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Circuit Simulator Applet

Circuit Simulator Applet
This is an electronic circuit simulator. When the applet starts up you will see an animated schematic of a simple LRC circuit. The green color indicates positive voltage. The gray color indicates ground. A red color indicates negative voltage. The moving yellow dots indicate current. To turn a switch on or off, just click on it. The "Circuits" menu contains a lot of sample circuits for you to try. Full Screen version. Directions. Standalone (offline) version for Mac, and for Windows. Index of Circuit Examples. More applets. Javascript version. Report a problem/feature request Huge thanks to Iain Sharp for the Javascript port.

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Converting HP ProLiant Power Supplies for Amateur Radio Use Converting HP ProLiant Power Supplies for Amateur Radio Use Robert Kilian, K6RBK Jones on Stepping Motor Types - Мозилин фајерфокс (Mozilla Firefox) Introduction Stepping motors come in two varieties, permanent magnet and variable reluctance (there are also hybrid motors, which are indistinguishable from permanent magnet motors from the controller's point of view). Lacking a label on the motor, you can generally tell the two apart by feel when no power is applied. Permanent magnet motors tend to "cog" as you twist the rotor with your fingers, while variable reluctance motors almost spin freely (although they may cog slightly because of residual magnetization in the rotor). You can also distinguish between the two varieties with an ohmmeter.

Transformers In the photograph, note that the coil on the left has fewer coils than that at right (the insets show close-ups). The sketch and circuit show a step-up transformer. To make a step-down transformer, one only has to put the source on the right and the load on the left. (Important safety note: for a real transformer, you could only 'plug it in backwards' only after verifying that the voltage rating were appropriate.) Nitinol (Nickel titanium)- Properties, Uses and Composition Nitinol metal alloy is one of the most useful alloys used for various purposes. It has numerous important medical applications. What is Nitinol? It is a nickel- titanium metal alloy with some unique properties. It is also known as Nickel titanium.

Server Power Supply Interface Board - for standalone miners and GPU rigs First "complete" prototype finished and undergoing testing; as soon as a reliable source of parts can be found I'll start on actual production. If anyone's got an "in" with Molex or FCI I wouldn't mind a bit of assistance tracking down both parts and information. This board is designed to mate with a Dell Z750P power supply from a PowerEdge 2950; said supplies can be found fairly readily on eBay in various conditions for as low as $12. They are rated to provide 62A at 12V at 90% efficiency. This interface board provides - Screw terminals for +12V and GND so you only hook up what cables you need. - Additional output capacitance for voltage ripple and burst current buffering - Manual fan speed control (the stock full speed is quite loud) - Auto-powerup which can be triggered by an external signal as low as 3V, disablable by a toggle switch - Manual powerup from a toggle switch.

Soldermans Basic Electronics: Binary and Hex - Мозилин фајерфокс (Mozilla Firefox) Computers understand numbers and logic, as most are digital computers. The Binary Hexadecimal System is the way the numbers or logical commands are instructed to the computer. All input devices or sensors must finally talk this language to the CPU, and all outputs and actuators must be able to understand this numbers to do their job. Applets Applets Light Reflection Plane Mirror Image Creating an Image with Plane Mirror gaviota chess engine Gaviota (Spanish word for Seagull) is a chess engine available for Windows, Linux, Android, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X. The code has been written as portable as possible, so Gaviota could easily support other systems in the future. Gaviota is an engine, so it needs to be plugged to a proper chess GUI. Current version fully supports the latest Winboard/Xboard with all its new features.