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Key Stage 4

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Flipped Learning Videos - GCSE & A Level PE. Have I come to the right place?

Flipped Learning Videos - GCSE & A Level PE

If you are a student looking to learn or revise A Level or GCSE PE through short ‘PE lesson videos’ then you have come to the right place. Similarly, if you are a teacher looking for self paced learning homework, lesson tasks, professional development or to simply brush up on subject knowledge, then this link site is a great starting point. How do I get started on my self paced Flipped Learning Journey? Click the links below to search for and watch GCSE & A Level PE Theory lessons covering the vast majority of topics on each syllabus from @My_PE_Exam plus other authors. Videos have full commentary, are short in length, and have expert annotations to aid you in your self paced learning journey. Where can I download a resource to help me in my note taking?

To help you take effective notes while you learn, feel free to download the Flipped Learning Mat #FLMat below from @PE4Learning. Gallery Download Flipped Learning Direct Video Links. Withernsea High School Humanities College - KS4. The Geography Specification (Syllabus) at GCSE is: AQA Specification B This course has 4 elements, each worth 25% of the final mark.

Withernsea High School Humanities College - KS4

It is a modular course and Year 10 students will sit one Unit on Coasts in June of Year 10 and also submit their coursework. This means that by the summer between Year 10 and 11 students will have submitted 50% of their GCSE course. In Year 11 students will study the second and third Units - on Natural Hazards and Global Tourism. There is the possibility for students to re-sit their unit from Year 10 on Coasts in January of Year 11 if they wish to try to improve their grade. Support for Students Revision Guides have been written for students by the Geography team at Withernsea High School and can be accessed via the Topic Guide menu tabs at the side.

For the full specification, click on the link below: AQA Geography GCSE Specification B AQA Geography B Exam Paper & Mark Guide Course Summary : Year 10 Coastal Management (25% - Exam June of Yr 10) Formby High School Geography Department Blog: Just for Y 11. Wednesdaygood luck tomorrow!!!!

Formby High School Geography Department Blog: Just for Y 11

Mrs BlanchardTuesdayUse the information below to complete the past question .. "What are the advantages and disadvantages of booking your own holiday ? " Advantages of planning and booking your own holiday There is freedom of choice - you can go wherever and whenever you want. You have much more flexibility (eg. if you booked with a travel agency you might have to go half-board at the hotel when you don't actually want to do this). You feel independent and there is a greater feeling of adventure. You can stay in more than one place during the course of your holiday. You can stay in more unconventional locations and won't be restricted to certain hotels. The holiday you like the look of at the travel agency might not fly from the nearest or most convenient airport. Disadvantages of planning and booking your own holiday If you book the parts of your holiday separately your insurance might not cover you for hotel costs if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Tuesday. Philips High School. Find past papers and mark schemes. Find past papers and mark schemes for your exams, and specimen papers for new courses.

Find past papers and mark schemes

Can’t find your papers? Some question papers are not available online and older question papers and mark schemes are removed from our public website and Secure Key Materials (SKM) after three years because of copyright restrictions (except for Maths and Science).Not sure which exams you're taking? Ask your school or college.Following consultations with a cross section of teachers across subjects, we will now make all papers and mark schemes available on the AQA website free of charge from about 10 months after the exam (see what's available when). Students may find our Preparing for your exams webpages useful for their revision and exams. Teachers can get past papers earlier, starting 10 days after the exam, from Secure Key Materials.

AGU Student Video Contest: Rebound: An Earth Story.

Controlled assessment

Tourism. Coasts. Natural Hazards. Urban. Philips High School.