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Now serving over 20 million bus customers in North America

Now serving over 20 million bus customers in North America
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24/7 Anal Stretching Ring MEO - MEO-TEAM - Clinical / Enema - - MEO makes you come Anal Stretching Rings : How long has this product been on our to-do list? More than 10 years! After much time, plenty of testing and many conversations with customers and friends, we have finally identified the shape and form that's just right for rim stretching and long-lasting anal opening/stretching. Material : We refused to compromise on the choice of material. So we decided on a high-grade aluminum alloy (the same material is used in medical and aeronautical technology) which is precision-formed into the desired anatomical shape using the computer-controlled (CNC) manufacturing method. Finish/Design : The highly-polished finish makes for easy anal insertion, while the special geometric shape ensures that it will stay securely in place (can't slide out or come loose). Specs : Made in Germany. Our opinion: The feeling of being so “exposed” and so “open” is simply indescribably hot. Dimensions/Sizes : Internal diameter -> Small external diameter -> Large external diameter -> Length

Literary Resources on the Net (Lynch) Literary Resources on the Net These pages are maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers — Newark. Comments and corrections are welcome. Search for a (single) word: Or choose one of the following categories: General Sources These sources are too important to be buried in my miscellaneous pages, and too miscellaneous to be put anywhere else. The Voice of the Shuttle Alan Liu's superb collection of electronic resources for the humanities. Calls for Papers A current list from the mailing list. About These Pages This set of pages is a collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding most single electronic texts, and is limited to collections of information useful to academics — I've excluded most poetry journals, for instance. This page is maintained by Jack Lynch.

Hostels Taipei Bus Station’s Digital Signage System Improves Accuracy and Speed of Delivering Passenger Information Collecting, organizing and communicating multiple types of transportation information to passengers requires a system that is well integrated and easy to manage. Customers expect to receive real-time updated information in multiple locations when traveling. To meet these needs, the Taipei Station Bus Terminal, as part of the Main Zone Station in Taipei, required a fully integrated, efficient and effective digital signage solution. ChallengesThe Taipei Main Station Zone in Taiwan is part of an urban development project that houses a new transportation hub consisting of the Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railway, MRT, Taipei city bus and inter-city bus transfer terminal. It also includes residential buildings, offices, a hotel, movie theaters and retail stores. The Taipei Bus Terminal has 30 ticket counters, 50 departure and arrival platforms, and a waiting area for more than 3,000 people. Chart: Content by Location Specific improvements include: Seamless Integration & Green Operations

100 Wonders of the World JADED MINX - STEAMPUNK GOGGLES - Gothic-Cyber Rave-Industrial-Goggles-Sunglasses-Shades-Eyewear JADEDMINX offers one of the largest, most comprehensive selections of affordable unisex goth, punk, cyber, rave and steampunk goggles anywhere. Along with cyberpunk goggles, urban, industrial, retro, rockabilly, funky and fashion goggles and sunglasses, including Burning Man goggles and masks. We also carry a large assortment of biker, riding and motorcycle goggles and eye wear. And a large assortment of aviator, military, law enforcement, assault and authentic S.W.A.T. goggles. We have a large assortment of colors, shapes, styles and finishes, in a wide range of both frame and lens colors, made from a variety of materials. All of our eyewear has shatterproof UV-400 lenses and our goggles also have adjustable elastic straps. We also offer several styles of 'over-sized' goggles that fit over prescription glasses.

Spring Theme Here’s a green leaf, And here’s a green leaf. That you see makes two. Here is a bud that makes a flower, Watch it bloom for you! Buttercups and daisies, Oh, the pretty flowers; Coming ‘ere the springtime, To tell of sunny hours. Spring is coming, spring is coming, Birdies, build your nest; Weave together straw and feather, Doing each your best. Butterflies are flying. Raindrops are falling. Do you see a sign of spring, A sign of spring, a sign of spring? Let’s Be Windmills - sung to "If I were a Lassie" Oh I wish I were a windmill, a windmill, a windmill. Sunflower Song - sung to "I'm a Little Teapot" Children will begin in a bent over position and will point to body as the stem and then hold hands out to side to demonstrate petals. I'm a little sunflower bright and yellow Here is my stem and here are my petals. Spring Song Oh,...I looked out the window and what did I see, Popcorn popping on the apricot tree. I'm a Little Daisy - sung to the tune of "I'm a little Tea Pot"

浪雪Michelle 当年在新东方,教过一个学生。 那时我还在上大学,论文、申请研究生院、教课打工,许多件事凑在一起,人难免有点暴虐,碰到和自己不同的言论,总忍不住反驳。 这个学生上初二,男孩子,清秀文静,家境很好。每次上课是他妈妈来接送,端庄优雅的女人。 他说,以后我要去美国上学,我要上哈佛。 一个初二的孩子知道国内的大学什么样? 我说好呀,如果你想去美国读本科,你知道自己现在要准备什么吗? 他支吾起来,说家里高中就会把他送出去,直接可以上哈佛。 放在现在,我一笑就过去了,关我什么事? 30号在遗体告别仪式上,我看过他的遗像,程式化地与他家人握过手,就匆匆离开了。 看到他父母与哥哥时,我本来想说几句话,又觉得自己不应该在此时打乱仪式的节奏。 今天的八宝山来了那么多人,有你哲学院的同学,有话剧社的朋友,有低你几届的学弟学妹。 你的导师说,虽然你们从未正式讨论过,但是他知道,你会继续攻读他的博士生,因为你那样的天赋和执着,就该一直读下去。 时隔七年,我早已放弃了最初的愿望,在某处为稻粱谋;你走得比我艰难,却从未迟疑半步。 在告别大厅外等候时,我的脑海中一直闪现着2007年四中毕业典礼的画面。 我的气球上写了太多愿望,最后已经没有地方了。 若说贫穷的少年们有什么值得羡慕,那就是一切可能都有机会。 司仪依次念了你在北大导演或参演过的所有戏剧。 我知道,在你们心目中,小雪雪一直是个中弹了都会一口白酒喷上去的铁血汉子。 妆前:从2010年在新东方教课起一直在用的碧柔,就是因为控油能力实在太强了! 去XX国学院那天中午,已经进入摄制组调研的末尾阶段,每个人都疲倦不堪。 4月-5月 与李淑霸占老板的办公室赶论文,间或做答辩预算。 5月15日 答辩。 中场休息时,老板对狐獴说,政法大学要她,她都不去,一定要去蝴蝶台。 5月17日 临时被苏菲叫去参加北科大某个班的春游活动,上大巴前终于接到了蝴蝶台的确认电话。 5月20日 宜婚嫁。 5月21日 对少爷坦白,我不留了。 5、6月的交界 住在学校编年,失眠问题愈发严重,吃安眠药睡过后,白天总觉得自己在做梦。 VI月IV日 吴姐姐说,每十二三年是一个人生周期。 读过的学校:安中,四中,人大,图大 获得的技能:篆刻,古筝,书法(只会隶书,只能骗外行),四角号码输入法,采访和播新闻,扛摄像机,爵士舞 供稿过的杂志社:快乐青春,今古传奇,南风,花溪,一家我不记得名字只记得他们给我打了八百多块稿费的无名小杂志