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Gestion de projet et collaboration d'équipe

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GanttProject Pros Useful for tracking time-to-finish on projects. Cons About CiviCRM is an open source project that produces software for nonprofit and civic sector organizations. CiviCRM, the software, is a web-based, highly customizable CRM released under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (GNU AGPL v3). CiviCRM is used by a diverse range of organizations around the world and translated into dozens of languages. Founded in 2005 as a California-based Limited Liability Company, CiviCRM was conceived as an alternative to proprietary CRMs serving the nonprofit sector. Organiser des rendez-vous simplement, librement. What is Framadate? Framadate is an online service for planning an appointment or making a decision quickly and easily. No registration is required.

ProofHub for Nonprofits Is "serving others" your mission? Helping the poor, the sick, the underprivileged and above all living for the benefit of mankind, certainly deserves salutes. The dedication and zeal to work philanthropically among nonprofits and charities around the globe is praiseworthy. Social Media Management Tools Showdown: Hootsuite vs. Buffer A robust social media presence can do wonders for your business, but keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram alone can be a chore. Social media management tools help you manage all of your profiles and pages in one place, so you can focus instead on the product or service you're promoting on those channels. Here, we'll compare two of the most popular social media management apps, Buffer and Hootsuite, noting where each one excels and which one might be right for you. Common Features and What We Looked For

Social - Plans and Pricing For Individuals & Businesses Show FeaturesHide Features 1 Brand (6 Channels)A Brand includes a total of 6 social channels: 1 Twitter Profile, 1 Instagram Profile, 1 Facebook Page, 1 LinkedIn Company Page, 1 LinkedIn Profile, and 1 Google My Business listing. 20 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Small and Medium Businesses How do you know if your customers (and potential customers) are talking about you on social media? If they tagged your social media profile in their posts, you could check your notifications. If they didn’t, maybe you could search on each social media platform every time you want to find out. Sounds tedious? Here’s a better way:

Free Hashtag Tracking Tools to Monitor Hashtag Performance Online Hashtag usage has significantly grown on social media over the last few years Many brands create custom hashtags for certain campaigns, making it easier to keep all relevant posts and conversations grouped together. They are particularly important on Instagram and Twitter, providing a straightforward way to group similar types of content together. Hashtag Tracking Tools help you discover popular and relevant hashtags. They show the popularity of certain hashtags over time. Unfortunately, most of the best hashtag tracking tools aren’t entirely free, although most do offer some form of free trial. However, there are free tools that can help you, depending on your exact needs.

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