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David Trubridge Furniture and Lighting Design

David Trubridge Furniture and Lighting Design
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YaelMer&ShayAlkalay Remix Design - Made in Lille - Présentation Remix Design est un Atelier de conception et de réalisation d'une palette de produits contemporains, originaux, transformés, détournés, uniques et 100% Made in Lille! Les produits Remix Design mêlent le bois et le métal, le classique avec le graphique, les style années 50 avec le style Louis XVI. L'accent est mis sur l'originalité et le mélange des genres, pour agrémenter son intérieur de manière originale, écologique et fun! Les produits proposés sont relatifs au mobilier, aux luminaires et à la décoration. Si vous avez un besoin particulier dans votre habitat, ou tout simplement l'envie de faire un cadeau personalisé, Remix Design offre aussi un service de conception / transformation à la demande. Benjamin Trouille, le jeune créateur nordiste de Remix Design de 28 ans, est depuis toujours passionné par le Design et le graphisme. Très vite, son choix de se tourner vers le Design du milieu de l'habitat s'est révélé comme une suite logique pour allier passion et travail.

FEED in Valencia Disseny Week 2010_黄小婷_美国室内设计中文网博客 photo by Ricardo Hernandez for It now seems colloquial, perhaps too natural to visit blogs daily for the latest projects, inspiration and community discourse on what is happening around the globe. Not too long ago, we used to wait for publishing companies to compile work done in previous years into a book format where we felt compelled to purchase in order to learn, educate and strengthen our creative spectrum of ideas. Today, we naturally type in an address or click on a favorite link that transports us into a global array of projects that allow us to further connect with our creative process but also converse with many other design, art, fashion and architecture lovers. It is time for all those eyes to meet and share a full week of design experience together. Image Courtesy of Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunidad Valenciana (ADCV) // Valencia Disseny Week (VDW)Photographer: Xavi Calvo Image Courtesy of Odosdesign What happened in Valencia??? "Vig" table by estres Estudio

57 Unique Creative Table Lamp Designs Table lamps can be not just a lighting accessory but also a very original piece for any décor. These lamps below will prove that to you! For a luxury classical interior choose a black and gold lamp with an engraving or an exquisite Murano glass lamp. A lamp with tea cups is a perfect variant for a dining room. For nature lovers there are lamps with planters or lamps with pebbles in the base – they look so Zen! If you are looking for something unusual, then take a lamp imitating a cactus or a balloon lamp. creative lamps, decorative table lamps, modern table lamps, table lamp, table lamps, unique lamps, unusual table lamp, wooden table lamps

Danny Kuo product design LEONARD EL ZEIN - Agence design à Paris & Nantes Mix and Chic: Home tour- A chic and contemporary model apartment in New York! This beautiful and contemporary model apartment belongs to one of the prime address in New York, located at 41 Bond Street. With its striking artworks, rich textures and vibrant colors, the 2,600-square-foot-three bedroom model unit is far from bland. Let's take a tour of this fabulous home! Are you swooning about this home too?

25 Of The Most Creative Lamp And Chandelier Designs Light is a practical concern in most homes, but it’s also so much more than that. The right lamp or lampshade can cast the entire room in a different light or serve as a work of art on its own. Each of the creative lamps on this list we collected is exactly that – a light source that doubles as a work of art. Although we posted a list of DIY lamp designs a while back, not all of us have the artist’s eye, talent or know-how required to create awesome lamps or chandeliers like these. And there are a million different things that artists like these can do with light. We know that there are tons more cool lamp designs out there, so if you know one that we need to see, submit it at the bottom of this list! 1. Designed by Richard Clarkson 2. Designed by Kristyna Pojerova 3. Image credits: 4. Image credits: 5. Designed by Kevin Champeny 6. Designed by Max Gunawan 7. Designed by Alex Garnett 8. Designed by Estiluz 9. Designed by Igor Solovyov 10. Designed by Chris Weylandt

Fernando and Humberto Campana aust & amelung | like paper photos © Minu Lee What seems to be folded paper, is made out of slewed concrete. The lamps of the ‘like paper‘-series are an image of what we expect to be a paper-folded lampshade. Although the manufacturing folows certain paper paterns, the completed shades develop individuality through own edges, kinks and creases. Through this each object is unique. The lamp series ‘like paper‘ results and exists through distortion. Available and produced by dua, Sponsored by G.tecz – German Technologies and Engineering Conceptz

2D Lamps Appears to Be 3D Posted on April 26, 2014 by catcat Three-dimensional wire frame images are painted onto a thin transparent acrylic glass, with some laser machining process, our eyes are fooled to believing they are actually real 3D lamps. Apart from it’s tricky and changeable appearance, it also owns warm LED light that lasts for 50,000 hours. [Kickstarter] Cool Lamps: 40 of The Most Creative Lamp Designs Ever We all know that one of the easiest ways you have to light a dark corner in any room or add some atmospheric lighting to your living-room area, is to place your choice of lamp. With numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions or lighting abilities, lamps constitute one of the most convenient methods one has to alter the lighting tone of a room. In fact, the lighting selected and used can complete the statement of a house or improve a room’s decoration and give the feeling one is looking for. In today article you can see 40 of the most creative lamp designs that you can find on the internet these days. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40.