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Thinglink : l'outil qui dynamise vos pages web (Tuto vidéo)

Thinglink : l'outil qui dynamise vos pages web (Tuto vidéo)

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5 Best Prezi Alternatives - Business Presentation software by PowToon! In the last couple of years many people have been searching for innovative ways to create executive, unique, and memorable presentations. PowerPoint was exciting in the early days of its launch, but too many boring presentations led to the creation of new softwares like Prezi. Prezi presentations helped to prevent us from falling asleep during presentations, but the zooming in and out effects of their software, and limited manipulation capabilities, called for more options and new players in the presentation market. 1. PowToon – Best Prezi Alternative Of course our very own PowToon made the top of our Prezi presentation alternatives list!

15 photos that show how our planet is changing Earth is a living, breathing organism. It is undergoing constant changes — glaciers melt, rivers dry up and appear again, cities expand, forests and deserts shift around. And all the while, our planet remains breathtakingly beautiful. Today, Bright Side brings you a selection of incredible NASA photos that demonstrate how the face of the world has changed over the last century! What’s most astonishing is how fast these natural and man-made changes occur. Top 10 Online Tools to Create Infographics Infographics have become extremely popular online tools to create a compelling visualization. Imagine the difference in conveying the beauty of Irises by telling someone about them vs showing them the Iris painting by Van Gogh. There is a world of difference in an image and how much information it can pass through to the viewer. Infographics convey a message much more effectively than a stand alone written article or photo. It is easy to absorb the information and much more fun than reading through a written article and much more likely to be shared.

A Manifesto for Building Relationships in the Digital Era inShare799 Not too long ago, my dear friend Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid) and I set out to explore a new world of visual communication that combined an intentional form of written storytelling illustrated through clever yet pithy cartoons. That work was originally brought to life in #WTF (What’s the Future of Business).

6 Ed Tech Tools To Try In 201 6 About a year ago, I published an e-book called the Teacher’s Guide to Tech. Over the last month, I have been updating it for 2016, adding over 30 new tools and refreshing the information I had about the original ones. I have to say, the 2015 version was excellent, but now it’s SO MUCH BETTER. (To take a peek at the guide, scroll to the bottom of this post.) In the process, I discovered some tools that I absolutely fell in love with, and I wanted to share them with you here. 3 Powerful Web Tools to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos for Your Class October 23, 2014 Whiteboard animation videos are videos that draw themselves. They involve an animated use of images, shapes, characters, sounds and voice-overs to create a clip. This form of video production has been very popular recently and is widely used by some leading educational YouTube channels such as TED Ed and RSA Animate.

Maps: What Energy Sources Power the World? There are many types of maps out there, but one of the most telling ones is a simple satellite image of the Earth at night. On these powerful images, the darkness is a blank canvas for the bright city lights that represent the vast extent of human geography. The bright spots help us understand the distribution of population, as well as what areas of the world are generally wealthier and more urban. Meanwhile, the big dark spots – such as over the wilderness in northern Canada, the Amazon basin, or in Niger – show areas that are not densely populated or more rural. Here’s one image based on this principle. It comes from NASA, and is a composite made from 400 separate satellite images from 2012: TCLP — 2014 Texas Nursery & Landscape Association The Texas Certified Landscape Professional (TCLP) program certifies individuals in the nursery and landscape industry that possess a high degree of knowledge and skill in horticulture and landscape development. Ready to take the exam? To start the TCLP certification exam registration process, click here. Once you apply and pay, you will be sent an order number where you can take the exam here. Exam Breakdown - Exam Process - Prices - Renewal - Why Get Certified Video

Content Curators Are The New Superheros Of The Web Yesterday, the ever-churning machine that is the Internet pumped out more unfiltered digital data. Yesterday, 250 million photos were uploaded to Facebook, 864,000 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube, and 294 BILLION emails were sent. And that’s not counting all the check-ins, friend requests, Yelp reviews and Amazon posts, and pins on Pintrest. The volume of information being created is growing faster than your software is able to sort it out.

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