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Materiel:papier-electronique:accueil [Reso-nance numérique] The Fine Art of Electronics {under construction} This tutorial shows you how to make a paper battery holder for coin cell batteries (CR2032 and CR2016).

The Fine Art of Electronics {under construction}

Scroll to the bottom of this page for the video tutorial. Materials and Tools battery holder template printed on cardstock (download PDF here) conductive copper tape (available at digikey and sparkfun)regular tape (e.g. scotch tape or masking tape)scissorssurface mount LEDs (White, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow)3V coin cell battery (CR2032 or the thinner CR2016) Steps Step 1: cut out the template Step 2: cut two pieces of copper tape, about 3 inches long each Step 3: make the positive lead Take one of the copper tape pieces and peel off the paper backing. Stick the copper tape over the horizontal part of the “L” shaped line, on the front of the battery holder, and fold the tape to follow the “L” shape.

Paper circuits w/ copper tape. You can quickly create circuits on paper using copper tape, clear tape, and some simple electronics.

Paper circuits w/ copper tape

The image above is from a workshop Jie taught at the Exploratorium museum. Components (available from Digi-Key): Other tools & materials: small binder clipsclear tapecard stock paperscissors or an xacto knife and cutting mattweezerssoldering iron + solder (optional) Getting started You can use the templates we’ve created to guide your initial explorations. Electrical connections. 123D Circuits. Pipe Cleaner LED Christmas Decorations. The first thing to check is to see if the battery was strong enough to power the LED using a full pipe cleaner as a wire.

Pipe Cleaner LED Christmas Decorations

I connected the battery to the pipe cleaner then to the LED. The LED lit up so I know this would work! I figured the battery would be placed in the body and of course the red LED at the nose. So I started bending the pipe cleaner starting at the nose going around to the back. I needed it big enough to cover the battery pack and have the head somewhat proportional to the LED nose. Using my soldering iron I burnt off the fuzz of the pipe cleaner at the ends I needed to solder. Paper Circuitry at Home: Electric Origami. This little LED-lit cube is much more than just a paper lantern: It’s a translucent and flexible thin-film electronic circuit that hooks up a battery to an LED, limber enough to be folded into an origami box.

And the coolest thing about circuits like these? AudioJar - SARAH PEASE DESIGN. AudioJar A simple housing for David Mellis' open-source Fab Speakers.


Using readily available household items and basic construction methods allow for even further customization and flexibility of the Fab Speakers. Varying jar shapes/sizes can be mixed with alternate feet for different looks. "The glass jar design is “back-woods” charming while also marrying the modernist mantra of “form meeting function.” -Yury Gitman, Founder of Banana Design Lab. Doubling up on the USB supercap flashlight. Une bougie électronique qui vous indique la température ambiante. William a conçu une bougie électronique un peu particulière, en plus de remplir sa fonction d’éclairage d’ambiance, elle vous indique la température ambiante.

Une bougie électronique qui vous indique la température ambiante

Ce petit montage électronique, « The Temperature Candle« , est très simple au niveau de son fonctionnement. Rapid fire, remote controlled ping pong ball turret. German Word Clock. Thanks to Mike for sending in his German Word Clock.

German Word Clock

He has used some SPI controlled RGB lighting strips to make wiring and controlling the lights simpler. So that the letters look good he has built and installed an MDF baffle with 100 light holes in it. ”To control the clock, an ATmega8535 is used. This is a real-time clock (DS1307), a Bluetooth module and a Darlington array to control the 4 leds around the clock, each of which represents the minutes (Example: The Time Clock “It’s five after two” and two LEDs lights -> Thus, it is seven to two). - 40 × 40 cm, so that you can read the clock at a distance greater good.

Bitcrusher Bending. Un écran tubulaire POV à 64 LED RGB. Ryan a réalisé un écran tubulaire à persistance rétinienne (POV) vraiment impressionnant.

Un écran tubulaire POV à 64 LED RGB

En effet la conception électronique est limité au strict minimum avec peu de composants, simple, mais efficace. Le principe est identique au divers montages POV que nous avons pu déjà voir, afficher une image grâce au principe de persistance rétinienne, mais cette fois la carte électronique en rotation est intégré dans un tube en plexiglas. Ressources - Concevoir une surface multitouch  Le blog de la Brigade Neurale » Circuit Alimentaire – Squishy Circuits. Quand les jouets font de la musique : Circuit Bending au Jardin Numérique. La consigne était simple pour cet atelier Circuit Bending organisé ce vendredi après-midi au Jardin Moderne dans le cadre de Jardin Numérique : « Venir équipé au minimum d’un jouet électronique à piles, ou de n’importe quel gadget qui fait du son. » Et la dizaine de participants s’est exécutée : qui une loco des animaux, qui un baby phone, qui un piano musical… Et dans cette petite salle du Jardin Moderne, Thomas Bernardi, le Grand Initiateur de l’atelier a disposé de multiples outils : loupes, piles, câbles, fers à souder, tournevis… Les participants sont fébriles, chacun observant le jouet apporté par l’autre.

Quand les jouets font de la musique : Circuit Bending au Jardin Numérique

L’initiation peut commencer. La genèse du Circuit Bending : maîtriser la machine, mais en gardant la part de hasard… Le Circuit Bending, c’est d’abord une question d’appropriation technique. On vit de plus en plus entouré de machines mais on sait de moins en moins comment elles fonctionnent. On achète, on consomme sans se demander comment cela fonctionne. Free From Salvage - Open Circuits. Ideas for how to use your loot, you may find some new ideas here: Salvage Ideas A master list of stuff to find and where to find it: Salvage Parts and Sources A guide to all our salvage information Salvage Topics.

Free From Salvage - Open Circuits

Links to Salvage topics According to , "I'd love to hear about where you found your 8048. Take a picture of the host that you remove it from (CD player, truck, refridgerator, whatever) and I'll put your picture on a page that chronicles our adventures sifting through the rubble. "