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◁ Back 10 April 2014 Form Us With Love curates Swedish Design Goes Milan 2014 - IN REAL LIFE This year Form Us With Love is proud to have curated the Swedish Pavilion during Salone del Mobile in Milan in April 8-13. Swedish design studio Form Us With Love has created a joint show and meeting place for the annual pavilion, this year named IN REAL LIFE – a connective presentation of Swedish designers and companies entering the classic Art Nouveau palace – La Postina, in the Brera district, a platform for design and face-to-face conversations. A long table with 24 selected chairs are at the centre of the IN REAL LIFE exhibition, all of which represent a unique relationship between producers and designers.

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3D Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures Fibonacci Zoetrope sculptures designed and 3d printed by John Edmark. Kibooki Los retratos-caricaturas con algunos personajes de películas que hace el artista del 3D Kibooki empiezan a invadir todo internet por mérito propio, son simplemente geniales. Pues ahora nos sorprende con sus increíbles y loquísimos Vines! fahz ntact Contact Benjamin Hubert Ltd Studio 4A Thane works London N7 7NU UK Strictly by appointment only at the studio Sales Enquiries General Enquiries Press Enquiries Job Enquiries Newsletter Subscription Previous

Michael Anastassiades Michael Anastassiades Burger tip of the tongue, 2013 get set, 2013 OCEAN PLAZA - Projects - Guallart Architects Taiwan 2003 Local partner: J.M.Lin The Observer Design Group 1st prize international competition How Do You Build a Rock? The project for the artificial rocks in Taiwan grew out of two traditions: on the one hand that of the Japanese Zen garden in which various natural rocks are surrounded by an expanse of raked gravel in such a way that both their form and their position generate tension; on the other, that of the large expanses of timber decking that are found in ports around the world, on which people can relax by the sea. In the Ocean Plaza in Batoutz we decided to create a garden of artificial rocks made of timber, modelled on the volcanic rocks that ring the port.

Hella Jongerius' Danskina Dutch designer Hella Jongerius is a strong example of this strand of design, particularly given her presence at this year's Salone Del Mobile. Jongerius' Berlin-based Jongeriuslab studio has been much celebrated for its craft-influenced industrial design since its foundation in the 1990s, yet Jongerius' influence is rapidly extending beyond her own practice. At this year's Salone she will present projects for Vitra, Artek and Danskina – all brands that she provides art direction for. The role of an art director* is a complicated one. While art directors typically contribute their own work to the brands they serve, they are also managerial figures.

Kristi Kuusk » Projects CHACUN(E) is a fruitful collaboration involving new materials designed to change their color by temperature fluctuation, thoughtful choreography and expressive performance. The choreography has been performed in Den Hague (NL) at Korzo and London (UK) with great reviews. Title: CHACUN(E) ( translation: each/every, everybody) Solo choreographed and performed by Angelina Deck Costume designed and prepared by Kristi Kuusk Music: J.S. Villa 1 — Powerhouse Company Rooms with many views Villa 1 was Powerhouse Company’s first project: our chance to present our manifesto to the world. We were a fledgling practice then, working from kitchen-table offices in Rotterdam and Copenhagen. But we knew exactly what we wanted to build (a house with great spatial qualities and meticulous detailing) and how we wanted to build it (in a smooth, service-driven process). The design of Villa 1 was inspired by the site, the clients’ paradoxical desire to live “in a modern glass house with all the cosiness of an old farmhouse”, and by Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House and the work of Saarinen.

Frozen in Time by Studio Wieki Somers Frozen in Time by Studio Wieki Somers by Mike / February 12, 2010 Via @designws, a cabinet "frozen in time", encased in resin. LOLA LELY STUDIO I was born in Hanoi, Vietnam, but grew up in London and Kent. From an early age I developed a curiosity about how things are made, and I believe that making is a form of thinking. Drawing, making and the explicit connections between narrative, material, process and maker are all central to my practice. meguro office nendo’s office is located near the Meguro River in Tokyo, on the fifth floor of an old office building. We wanted the usual spaces and functions -meeting space, management, workspace and storage- to be separate, but also to maintain a sense of connection between them. To achieve this effect, we divided the space with walls that seem to sag and flop like a piece of cloth held up between two hands, enclosing the various spaces more than the usual office dividers, but less than actual walls. Employees can move between spaces by walking over the parts of the walls that “sag” the most, thus emphasizing the contrast between the uses of the different spaces. Spaces that need more sound-proofing are enclosed with the kind of plastic curtains you might find at a small factory so that people can work without worrying about noise but not feel isolated.

aust & amelung photos © Minu Lee What seems to be folded paper, is made out of slewed concrete. The lamps of the ‘like paper‘-series are an image of what we expect to be a paper-folded lampshade. Although the manufacturing folows certain paper paterns, the completed shades develop individuality through own edges, kinks and creases. Through this each object is unique.

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