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General Guitar Gadgets

General Guitar Gadgets

Z VEX tonepad -- a resource for d.i.y. music projects ProSoundWeb Forums The Welcome to the New PSW Forums! The New PSW Forums are now active. If you were a member of our previous forums, you will need to create a new username and password to access the new forums.Forums are moderated and users are required to register prior to posting. LAB Forums Forums include the LAB (Classic Live Audio Board), as well as LAB Lounge, Church Sound, Road Test, Installed Sound, Pro AV, and more. R/E/P Forums A wide range of forums devoted to the art and science of recorded audio, focusing on techniques, equipment selection and application, as well as topics such as mastering and production. Church Sound Forums A community of information exchange for church sound practitioners and operators, also focusing on other important aspects of technical production as it relates to house of worship applications. Lighting Forums A community of lighting and audio professionals dedicated to expand their lighting knowledge base.

Some Guitar Pedals I Have Built Some Guitar Pedals I Have Built Created and maintained by Paul Marossy, Tonemeister Extraordanaire Last updated 6/23/12 I have been on a quest the last couple of years to find the sound I have been looking for. Below are some pictures and brief descriptions of each of my pedals, in the order that I built them. Soundclips A DIY Guitar Effects Prototyping Board Resistor Color Codes Chart Why I DO NOT like Digital Effects Portrait Of An Addict... My DIY Pedal Board Back to My Home Page Tube Amp Schematics / Projects What is a Hoffman board? Hoffman boards are classic amp circuits that have been re-designed using my own turret lug layouts. I didn't invent the circuits, I just came up with a slick way to organize the circuits on super neat turret lug boards. What is a Hoffman board? Note: I don't sell complete Hoffman boards. Hoffman board manufacturers Hoffman Board manufacturing instructions Hoffman board installation Instructions Choosing a chassis for a Hoffman board Scratch building an amp Sound clips of some of the amps below Note: The layout diagrams in this section below are my own designs. I now offer the bare Hoffman style boards as pre-drilled boards with un-finished edges that need sanding. I created some new layout diagrams for the pre-drilled boards I sell. The old layouts are labeled - Layout diagram #1 The new layouts are labeled - Layout diagram #2 New stuff to read here Check out my new Parts List page. Hoffman Princeton Reverb - layout diagram Hoffman Princeton Reverb parts listing

Flexible shaft Flexible shafts are commonly used in plumber's snakes. They are popular accessories for handheld rotary tools, and integral parts of rotary tools with a remote motor, which are called "flexible shaft tools". They are used to transmit power to some sheep shears. They are also sold to connect panel knobs to remote potentiometers or other variable electronic components.

Acoustics Principles For those looking to gain a deeper understanding of how audio works, whether to make better-informed decisions or simply for the sake of curiosity, it's useful to lay down some ground rules that govern how audio systems behave relating to loudness and the decibel. One of the most important concepts in audio is the decibel, the unit of measure denoting the ratio of a change in level, whether that level is acoustic Sound Pressure Level (SPL) or electrical signal level. It’s abbreviated dB. If you are a Home Theater Specialist I urge you to take HAA Level II training. Room modes cause standing waves that can cause three acoustical problems: a level boost at some frequencies, an extent of the duration of sound at those same frequencies (resonance) and some profound dips at other frequencies. Bass traps control low frequency issues in rooms. Unfortunately, where sound quality is concerned, the acoustics of the listening room is rarely taken into account. Let’s get right to it.

Electro-Harmonix | | Effect Pedals, Vacuum Tubes, Pro Audio The Pedalboard Planner Blog » Pedal Order Pedal Order for tips on using muti-effects with other pedals see this post. Let me start by saying that this is simply a jumping off point. If you want your sound to be your own, mix it up, see what happens and then try again. This basic layout seems to make sense (if you read various posts around the net) but if you try putting your delay before your compressor and you like it, then DO IT! Sometimes to not be a conformist you need to study how a lot of people do it, then make a change and see if it works. I know lots of guitarists who don’t want to spend their effects dollars on a tuner, and while I can appreciate the desire to only get pedals that change your sound, if you are not in tune, no one wants to hear you! Pedals in this category include pedals like your standard crybaby, Z.Vex wah probe, big bad wah, etc. GuitarWahOctaveFuzzAmp GuitarOctaveWahFuzzAmp GuitarOctaveFuzzWahAmp Compressors come next. It a matter of what you are looking for out of your sound. Volume Pedal Compression

Contact Lens? Or...Mouse?? This one’s kinda hard to swallow so take a deep breath, open your minds, and pretend it’s 2100. I CONTACT is essentially a mouse fitted to your eyeball. The lens is inserted like any other normal contact lens except it’s laced with sensors to track eye movement, relaying that position to a receiver connected to your computer. The idea was originally created for people with disabilities but anyone could use it. Designers: Eun-Gyeong Gwon & Eun-Jae Lee