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We like it wild: bottle gardens

We like it wild: bottle gardens
As much as we love to garden, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. If there’s a way we can shorten our to-do list, we’ll take it. This week’s project, a no-fuss recycled windowsill herb garden, has knocked watering the plants off our list. Although this project may take a little more effort than your average windowsill garden initially, the pay off is worth it for us: we get to usefully recycle bottles, we get fresh herbs we don’t have to dote on, and we get a sparkling window display. CLICK HERE for the full (photo illustrated) project steps after the jump! You’ll just want to make sure the neck piece is shorter than the bottom piece so it will rest inside without touching the bottom. Pass the string through and tie a tall knot large enough to keep it from slipping through the screen. Run the string down the neck of the bottle top with the screen resting at the top. Transplant your herbs (or add dirt and plant seeds) to the bottle top.

10 Fantastic Fertility Boosting Foods | Like A Mustard Seed Blog Whole foods are vital for natural fertility. But there are certain foods that are extra helpful in creating healthy fertile bodies that will be able to carry life through conception. Below is a list of fertility friendly foods that you should take a closer look at. “A” Vitamin Filled Foods Vitamin A plays a very important part in female reproductive health. In addition to the above vitamin A rich foods, there are other animal based foods that are high in Vitamin A, such as milk, cheese and yogurt. Bananas Although for some with high blood sugar levels, this would not be the ideal food, many with normal blood sugar levels will find bananas to be a true godsend. Berries Berries truly are a super fruit! Berries also carry powerful anti-inflammatory agents, which are very beneficial for those looking to conceive. Berries are rated the some of the highest in antioxidant content among all foods. Beets Cruciferous Vegetables Healthy Fats Greens Healthy Meats Seeds Yams Peek At Fertility Food Checklist

The real cost of having a baby - body+soul Having a baby requires planning, and considering your budget is a big part of it. Here are the real costs of having a baby. Having a baby is an extraordinary gift, but from the minute you see that double line spring to life on the home pregnancy test, the questions start. Are we ready for this? Will we be able to do it? It's not until it reaches this point that a couple must choose whether to have the baby in the public or private hospital systems, and often cost is the deciding factor. Public vs Private This is the first of many questions you will have to ask yourself. But there is also a niggling perception that you are "just another patient" in the overcrowded public system. Often it is the same doctors doing the rounds in both public and private hospitals, but the difference is that in the public system, who you see comes down to luck of the draw, and a complete stranger will be delivering your child. Another factor to take into account is hospital rooms. Obstetricians Ultrasounds

Baby Cost Calculator | Tools <div class="error" align="center">You seem to have disabled JavaScript. To take full advantage of our site and functionality, we recommend you enable Javascript. &nbsp; <a href="/help-browserinfo" target="_blank">How?</a></div> Log in|Sign up Expert Advice Home Track your baby's development, week by week Join now All You & Your Family Topics advertisement Our sponsors First-Year Baby Costs Calculator To get things started, we've made some choices for you, based on our research and an exclusive BabyCenter survey of more than 1,000 new moms. Share Start Over Ongoing Costs Subtotal of Ongoing Costs:$8,100 Skip this section One-Time Costs We've checked the things we think you'll need -- but please make adjustments based on what you plan to buy and how much you expect to spend. Subtotal of One-Time Costs:$2,058 Want more information? See all tools Featured video The parent rap See all pregnancy, parenting, and birth videos Your Pregnancy, Week by Week Privacy Policy & Terms Have an account? Connect with us Legal

Mind Openerz The world is full of mysteries, and not everything can be explained by science. Here are 5 Mind Blowing Things Science Still Can’t Explain. You may have heard of it before, The Placebo Effect is a phenomenon where patients are given a fake sugar pill and are told it will help them in some way or form. Both groups are told that the pills will help with their ailments. These studies seem to suggest that the power our mind has to heal ourselves is greater than we have ever thought. In some deserts across the world there are stones that seem to move along the surface. In rural China, in an area considered uninhabitable by humans, there are three triangular openings at the top of a mountain. What’s strange about them is that tests have seem to place the date of these rusted iron pipes to nomadic times, before we discovered farming let alone advance drilling and metal work. Locals speculate it to be an ancient astronomy lab, or a landing base for alien space ships, but who knows.

Customer Service Skills | Skills You Need How you treat your customers can make the difference between a loyal returning customer who will, through conversations and story-telling, become an ambassador for your organisation and a lost opportunity or negative influence for your company, somebody more likely to use your competitor’s services in the future. We have all been customers in various situations, when in a restaurant or shop, when buying a car, in the bank, or at the insurance broker and we have all experienced both good and bad service, in person, on the phone and online. This page is an introduction to customer service skills and demonstrates how good customer service skills can make a significant difference to the success of your organisation. Imagine the scenario... You are on vacation and taking a leisurely lunch in a restaurant – you are quite obviously a tourist. You have placed your order and have been served drinks. What happens next will change how you view your experience of the restaurant:

15 Customer Service Skills that Every Employee Needs There are certain customer service skills that every employee must master if they are forward-facing with customers. Without them, you run the risk of finding your business in an embarrassing customer service train-wreck, or you'll simply lose customers as your service continues to let people down. Luckily, there are a few universal skills that every support member can master that will dramatically improve their conversations with customers. Below I'll cover the 15 most-needed skills to master this incredibly important position. The Customer Service Skills that Matter When most business publications talk about customer service skills, things like "being a people person" tend to take the spotlight. With that said, let's get into some specific skills that every support employee can master to "WOW" the customers that they interact with on a daily basis... 1. If you don't see this near the top of a customer service skills list, you should just stop reading. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Who?

Feeding A Cold: Top 5 Foods & Miso Broth I got a question last night (hi mom!) about what I would recommend for a sore throat. It’s that time of year, so I thought I’d share my top five foods to “feed a cold,” plus a super delish way to put them all together! Most of these recommendations have one thing in common – they’re foods with antimicrobial properties. In no particular order, top 5 foods to help your body fight off nasty cold and flu symptoms:Ginger Tea Ginger will burn the sh*t out of any cold or flu, and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, not cold and crappy. Just slice or mince up a 1/2 inch piece of fresh ginger, throw it into a pot with about 2 cups of water and let ‘er boil away for 2-5 minutes. Lemon Water Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of room temperature or warm water and drink up, om nom nom. Garlic Everyone knows garlic has super antivampiral qualities, but it’s also a sweet antimicrobial. Cayenne Pepper Cayenne increases circulation and busts up respiratory congestion like a mf’er. Miso Bonus “recipe”: Sick Tea

4 Ways to Treat a Cough Edit Article Treating a Productive CoughTreating a Dry CoughHome RemediesWhen to Call a Doctor Edited by Moxville, Sondra C, Dave Crosby, Brett and 72 others Coughing is a necessary part of recovering from an illness, as it helps you expel mucus and irritants. Ad Steps Method 1 of 4: Treating a Productive Cough 1Recognize that you might need to cough for a bit (though you can try to speed the process along). 9Wait it out. Method 2 of 4: Treating a Dry Cough 1Coat your throat. 5If all else fails, call your doctor. Method 3 of 4: Home Remedies 1For "productive" coughs, try white horehound. Cough into a towel. Method 4 of 4: When to Call a Doctor 1Call a doctor if you experience any of the following:A cough that lasts for more than 4 weeks.You're coughing up green or bloody phlegm.Persistent wheezing and shortness of breath. 2See a doctor if the cough is affecting a baby or an elderly person. Article Info Categories: Cough Remedies Recent edits by: PaolaRodriguez90, Tom, Yoko Kanai

Meal Plans These easy-to-follow menu plans keep your clean-eating lifestyle on track and take the guesswork out of mealtime. Five balanced mini meals a day comprised of fresh seasonal fare ensure that your metabolism is always fired up. TIP: Remember to print your two weekly shopping lists, arranged according to how most grocery stores are laid out for an effortless shopping experience. Choose from the four meal plans below, depending on the current season, to ensure that your produce is at its seasonal peak. To view our Meal Plans and Shopping Lists, you will need Adobe Reader (or Acrobat Reader) SpringSpring Meal PlanGet ready for summer without all the stress of planning meals, and enjoy sweet rewards like Strawberry Cornbread! Related SHOPPING LIST(s):Week 1 | Week 2 Related RECIPES: Lemony Catfish Kebobs on Wild RiceStrawberry CornbreadCreamy Asparagus SoupSteak Salad SpringOn The Road to SpringMake the transition from winter hibernation to spring levity with a blend of dishes both hearty and light!

The Golden Age - Where Did It Go? - Mike Lenhart I came across some images of a few fantastic and imaginative layouts from some of those great magazines of '40s and '50s - like McCall's and Harper's Bazaar. These wonderful layouts, which show innovative typography and imagery, are considered to be part of the Golden Age of magazine design that came about after WWII. Oh where, oh where, have they gone? I guess it all started with Alexey Brodovitch, the art director of Harper's Bazaar from 1934 until 1958. His approach to design consisted of layouts containing large areas of white space, varying sizes of type and imagery, and creating an overall sense of rhythmic movement. Brodovitch's innovative style was continued by art directors including Henry Wolf (at Esquire and Harper's Bazaar) and Otto Storch (at McCall's) to page layout in large-format magazines. (He fell in love with photography and art direction after taking an evening class taught by Mister Brodovitch, while he was art director at Dell Publishing in the early '50s.)