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Omröstning online

Omröstning online

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10 free newsletter templates Getting the design of your newsletter right is an extremely important affair. It's the first thing your subscribers see and the one design that will represent you in e-mail inboxes throughout the world. Start experimenting with this range of free newsletter templates. Control Alt Achieve: Self-Editing Tools for Student Writing in Google Docs One of the best features of Google Docs is the ability to share your work with others so they can offer comments and suggestions. As awesome as that is, sometimes a student may not have another person available to provide feedback, and will need to do the editing on their own. Thankfully there are loads of useful tools that can help students to self-edit their writing, including text-to-speech, grammar checkers, dictionaries, and more. With these resources students can take ownership of the editing process to improve their writing.

Cloze Sentence Worksheets Ads Blocked:That's OK! You are viewing a 'AD-Free' version of our site that has limited functionality You will get a MUCH IMPROVED application by simply allowing our advertisements to show! If you are completely against ads, we do have a fee supported site that contains no ads, and also offers a few extras over our ad supported site!

How to Set Up iPads for Success in the Classroom: First Steps If you are new to the iPad, then setting up one or more for use by students can be a daunting task. The iPad is a window into the entire world, and with that comes amazing benefits and also things that should likely be left outside of the classroom. First Steps Here’s how I set up the iPads in my own classroom to ensure that students were on the path to success starting from day 1. Naming Your iPads 5 Great Apps to Create Beautiful Visuals for Your Class Integrating visuals in your instruction can help a lot with your students learning. Besides the cognitive fact that visually represented data is easily processed by the brain, there is also the fact that visually processed information can be easily recalled and memorized. With the prevalence of web tools and mobile apps anyone now can design beautiful visuals without having prior knowledge of graphic design. The process, in most cases, is simple and easy: select a pre-designed template of your own choice, customize it with your data, and generate a shareable version of your visual.

Save Webpages as PDF in Safari on iPad without Third-Party Apps Apple’s App Store contains quite a significant number of quality iPad apps for PDF viewing, editing, annotation and organization. Hence, it is logical to save webpages as PDF for reference purposes. Without using any third-party app, webpages can be easily and quickly saved as PDF from within Safari.

Gmail+1 = Student Email Addresses to Register for Online Services The Gmail+1"hack" isn't a new trick and I can't remember when I first tried it, but it still works and it still provides a solution to a problem that a lot of teachers run into when they want their students to use a new web tool. Let's say there's a new service that I want my students to use but my students don't have email addresses that they can use to register for that service. In that case I can quickly generate Gmail addresses for my students by using the Gmail+1 hack. Here's how the Gmail+1 hack works: 1. Create a new Gmail account just for your class.