries involved in the talks. Instead, the TPP is a major power grab by large corporations. The text of the TPP includes 29 chapters, only five of which are about trade. The remaining chapters are focused on changes that multinational corporations have not been able to pass in Congress such as restrictions on internet privacy, increased patent protections, greater access to litigation and further financial deregulation.

Easy Organic Compost Compost is the best way to improve your soilIf you use compost you probably won’t need to use fertilizerCompost doesn’t harm beneficial organisms like earthworms (chemicals do)If you have a yard, you are already doing most of the work to make compostCompost is free, easy, and saves energyYou can start a compost pile any time you have material for it This compost pile is already 155 degrees F after only 3 days! A hot pile like this does a good job of killing weed seeds and disease organisms. How to do it Use your lawn mower to chop up leaves, and then go over them again and use the grass catcher to collect the chopped leaves. If you don’t want to chop up your leaves you certainly don’t have to, but you won’t have to empty the grass catcher nearly as often if you do, and your compost will have a much finer texture.Use your lawn mower/grass catcher to collect grass clippings.Combine 3 parts leaves with 1 part grass clippings in layers to build your compost pile.

Still Using Tampons Or Pads? You Should Read This What is something that every woman has to endure in her lifetime? You got it, a menstruation cycle. On average a woman will have her period once a month, for about 5 days, for around 40 years of her life! During this time, we need to use various products stay clean and fresh. There has got to be a market in there! The Tampon and Pad industry is a $718 Million dollar market, and tampons and pads are necessities.

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