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How to Create & Distribute Flipped Lessons Through EDPuzzle. Flip your classroom with instructional screencasts. 28 Tools for Problem-Solving and 21st-Century Skills. This week, we're highlighting 28 of the best edtech tools for teaching 21st-century skills.

28 Tools for Problem-Solving and 21st-Century Skills

This broad set of knowledge, habits, and character traits is critically important for student success in today’s world. From problem-solving, media and Internet literacy, and global awareness to scientific reasoning, research skills, perseverance, and collaboration, 21st-century skills-building is crucial in all content areas. As such, we've aimed to create a list that touches on a wide range of subjects. Highlights include: As we enter into 2015, we know this list will expand as resources become more abundant and the skills they're reinforcing become more of a requirement -- inside and outside of the classroom. Click Here for Our List of 21st-Century Skills Resources Photo: "What is the future of STEM education in the U.S.? " Two Ways to Share Bundles of Links With Your Students. 10 Fun Tools To Easily Make Your Own Infographics. People love to learn by examining visual representations of data.

10 Fun Tools To Easily Make Your Own Infographics

That’s been proven time and time again by the popularity of both infographics and Pinterest. Cooltoolsforschools - home. Online tools and applications - Go2web20. Online Diagram Software and Flow Chart Software - Gliffy. 60 Videos of Practical Ed Tech Tips. Web 2.0 Teaching Tools. Try Vialogues to Build Discussions Around Videos.

Setting a Goal When You Feel Overwhelmed With Technology Options. When I visit schools to facilitate workshops there is usually a mix of folks who are off and running with technology use in their classrooms and folks who are just getting started.

Setting a Goal When You Feel Overwhelmed With Technology Options

When mixed together with those who are off and running, the folks who are just getting started can sometimes feel like they have so much to do to get caught up to their colleagues. In those situations I remind folks that they don’t have to learn it all on their own today. I encourage setting a small goal of getting comfortable with one new thing per full month of the school year. If you can work toward that goal, by the end of the school year you will have eight to ten new things in your teaching playbook. Learning to use Google Apps for Education is a good example of employing this “one thing per month” goal. And always remember this, even if you feel like the kids know more about the technology than you do, you are still the expert on teaching in your classroom.

9 Word Cloud Generators That Aren't Wordle. The use of word clouds in the classroom is a powerful way to really get through to visual learners.

9 Word Cloud Generators That Aren't Wordle

The details about the following nine word cloud generators will give you a fair idea how, as an educator, you can get the best out of them. A quick note: Wordle is quite easily the most popular word cloud generator out there. It’s free and easy to use. It does require Java though so Chrome users might have some trouble. Engaging Students with Social Game Mechanics. Flipped-Learning Toolkit. Thinking about flipping your classroom?

Flipped-Learning Toolkit

Flipped-Learning Toolkit: Let's Talk Tech. Editor's Note:This post was co-authored by Aaron Sams, Managing Director of and founding member of the Flipped Learning Network.

Flipped-Learning Toolkit: Let's Talk Tech

The greatest benefit of flipped learning is the restructuring of class time, which is more of a pedagogical solution than a technological solution. However, the in-class benefit is dependent upon the utilization of technology tools. So what technologies are necessary in a flipped classroom? Content Creation Tools One of the most difficult challenges for some teachers to overcome is the mastery of a content creation tool. Screencasting A popular software category for flipped learning is screencasting tools. Tablet Software. Features. Infographic: Technology maximizes Common Core success. As controversial as the Common Core State Standards are, they do provide a clear benefit: They present a prime opportunity for educators to bring their classrooms into the digital age. To date, 43 states have adopted the Common Core, which means the standards will apply to nearly 90,000 public schools, 2.3 million teachers and 46 million students.

Fortunately, as the infographic below shows, Common Core’s increased emphasis on the use of digital learning tools will help bring U.S. classrooms into the digital age, where their students already live. According to Project Tomorrow’s 2013 Speak Up survey, a majority of both middle and high school students have access to broadband in their homes, and even more have personal smartphones.

Students are comfortable using these tools, and educators can leverage that knowledge to get them engaged in school. That engagement also leads to increased achievement. How to Embed Remind (101) Messages Into Google Sites. On Saturday I shared directions for embedding Remind (formerly Remind 101) messages into a blog.

How to Embed Remind (101) Messages Into Google Sites

Today, I received a handful of emails from folks wanting to know if they could do the same with Google Sites. The answer to that question is yes. The procedure for embedding Remind messages into Google Sites is slightly different from the procedure for embedding messages into a blog. The procedure is outlined in the screenshots below (click the images to view them in full size). Step 1: Sign into your Remind account and select "my widgets" from the drop-down menu. Step 2: Select Google Sites from the "My widgets" menu. The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now) You've got every device under the sun in front of you.

The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now)

Now what apps are you going to use? Here are the apps or app categories that I recommend you test for your school. There are lots of apps, and these are just my opinion based on what I've used with my students or successfully tested. Formative Assessment Socrative: My all-time favorite app for formative assessment runs on everything. Screencasting and Capturing What Happens in Class. Video - How to Create Custom Columns on Padlet Walls. Edmodoquickstartguide. 33 Ed Tech Tools Demonstrated in One Playlist. 10 Charts Comparing Popular Ed Tech Tools.