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Very British – Scones to live by. May 9th, 2009 My first handshake with British cuisine has been anything but noteworthy, quite the opposite.

Very British – Scones to live by

My friend Bettina and I had talked our parents into sending us to Britain for several weeks, officially to ramp up our English language skills for school. But more than anything, we were looking forward to spending time abroad and feeling like grown ups. Provided with a litany of good advice and a few warnings we already sat on the plane to London, where we – after hitting ground – hopped onto a bus to Hastings with a bunch of teenagers. Once arrived we were sent to our families and we immediately liked the open-hearted couple and their two small kids.

When you are looking forward to your daily lunchbox sandwiches, which consisted of nothing more than two slices of white bread, a flimsy layer of cream cheese and exactly three thin slices of cucumber, you can probably imagine the cooking disaster situation at our host family. Scones with sultanas and cranberries 2,5 tbsp white sugar. How to Make Pancakes from Scratch - Homemade Pancake Recipe. Have you never cooked breakfast for children — or drunks?

How to Make Pancakes from Scratch - Homemade Pancake Recipe

Been a Boy Scout? Have you never had an attractive woman spend the night in your bed? There are few things an American man must know how to cook, but pancakes are one of them. The good news is they're easy — almost as easy from scratch as from a box mix. Here's how: Ingredients2 cups all-purpose flour2 ½ tsp baking powder½ tsp salt1 egg, beaten lightly1 ½ cups milk2 tbsp butter, melted Sift together first three ingredients (to prevent lumps).

How To Make The Best Pancakes From Scratch. Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes: strawberry almond breakfast cake. Gluten free baking is becoming more familiar to me - fun actually. once thought of as scary, not gonna go there territory, has now become a fun kitchen adventure full of new flavor, textures and methods. my recent loves are almond meal, coconut flour and polenta. just like vegan cooking & baking, gluten free vegan cooking & baking is amazing and not as hard as one would think. as some of you know from my last post, i had my dad over for breakfast on fathers day. still with ample strawberries on hand just begging to be used some sort of breakfast cake was called for. armed with homemade maple sugar, bright red berries, freshly ground almond meal and polenta, i was ready to tackle making the best breakfast cake my dad has ever eaten. halved and quartered strawberries are tossed with maple sugar my newest obsession has been 6" mini cake pans - they are awesome, allowing you to keep one cake for your self and give the other away. then layered in the bottom of 2- greased 6" mini cake pans assembly:

Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes: strawberry almond breakfast cake

Simple Sundays. Today’s post comes by way of a special request from a reader comment when I published my recipe for No Bake Lemon Curd Cheesecake Bars a few weeks ago.

Simple Sundays

When I made the bars, I used the convenient (yet divine) lemon curd from Trader Joe’s. However, we don’t all have a Trader Joe’s nearby, and the truth is, Lemon Curd is really very simple to make. Thanks to Stef the request! Lemon curd – I could eat it by the spoonful. I must confess, as simple as it is to make, I usually buy it. But, it really is so easy to make; store bought lemon curd isn’t exactly time saving. Simply put, lemon curd is a custard, but take a look at all the recipes in the books and online, and you will see that there can be quite a variation when it comes to the critical ingredient (other than the lemon, of course) and the methodology.

Have 15 minutes? Yield: Makes 1 cup. Raspberry breakfast bars. We had a decadent weekend in the North Carolina mountains, and I never wanted to come home.

raspberry breakfast bars

The air up there is so delicious and clean, I never realized how cautiously I inhale in New York City, not that you can blame me if you’ve ever gotten a curbside whiff on a humid summer day after a long holiday weekend with no trash pickup. But up there, everything is a delight. We hiked, we played with the sweetest Schnauzer there ever has been, we ate proper vinegar barbecue, the best peaches in the world (from South Carolina!)

And even hit some stores and a craft fair. And oh, how we cooked. Actually, it stole the show. I did, however, squeeze in a new recipe or two before the weekend, these Raspberry Breakfast Bars packed in a tin as a hostess gift. But I’d start with these. One year ago: Hoisin Barbecue Sauce [New!] Elsewhere: Forget the milk and cookies! Raspberry Crumb Breakfast Bars Adapted from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking I think you could easily swap the raspberries with blackberries. 15 Ways To Eat an Egg For Breakfast.