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Magazine photo en ligne - Interviews photographes < Revue - Focale Alternative Magazine Focale Alternative #29 : Un pas de plus vers la démarcheLigne éditoriale de décembre 2012Après la réalisation d’un rêve papier le mois dernier, je suis revenu à une édition plus conventionnelle en version numérique. J’ai profité du travail réalisé pour utiliser la maquette de… Magazine Focale Alternative #27Ligne éditoriale de juin 2012Une nouvelle pierre est de nouveau posée avec ce numéro. Petit à petit, mois après mois, Focale Alternative Magazine avance à son rythme pour partager des regards photographiques divers et variés.… Magazine Focale Alternative #24 : Cyklope – Collectif photographiqueLigne éditoriale de mars 2012Pour ce mois de mars 2012, je continue ma thématique autour des collectifs photographiques. » Pourquoi ces photographes se rassemblent-ils ? Focale Alternative Magazine #1 : Vincent Duseigne / TchorskiLigne éditoriale de Février 2010Premier épisode de l’aventure de Focale Alternative version papier électronique.

Resource Magazine Resource Magazine Jim Garner’s photo bag Celebrated wedding photographer Jim Garner opens his photo bag and tells us what he brings to the job. BAG: I exclusively use the BX2 pro shooting bag, which is part of Brenthaven’s newest camera bag line. The design was taken from our BODA line and has now been updated to better serve the active photographer. [...] DIGITAL TEMPLE Magazine The 10 Best Street Photography Blogs on the Web (and more) Although street photography is still very much a niche online, here are the top 10 street photography blogs I regularly follow online. If you feel any other site needs to be added to this list, please leave a comment below! 1.

40 Amazing Online Photography Magazines Advertisement Whatever country we live in, we’re probably all familiar with the well-known photography magazines available in our newsagents and bookstores. The UK has Practical Photography, France has Photo, the Italians have Zoom and the Americans have American Photo.

News & Reviews Installation view of Walead Beshty: Selected Bodies of Work, at Regen Projects. Photo by Brian Forrest, courtesy Regen Projects The Saturday after Walead Beshty’s exhibition Selected Bodies of Work opened at Regen Projects, the gallery experienced an electrical problem. Markus Hartel street photography blog With zone focusing can be a life-saver between the decisive moment and a hit-and-miss-shot – toss the autofocus camera and get a manual lens instead… Zone focusing is pretty straightforward, the photographer simply uses the DOF (Depth Of Field) effect to have the desired object(s) at working distance in focus. Zone focussing comes in handy, when there is no time to fiddle with the camera controls, or when the photographer wants to be extra unconspicious – without using the viewfinder to focus (aka. shooting from the hip). Once you know what an f-stop is, and how to set it on your camera, you’re good to go.

Deep Sleep Magazine - This Issue View Photo Stories > Underground. The insomniac metropolis, through tunnels, bunkers and silent spaces. An underground city where strangers press together driven by money or desire and masked faces conceal suburban secrets. Tomorrow's Journal Tomorrow’s Journal is a high-end magazine featuring unique stories from Danish and international artists. Tomorrow’s Journal will give artists creative freedom to present their strongest and most visionary work. It will be inspiring, sensational, odd, innovative, fantastic, obscure all wrapped in a beautiful but yet down to earth frame. Tomorrow’s Journal will showcase stories from fashion, design, lifestyle and interior.

Musee Liz Sales ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Liz Sales is an artist, writer, and teacher with a BA from Evergreen State College and an MFA from ICP-Bard College. Her background as motion picture camera technician endorses her work, as she deals primarily with … An in-depth conversation between noted art historians and writers regarding one of the most significant photographic careers on the prolific Cindy Sherman Musée sat down with Emmanuel Fremin and Mary Nguyen to talk about their product Artstrong. Camera Austria Books erschienen am 23. October 2015 The Militant Image Reader The Militant Image Reader brings together eight diverse texts from theorists and artists from Europe and North America that speculate on the relationship of artistic representation and social change today.