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The Complete Guide to Interval Training [Infographic]

The Complete Guide to Interval Training [Infographic]
ADD this Infographic to your Website/Blog: Simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your blog or website: <a target="_blank" href=" src=" alt="The Complete Guide to Interval Training" width="600" height="6505" /></a><p>More <a target="_blank" href=" and Fitness News & Tips</a> at Greatist.</p> The Complete Guide to Interval Training Targeting Maximum Fat Loss Through High-Intensity Interval Training High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular form of exercise that combines two of the most effective fat-burning methods. The first is high-intensity training, which pushes the body to maximum effort to achieve muscle fatigue and maximum oxygen use in a quick burst. The second method is interval training, which alternates periods of intense effort with periods of moderate-to-low intensity effort. By combining the above two principles, exercisers can maximize fat-burning and muscle-building potential through significantly shorter workouts. Interval Training Protocols

Related:  FitnessHSC PDHPE Core 2: Factors Affecting PerformanceWorkoutsFitness...Go Do It!Stage 6 HSC Core 2 - 25 Tips For More Muscle And Superstrength! by Muscle & Fitness Last updated: Aug 17, 2012 Lift barefoot, if possible, or in minimalist footwear like Vibram FiveFingers shoes, wrestling shoes, or converse chucks. having your feet flat on the floor lessens the distance you have to pull the bar on a deadlift, increasing your leverage and helping you lift heavier weights. Training barefoot also strengthens your feet, which in turn adds stability and traction to all your lifts. Squeeze your glutes at all times during a set, especially on lifts like the bench press and overhead press. It stabilizes your entire torso. If the total number of reps you perform for an exercise adds up to 25, you're more likely to maximize muscle and strength gains.

Renewable energy: you're soaking in it › Bernie's Basics (ABC Science) Bernie's Basics Solar power might be the new big thing, but living cells have been using 100 per cent renewable energy ever since lightning met pond scum billions of years ago. By Bernie Hobbs We living things are really just glorified bags of molecules swimming in fat-rimmed pools of salty water. And practically everything we do — from having a thought to flexing a muscle or digesting a meal — needs energy. You probably think that the energy our cells use comes from our food, but that's only half the story.

How to Lose Your Muffin Top Plank “This isolation exercise targets your internal abdominals, called the transverse abs,” says Paris. “These muscles are the deepest muscles that act as a girdle that holds everything together. By strengthening them you’ll develop a stronger core and a slimmer waistline.” Start by getting into a pushup position, but bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms instead of on your hands. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles.

Five Best Fitness Tracking Appliances I have one, and I can say it's epic as long as you pair it with a heart rate monitor. I paired mine with Garmin's heart rate monitor, but Polar should work too (any ANT+ fitness device will pair). The real bread and butter for the MotoACTV comes from tracking performance via heart rate. You can play music through the device's headphone jack during a workout - it measures your performance via heart rate and pairs that up with the music that is playing. Later, when you have the music playing in a shuffle mix, if your performance drops it will "shuffle" to a song that you have historically done well on. I think of it like detecting when you're slowing down and playing a song to pump you back up for the workout.

Recovery training When planning training programmes for athletes, it is easy to write down sets, reps, times, volumes, intensities and loads. However, structuring a recovery programme to effectively allow adaptation to take place between training sessions is a lot trickier, as James Marshall explains Before we look at how recovery can be optimised, it’s important to understand why it’s important. This is crucial for both coaches and athletes; coaches because they are going to have to plan time and resources to assist recovery, and athletes because they are going to have to implement the strategies.

Starting a New Fitness Routine - Exercise Tips & Facts Getting in shape can be easier said than done. Many start a new fitness routine with the best of intentions, only to have their efforts dwindle when obstacles and excuses get in the way. This infographic from Vibram FiveFingers provides valuable exercise tips and advice to help you establish a successful and long-lasting exercise routine. Copy and paste the code below to embed The Anatomy of a Fitness Routine on your website or blog. Sprinters, marathon runners, weightlifters and gymnasts – diets for different events Being an athlete is all about eating pasta morning, noon and night, right? Think again. The type of sport an athlete does will affect the types of foods the competitor should eat.

How to Get Fit in 10 Minutes Bed Moves Yup, you don’t even have to get out of bed. Do as many push-ups as you can in one minute, then rest for 30 seconds. (Go hard, as you’re only going to be training for 10 minutes.) Next, hold a plank pose for one minute, then rest for 30 seconds. New Fitness Tracker Helps Athletes Push Their Limits at the Gym When you're lifting weights and not sure you can do one more rep, it either means that you can still do 10 more — or that you're putting yourself at risk for injury. In fact, there's a trend in exercise science towards prescribing a velocity of weight lifting rather than a number of reps, as it allows for optimal workload but still lets the body recover between trainings or competitions. But you can't log velocity with a pen and paper. PUSH, a wearable fitness gadget that launched on Indiegogo last week, will retail at $149 and is the first device to measure strength marketed to consumers (i.e., affordable).

FAQ Supplements in Sport - Why are they so tempting? The sports world is filled with pills, potions, powders, bars and drinks that promise to give the athlete a winning edge. The claims are emotive - better recovery, improved endurance, increased strength, loss of body fat, an enhanced immune system. If you are striving to be at the top, how can you afford to miss out on these miracles? And can you afford for your competitors to have these advantages if you don't? Workout: Gerard Butler's 300 Spartan Workout All guys should have seen the movie 300 starring Gerard Butler. It was an action thriller full of gore and violence. In the movie, all of the spartan warriors are in incredible shape.

The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition [Infographic] Check out Greatist's other Infographics and ADD this Infographic to your Website/Blog: Simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your blog or website: <a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" width="600" height="5701" border="0" style="border:none" /></a><p>Get <a href=" and fitness tips</a> at</p> Love this graphic? Buy the poster through Greatist's online store!

Burn Fat & Get Lean Runner’s Lunge to Knee Skip Start in a pushup position, then bend your left knee and place your left foot between your hands (a). Push through your left foot, raise your torso, and drive your right knee and left arm into the air, hopping off the ground (b).

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