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HODINKEE - Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories

HODINKEE - Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories

Los retos del diseño industrial en la actualidad Los retos del diseño industrial en la actualidad Bogotá D.C. , ago. 06 de 2009 - Agencia de Noticias UN– Ante la complejidad del contexto actual, en el que la sostenibilidad es la única alternativa para pensar en un futuro posible, uno de los retos del diseño industrial es transformar los modelos actuales de producción y consumo. Ese fue uno de los planteamientos presentados por Jaime Pardo Gibson, profesor asociado de la Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño de la Universidad Javeriana, durante su conferencia sobre el para qué del diseño industrial en Colombia que se realizó recientemente en la UN en Bogotá. Con la ponencia de Pardo iniciaron oficialmente las actividades académicas en la Escuela de Diseño, y se marcó el comienzo de una serie de conferencias, conversatorios y charlas que buscan dar soporte teórico al quehacer de los diseñadores, según manifestó Paulo Romero, director de la Escuela de Diseño. (Por: Fin/vmm/feb)

Dyer & Jenkins: Premium American-Made Denim & Knitwear Q and Answer: What Men’s Watch Should I Wear? Q and Answer: What Men’s Watch Should I Wear? Trevor asks: Can you outline what kind of watches are appropriate for what occasions? Surely everything comes down to preference and style, but are there certain combinations that should be avoided? Is there a minimum set of watches a man should own? Do I need to match my watch with my belt buckle with my shoe buckle? We don’t claim to be watch experts - we leave that to our pals at Hodinkee - but we do know enough to give you the basics. Time keeping is at best a secondary purpose in a wristwatch. So: what are those values? Let’s start with your questions. Some watches are more formal than others. Less formal watches, like less formal clothing, tend to reflect sporting roots. What watches you should own is really determined by your lifestyle and personal preferences. One is a gold Longines from the 50s, with a small case, white face and black band. I also own an automatic Junghans Max Bill, as pictured above. So what watches do we recommend?

Humanscale | Michael McCoy Humanscale Horizon Light designed by Peter Stathis and Michael McCoy UpperShoes - Chaussures luxe : Chaussures Church's, Crockett And Jones, Santoni, John Lobb, Edward Green, Gérard Séné, N.D.C, Pierre Corthay, Santoni Put This On Celebrates Ferdinand Alexander Porsche’s Life - Porsche Drive USA | view and share articles, news, images, videos, events PlayPause Porsche Celebrates Ferdinand Alexander Porsche’s Life Today we learned of the loss of one ... Today we learned of the loss of one of Porsche's great founding fathers — Ferdinand Alexander “Butzi” Porsche. The creator of the iconic Porsche 911, founder of Porsche Design, and Honorary President of the Supervisory Board died today in Salzburg at the age of 76. Butzi Porsche, or “F.A. With the Porsche 911, Butzi produced a sports car icon whose timeless and classical form survives to this very day in what is now the seventh generation. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche will be buried in the family grave at Schüttgut in Zell am See, Austria. Please join us as we celebrate the life and legacy of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

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