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Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love
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Fort Standard CoeLux ntact Contact Benjamin Hubert Ltd Studio 4A Thane works London N7 7NU UK Strictly by appointment only at the studio Sales Enquiries General Enquiries Press Enquiries Job Enquiries Newsletter Subscription Previous Play Next Copyright Benjamin Hubert Frozen in Time by Studio Wieki Somers Frozen in Time by Studio Wieki Somers by Mike / February 12, 2010 Via @designws, a cabinet "frozen in time", encased in resin. Michael Anastassiades Michael Anastassiades Burger tip of the tongue, 2013 get set, 2013 happy together 1- pendant rod, 2015 happy together 4 berries, 2015 happy together 10 stack, 2015 bob - pendant rod, 2015 bob wall mounted, 2015 bob ceiling mounted, 2015 cone light ceiling & wall mounted, 2013 mobile chandelier 6, 2015 mobile chandelier 7, 2015 mobile chandelier 8, 2015 mobile chandelier 9, 2015 mobile chandelier 10, 2015 beauty mirror, 2010 on my mind, 2015 to the top, 2015 somewhere in the middle, 2015 rest, 2015 single angle, 2013 double angle, 2013 triple angle, 2013 tube chandelier, 2006 tip of the tongue ceiling & wall mounted, 2015 tube wall light, 2006 tube wall light 1m, 2006 mobile chandelier 1, 2008 mobile chandelier 2, 2008 mobile chandelier 3, 2008 mobile chandelier 4, 2008 mobile chandelier 5, 2011 ball light large - pendant rod, 2013 ball ligh small - pendant rod, 2008 ball light wall bracket, 2008 ball light - wall mounted, 2008 ball light - ceiling mounted, 2008 onyx light, 2007 meditations stools, 2004 water glass, 2008

HANS SAPPERLOT Elyse Graham Art and Projects LUZCO Trendy: Fábrica de Luminarias y de Sistemas LED de iluminación profesional Luzco Trendy es una empresa que pertenece al GRUPO LUZCO, grupo corporativo con más de 30 años de experiencia en iluminación comercial. Diseñamos, fabricamos, comercializamos e instalamos sistemas de iluminación para todo tipo de comercios, desde la pequeña tienda hasta la gran superficie. Les ofrecemos un servicio integral de iluminación. Desde el Asesoramiento personalizado inicial hasta el PostVenta y Mantenimiento. Ofreciendo siempre la Demostración de nuestros productos, unos Tiempos de Entrega sin competencia y la Instalación siempre de manera rápida y flexible. Nuestra técnica, calidad y experiencia nos permiten disponer de una amplia gama de Lámparas, algunas de fabricación propia, que incorporan un destacado valor diferencial: la calidad de luz. Siempre cumpliendo con los más elevados estándares de Calidad y Medioambiente. Todo ello convierte a Luzco en líder en España en iluminación comercial. FABRICACIÓN e INGENIERÍA DE LA LUZ

Kristi Kuusk » Projects CHACUN(E) is a fruitful collaboration involving new materials designed to change their color by temperature fluctuation, thoughtful choreography and expressive performance. The choreography has been performed in Den Hague (NL) at Korzo and London (UK) with great reviews. Title: CHACUN(E) ( translation: each/every, everybody) Solo choreographed and performed by Angelina Deck Costume designed and prepared by Kristi Kuusk Music: J.S. Happening (29 June 2013) curated by Agony Art (agony at Chisenhale Dance Space, London. Costume Design: Kristi Kuusk Coreography/Dance: Angelina Deck Photos: Dominika Potuzakova/ Kristi Kuusk Angelina: “In this work I am exploring the internal movement, potential, intelligence. Kristi: “The beauty and smartness of this garment is in the color changing by the structure of traditional crochet and movement of the dancer’s body. How does it work? More about thermochromics: Lace exporations, printing and mixing. Year Completed: 2013

Hella Jongerius' Danskina | DisegnoDaily Dutch designer Hella Jongerius is a strong example of this strand of design, particularly given her presence at this year's Salone Del Mobile. Jongerius' Berlin-based Jongeriuslab studio has been much celebrated for its craft-influenced industrial design since its foundation in the 1990s, yet Jongerius' influence is rapidly extending beyond her own practice. At this year's Salone she will present projects for Vitra, Artek and Danskina – all brands that she provides art direction for. The role of an art director* is a complicated one. While art directors typically contribute their own work to the brands they serve, they are also managerial figures. In the case of Jongerius, this transition from designer to art director is most fascinating in the case of Danskina, a Dutch rug manufacturer that was founded in 1973 but which had fallen from public attention in recent years. It is this theme that provides much of the content of our interview with Jongerius, which features below. Yes.

BROKIS - ruční výroba osvětlovací techniky z kvalitního skla