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Collaborative task management - online todo list

Collaborative task management - online todo list

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Five Must-Have Free Visual Marketing Tools by @jessostroff Spin Sucks By Jess Ostroff I’m no artist. And it bothers me sometimes how easy it is for some people to pick up a pen and paper and create a masterpiece. My imagination, unfortunately, just doesn’t work that way. This lack of artistic ability poses a threat to my marketing career, especially now that visual content marketing is the hot ticket to success. Azendoo Track jobs/tasks/projects and the time spent on them. Attach notes and track interruptions. Export your data in a delimited text file for import into excel or other applications. If your job is anything like mine, co-workers can bombard you with requests and complaints at any time through any medium.

Getting Things Done with Semantic Notes — Abolish Me Let’s right away throw traditional string tagging out the window.* Formally adding content-related strings as “tags” for a note is, in my opinion, a recipe for a GTD breakdown. If you are capable of using (and reviewing) tags like “recipes”, “roadtrip”, “quotes”, and “read” on a regular basis, then hat’s off to you. But I’ve never found this solution to be 1., quick on the draw, and 2., uniform enough to recall and follow without error. Next, if these tags contain important pieces of information like an associated larger project or area of responsibility, you’ll completely lose that information when you export the note to send it to someone else, or archive it outside of your note cloud. In my view, remembering to use string tags in a mobile environment is just distracting, and when I’m at my computer they’re practically useless — perhaps most critically, they have case-sensitivity and duplicate/overlap issues which make handling massive and immersive systems like GTD incomprehensible.

The 2012 Google Summer of Code fruits! This post was made with an older stylesheet 1.) Replace lex-bison based parser with handwritten parser in gcalctool Student: Arth Patel Mentor: Robert Ancell Result: Patch has been accepted on gnome bugzilla. KiSSFLOW – Simple & Easy Workflow-as-a-Service for Google Apps. Cloud. Online. No contracts required. No credit card required for trial & free users. Pay-as-you-go. Cancel anytime. Users 3 Tips for Creating Engaging, Visual Experiences This blog post was co-authored with our NEXUS partner, CrowdRiff, a social marketing, analytics and insights platform. When it boils down to it, users are visual. According to Zabisco, 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text. @Mentor Mob - Create & Browse Playlists: Great Tool for Flipping your Class! MentorMob: a VIP Version of your Internet MentorMob is a free site that allows you to browse content to use for lessons or professional development. You simply view playlists (a bunch of files/sites put together into one strand) or create your own playlists. At first, I just used the browse feature to see what other people were creating.

Taskfile: A Tasklist Compiler Taskfile is aggregates task information from text files using GNU Make. Taskfile supports task tracking for a diverse collection of workflows and tools. Overview Taskfile, using GNU Make, compiles a tasklist from one or more directories of files, using keywords (i.e. “TODO”, “FIXME”, “FROZEN”) to identify tasks and then generate a task list. Basically, you focus on your own work, create tasks as you need to, and run “make” every now and then.

UK Royal Society Holds Up Open Data Alex Williams reports that the UK Royal Society has come to the consensus that open data is key to the second scientific revolution. Williams writes, “The UK Royal Society is a fellowship of the world’s most brilliant scientists. Founded in 1660, its members have included Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. Distinguished thinkers Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking and Tim Berners-Lee are current members of the society. It is arguably the most prestigious scientific community in the world. And so it is of note how strident it is about the importance of open data for the advancement of science.”

Best Online Project/Task Management Tool/Software - 14 days of free trial with no limit on the number of users. Up to 10 users free of charge after the trial period. Only $7 per user in bigger teams. No limit for storage and projects. Designer Creates Cute Animated Job Application To Get An Interview With Ogilvy Based in Dubai, art director and designer Saaniya Abbas has created an adorable animated job application for a position at renowned advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. Featuring a cute egg-shaped character that represents Abbas, the website that houses this creative application is cheekily named “Yologilvy”—in addition to the application, she has also included her personal branding identity, CV and portfolio on the site. By cleverly merging different words with “Ogilvy”—for instance, “hellogilvy” and “herogilvy”—to bring across her strong desire to work for the agency, she hopes to get an interview and ideally, a job offer. Head over here to check out more of her “super awesome creative application”.

Blubbr - Make Youtube Quizzes – EFL CLASSROOM 2.0 I've followed with anticipation each time over the years - a new website allowing teachers to make comprehension quizzes for Youtube videos. As the director of Education at EnglishCentral, this is interesting to me because EnglishCentral is working on similar functionality. There is a long list of sites doing this, going back to ESL Video and Mystudio (now Quiz Revolution) and more recently TED ED Each has/had their own strengths and weaknesses but none of them I ever felt had what it takes to really get this user generated application to be the "full monty" and extremely useable widely by teachers. Now we have a new contender Blubbr (hat tip to Maria Constantinides for letting me know about this). View the quiz I created HERE. I was able to make the 5 question quiz fairly easily but ran into some difficulty with dragging the buttons at the bottom and figuring out how that works.

Index of /~dgraham/ETM Making Getting Things Done easier is etm's goal. Getting Things Done, commonly abbreviated as GTD, is an action management method, and the title of a extremely popular book by David Allen. GTD rests on the common sense notion that with a complete and current inventory of all commitments, organized and reviewed in a systematic way, the mind is freed from the job of remembering everything that needs to be done, and can focus on actually performing those tasks. Three observations are critical: GTD thus requires convenient methods for: etm allows you to store and organize your commitments using a simple, intuitive format using plain text files.

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