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6 Tips To Help You Go Paperless On Android Smartphones are digital Swiss Army knives. Your Android phone can help you go paperless, replacing all those pieces of paper with a single device in your pocket and some cloud storage. The future is here — it’s possible to have that long-awaited paperless office today. Scan Receipts And Other Documents There are many different ways to scan receipts and other documents and add them to your phone and cloud storage, but Google Drive and Evernote are some of the most popular applications you may already be using. Use the Scan feature inside Google Drive to scan a physical document — open the menu, tap Add New, and tap Scan. If you’re an Evernote user, you can scan receipts and other physical documents and save them directly into your Evernote account to keep them organized. If you use another cloud storage service like Dropbox or a note-taking service like OneNote, check your service’s app for document-scanning features. Ditch The Notebook Go digital with your notes. Print To PDF

Hands-On With Sarvi Dock, A Sleek New Versatile Docking Solution Currently Seeking Funding On Kickstarter I've always loved accessories for my mobile gadgets, and docks are typically some of my favorites. But in a world packed with more docks than you can shake a stick at (I oftentimes shakes sticks at docks for whatever reason), it's difficult to find something new and compelling. In fact, the last dock I was truly impressed by was 2040's Arq Dock, a pretty versatile little dock in its own right. When I found out about the Sarvi dock - a sort of progression of the Arq Dock in a way (the guys from 2040 teamed up with the gents from Sarvi for this one) - I knew I needed to check it out. It puts a new twist on all the things I like about the Arq dock, and even brings a couple of features to the table that I always wished Arq had. Before we jump into the quick hands-on, here's a look at Sarvi's Kickstarter video: If you've used Arq dock (or even checked it out in any capacity), then you already get the idea behind Sarvi. One thing I think it does better than Arq is support the device.

Fast Transfer from Android to Macbook wirelessly | Baba AweSam We are living in a world where everything is becoming wireless with Megabit and Gigabit speeds. These days even Power is transferred to a Smartphone wirelessly via Qi charging. There are some things which are wireless but their speed is pathetically slow to be of much use these days. Is there any Faster Alternative to Bluetooth? Since we are limiting ourselves to Wireless, the best and the most common wireless technology for us is the WiFi. Since Wireless is a half duplex medium, an increase in the number of users will result in the decrease of speed for all users since all users will contend for the same medium.The strength of a Wireless signal decreases as the distance from the Access Point increases and hence the Transfer rate decreases. Is there any better replacement to Bluetooth? A new wireless standard has come which can take the place of Bluetooth while providing high transfer rates. Simulating Wifi Direct Requirements MacbookAndroid SmartphoneES File Explorer Settings on Macbook

Where are the Keyboard Dictionaries in #Android? | Views on Life I love the Froyo multiple languages keyboard feature! Its AWESOME, sliding a finger over the keyboard to change language .. Awesome! If your specific dictionary is in there. By opening /system/app/LatinIME.apk (as found in CyanogenMod), we find out that the dictionaries are in the .apk under the res directory. raw-de: 739Kraw-en: 822Kraw-es: 768Kraw-fr: 775Kraw-it: 688Kraw-sv: 911K Also, the custom words are saved in a database at /data/data/ Now, looking to add a dutch dictionary, I went looking in the AOSP. While searching (the interwebs and IRC) I also discovered that a lot of other people (Issue 1827: add dictionaries for other locales (or make it easier for users to do so) – Im d.gen… in that thread) were looking to add their language to the code tree and that some people had solved the problem by just rolling a custom LatinIME (Softkeyboard). . So.