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Digital Microscopes - Optical Microscopes - Laser Scanning Microscopes Microscope Introduction Videos NEW Watch a Quick Demo of Our Microscopes Latest Information Topics Download the most recent brochures and technical guides on our latest microscope products. KEYENCE Microscopes Wickedly Beautiful Disney Villain Perfume Bottles [Pics Artist Ruby Spark inspired herself from various Disney villains to design these absolutely beautiful perfume bottles. Unfortunately, these are not real products, but they need to be! If you’re reading this from the front page, be sure to hit the “read more” link below for some close-ups of each bottle! [Ruby Spark | Via FG]

Magnetic Thinking Putty: Bouncing Putty infused with magnetic properties Thinking putty with mind-blowing magnetic properties Overview: Magnetic Thinking Putty takes regular "silly" putty and turns its awesomeness up to 11. New Robot Armor Leggings from MITMUNK! [Pics Back in April, I wrote about these chainmail leggings by Vancouver, Canada-based seller MITMUNK. Now, they have robot/mecha-inspired leggings and OMGIWANTTHEM. Human Urine There are commercial and household products that will help you pass the test. Some people are objecting to commercial products because they "are just trying to cash in on the War on Drugs." They also charge high prices and water alone tends to work for most. Also, be aware that Texas outlawed products with the sole purpose of creating negative results on urine tests.

Lord of the Rings Tarot Card Art [Pictures While the veracity of a tarot card reading is debatable, there’s no denying that this LotR card art is amazing. Designed by Russian artist SceithAilm, these cards bring an old-world style of Tolkein art together with the faces of the movies’ casts. There are 14 at present, but that’s short of a full tarot deck, so cross your fingers for more in the future.

Stainless Steel Beer Mug: 15 oz capacity with large handle Keep your beer frosty with this 15 oz insulated mug. Overview: Keep your beer cold and frosty with the Stainless Steel Beer Mug. The vacuum-sealed, double-walled vessel keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot. A large handle, 15 oz capacity, and an attractive brushed exterior make the Stainless Steel Beer Mug your perfect beer delivery device.

How to make synthetic dreads 14 March 2011 To start with, there are double ended and single ended dreads. Each person has their preference for wearing/making and some people may combine them. Toasted Selfies One Face Per Slice - We have stopped making multiple faces on one slice of toast. Our success ratio with multiply faces is just too low. Tips for a best quality: The Crystal People Crystal Shop online store (Christchurch and Wellington) Acclaimed international psychic Sue Nicholson presents this beautifully designed deck of oracle cards for guidance and insight into your every day life issues and goals. Through the seven distinct colour groups, which correspond to the chakra energy centres in your body, these unique oracle cards take you on a journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and spiritual development. Working with the cards regularly creates a basis for inner healing and outward clarity. There are 49 cards in seven distinct colour groups, each group focusing on a relevant area or life phase.

BuckyBalls: Amazing Rare-Earth Magnetic Desktoy Super-strong magnetic desktoy with hundreds of uses. This product is not currently available for purchase. Overview: It's a desktoy. It's a stress reliever. It's a super-strong magnet.

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