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Single Malt Club of Scotland Stocking a Home Bar « Putney Farm As we continue our exploration of cocktails, we are often asked “how do you get started at home and what should we buy”. We certainly have our opinions and we will share them, but there are no perfect answers (opinions, comments, disagreements and even outrage are welcome, feel free to share your thoughts!). But here is how we would get started: “Short and sweet” version of the home bar. Here is the “short and sweet” version: Get a bottle of dry gin, a bottle of light rum and a bottle of whiskey (we like rye, but bourbon or Canadian whiskey are good). But what if you want to take it up a notch? Spirits: Dry Gin: All sorts of good options here, but stalwarts like Tanqueray, Brokers, Gordon’s and Beefeater are all under $20. Fortified Wines and Liqueurs: Vermouth: Sweet vermouth from Martini and Rossi and Dry vermouth from Noilly-Prat are under $10 and work well for Martinis and Manhattans. Flavorings: Bitters: A classic cocktail isn’t really a “cocktail” without bitters. Gear: Like this:

About Us | Topo Designs Growing up in the mountains of the West we’ve been using gear from our earliest memories. We are fishers, hunters, ski instructors, hikers, climbers, bikers, travelers, and through it all we’ve searched for gear that really works – as well as satisfies the styles that we’re attracted to. Never satisfied with the standard fare, we sought out ski gear from France, bags from Japan, all the while honing our tastes and growing a seed of desire to create something ourselves. Topo began well before it began, in discussions, sharing ideas, and just the desire to have quality products that were in our heads rather than the ones we saw in stores. At Topo Designs we talk a lot about how things are made and why, about the value of creating versus consuming, and how to work with that tension. Topo bags are all made in a LEED certified building in Colorado, USA with an amazing view of the Rockies.

GRAND MACNISH Scotch Whisky Blend 70cl 40° C'est en 1863 que Robert Mac Nish a pris la décision de créer un whisky qui serait conforme au plus sensible des palais, afin de pouvoir le vendre en dehors de son pays d'origine (Ecosse) .Il employé ses sens en goûtant et flairant des échantillons pour choisir et évaluer les qualités de différents malts. Il a réussit à produire une formule, en utilisant plus de quarante whiskies différents pour obtenir le poids, la saveur et la sève qu'il avait cherché, tout en maintenant la saveur et le bouquet caractéristiques du malt écossais. or à reflets orangés. onctueux, équilibré, épices puis réglisse et fruits rouges. fine, fruitée, puissante, épices douces. longue, douce, florale et poivrée. 40 Singles Malts différents provenants des Highland et Speyside ont servi à l'élaboration de ce whisky. Le produit est en stock.

Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France Case for iPhone 5/5S by Pad&Quill | Luxury Pocket Book “In short, this case will easily outlast the iPhone... probably by many years." - Charlie S., How do you raise the bar to meet finely discriminating tastes? How do you create a cover whose leather patina finish tells your story with every use? You introduce our gorgeous American full grain bag leathers, combine with very intricate french hemmed seams and a protective hand finished wood cradle. The Luxury Pocket Book for iPhone beautifully protects your favorite device, yet leaves plenty of space for cash and credit cards. Standard Features: Fits the iPhone 5 and 5SAmazingly as thin as our Little Pocket Book30 Day Money Back/25 Year Leather Warranty. Dimensions5.25" x 2.75" x .55"

problématique raids pâtisseries Hommes / Richelieu Noir fr / en / ru Agrandir l'image Agrandir l'image Agrandir l'image Agrandir l'image Agrandir l'image Richelieu Noir Richelieu 100% cuir fabriqué à la main, en France, à Cholet. Montage BlakeVeau pleine fleur noir des tanneries du PuyPlastron et bandes perforés veau pleine fleur noirBout fleuriDoublure noire en cuir de veauSemelle microcellulaire Pointures du 41 au 45 - Livraison & retour offerts Conseil: Prendre votre taille habituelle Guide des pointures / Guide d'entretien pour chaussures en cuir Wishlist Veuillez choisir une pointure Veuillez choisir la couleur des lacets Soins et accessoires conseillés: : « left Kit entretien cuir(+ 45.00 €) Pommadier 1925 incolore(+ 15.00 €) Chamoisette en coton pur(+ 2.00 €) Brosse à reluire(+ 16.00 €) Baume nappa Saphir(+ 17.00 €) right » Voir tous les accessoires

Whisky Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Étiquettes de whiskies écossais distribués par Gordon&McPhail Étymologie[modifier | modifier le code] Le mot anglais whisky ou whiskey vient du celtique uisge en gaélique écossais ou de uisce en gaélique irlandais. Histoire[modifier | modifier le code] « L'histoire du whisky reste voilée dans les brumes de l'aube celtique. » — Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart Au XIIe siècle, les soldats anglais qui envahissent l'Irlande découvrent la boisson alcoolisée qui semble alors jouir d'une popularité notable auprès de la population locale. La première trace de whisky en Écosse remonte à 1494. La distillation devient légale en Écosse avec l'Excise Act de 1823, de par les efforts du cinquième duc de Gordon. Les améliorations techniques favorisent la production industrielle : en 1826, on invente en Irlande le système de distillation en continu de l’alcool de grain, c’est l’alambic à colonne (patent ou column still). Les catégories[modifier | modifier le code]

The Food Lab: How to Grill a Steak, a Complete Guide It's time for another round of The Food Lab. Got a suggestion for an upcoming topic? Email Kenji here, and he'll do his best to answer your queries in a future post. Become a fan of The Food Lab on Facebook or follow it on Twitter for play-by-plays on future kitchen tests and recipe experiments. [Photographs: J. Want to know how to grill a steak? At home, on the other hand, consistency and quality are important, but speed? Summer's here, I've got a brand new balcony to grill on, and a fridge full of beef,* so now seems like as good a time as any to re-examine some of the things we know (or think we know) about grilling beef. *For those of you wondering, the beef is all from Pat LaFrieda and Double R Ranch, who we're working with on a series of giveaways and recipe posts. We all know where we want to go. Ready to dive in? This is a long one, so if you want the quick pay-off, here are the 11 tips we're going to discuss: For those of you who want more details, here we go: False.