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T-Shirt Printing & Personalised T-Shirts

T-Shirt Printing & Personalised T-Shirts

am. - Page 1 of 77 Ever wanted eyelash extensions, but wished someone else would try them for you first?!? Well, I teamed up with MTV Style to do some very serious, very hard hitting investigative reporting on eyelash extensions, so feel free to learn from my emotional journey. This video was insanely fun to make and I’d like to give a huge thank you to MTV Style for not making me do a tutorial! If you’re watching the last shot and thinking, “Hmm, Anna looks totally out of it and has big circles under her eyes,” you are totally on point and I had the same thought! Read the whole article HERE, and look for more videos coming soon!

We Sell T-shirts by the e-Shore — Good Things from Great Webcomics We Are Become Pals is a new book by Joey Comeau and Jess Fink. It’s the story of two awesome teenage girls, Jane and Helen, and their friendship and exploits. Much of it was published on Tumblr, and is now printed in this handsome hardcover edition. We recently asked Joey and Jess a few questions about the book, their friendship, and what makes teenagers so fun to write. TopatoCo: How did you two come to work together on this project? Joey Comeau: I approached Jess at TCAF with the idea of working together on a book about friendship! Jess Fink: I have been a fan of Joey’s writing for a long time, so basically there was no way I could say no when he asked me. TC: Both of you have work that involves teenagers, whether your own young self or fictionalized troublemakers. JF:I think you’ve got a lot of nervous energy when you are a teen. JC: Haha, it’s true. JF: Joey, will you be my friend?? JC: Jess, of course! TC: Joey, what influenced your decision to make the protagonists teenage girls?

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