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Logic Supply - Leaders in Mini-ITX & Small Form Factor Solutions Free Shipping Logic Supply offers Free Economy Shipping within the United States on all online orders of $250 and above. If your purchase qualifies for Free Economy Shipping, you will see this option available at the time of checkout. We only offer Free Economy Shipping to orders shipped within the lower 48 states of the US (excludes Hawaii and Alaska). For Canadian and International customers, we have an Economy Shipping option available via USPS on certain products. For smaller components, this can help reduce overall shipping costs. For European customers, we have a website and store located in the EU at

AntiRebate Mister Cocktail 6 Tips To Help You Go Paperless On Android Smartphones are digital Swiss Army knives. Your Android phone can help you go paperless, replacing all those pieces of paper with a single device in your pocket and some cloud storage. The future is here — it’s possible to have that long-awaited paperless office today. Scan Receipts And Other Documents There are many different ways to scan receipts and other documents and add them to your phone and cloud storage, but Google Drive and Evernote are some of the most popular applications you may already be using. Use the Scan feature inside Google Drive to scan a physical document — open the menu, tap Add New, and tap Scan. If you’re an Evernote user, you can scan receipts and other physical documents and save them directly into your Evernote account to keep them organized. If you use another cloud storage service like Dropbox or a note-taking service like OneNote, check your service’s app for document-scanning features. Ditch The Notebook Go digital with your notes. Print To PDF

CRUCIAL Electronics quibida Dirty Martini recipe More comments Reinvent Dirty Martini posted by Mike Button @ 04:44AM, 2/09/07 Without knowing the historical background, I mixed this drink in 1968. Most of the time I omit the vermouth and replace that with olive juice. Definition & recipe I looked for posted by Iseult @ 09:41AM, 3/20/07 Ugh, sounds disgusting; not at all what I expected. Shaking gin posted by mixologist diva @ 09:38PM, 5/05/07 You should never shake gin.... Olive and Vodka posted by Jen @ 05:19PM, 5/29/07 Much better with ice cold vodka and lots of olive juice and olives. Dirty = covering up cheap liquor posted by junipero @ 03:41AM, 6/04/07 The purpose of a "dirty" martini is to cover up the stench of cheap liquor. Dirty Martinis posted by Aaron Burr @ 08:10PM, 6/16/07 Dirty martinis are one of the most complex and unique drinks. Additionally, dirty martinis are traditionally made with gin, not vodka. You should always shake gin posted by The Sophisticate's Diary @ 11:43AM, 7/06/07 Dirty=Good posted by malcom @ 03:59PM, 7/06/07

Hands-On With Sarvi Dock, A Sleek New Versatile Docking Solution Currently Seeking Funding On Kickstarter I've always loved accessories for my mobile gadgets, and docks are typically some of my favorites. But in a world packed with more docks than you can shake a stick at (I oftentimes shakes sticks at docks for whatever reason), it's difficult to find something new and compelling. In fact, the last dock I was truly impressed by was 2040's Arq Dock, a pretty versatile little dock in its own right. When I found out about the Sarvi dock - a sort of progression of the Arq Dock in a way (the guys from 2040 teamed up with the gents from Sarvi for this one) - I knew I needed to check it out. If you've used Arq dock (or even checked it out in any capacity), then you already get the idea behind Sarvi. One thing I think it does better than Arq is support the device. That brings me to my favorite feature of Sarvi: the landscape kit. Since Sarvi was designed in conjunction with 2040, you know what else it has?

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