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Where Should I Search? It Depends! Short Description: The Value of Free and Deep Web Resources (aka Google vs. Databases) Additional Instructor Resources (e.g. in-class activities, worksheets, scaffolding applications, supplemental modules, further readings, etc Ben's Phaster Online Encyclopedia Reference Desk This virtual educational reference search guide (biography, dictionary, encyclopedia, Quran - English Translation, thesaurus, world records, etc.) was designed to break through the information overload of the Web. If you cannot find an answer here try 24/7 Reference a new service that lets you ask questions and get answers, in real time, right here on the Internet, from live reference staff. Health professionals and consumers can use MEDLINEplus for accurate, current, medical information. The highly regarded Mayo Clinic provides very comprehensive and accessible medical information, but the site currently lacks interactive tools (such as message boards). For a second online medical opinion and interactive tools try AllHealth dot com. For individuals on holiday, there are always some basic travel medicine issues.

Classroom Tips for Teaching Vocabulary with Keyword Searches When I’m searching for an answer to a question – big or small – I often head over to Google. If the first search term I type in doesn’t send me in the direction I was hoping, I head back to the top of the screen and try typing in something different. Now we often do this without thinking; it’s become a natural way we navigate online spaces. But these simple steps involve a set of problem-solving and vocabulary skills that students need in order to successfully navigate the digital world. Vocabulary instruction is sometimes an isolated event in classrooms. As an elementary school teacher, I definitely introduced word lists and spelling tests with vocabulary unrelated to the topics we explored in different parts of the school day.

A proposito delle Licenze Our public copyright licenses incorporate a unique and innovative “three-layer” design. Each license begins as a traditional legal tool, in the kind of language and text formats that most lawyers know and love. We call this the Legal Code layer of each license. The New School Library Without question, the Internet has changed the way we think and learn, and will continue to do so as our technology evolves. In particular, the ability to access enormous amounts of information at any time from almost any place is forcing schools to redefine the idea of a classroom and the way we approach teaching. It is also reshaping the notion of school library services — what libraries look like and how they and librarians best serve schools. Increasingly, we hear the questions: “Are libraries necessary today? Isn’t everything on the Internet?

*Google: On knowing where to start We all search Google. But I am not sure if we’re always sure of the most effective place to begin our Google searches. The basic and familiar search box may not be the only one and it may not be the smartest place to begin. Among the Google options are Books, Images, News, Newspapers and Scholar. Most all of Google’s search types have their own similarly useful post-search filters, as well as their very own contextually difference Advanced Search Screens. Google Books: IMHO, Google Books is overlooked by far too many researchers, far too many educators, and far too many students. The Invisible Web Why is part of the Web Invisible? Recent estimates support the notion that a relatively small fraction of the information available on the Web is accessible through search engines. Furthermore, many search engines return irrelevant results. Databases typically disclose their contents only in response to a query. For databases accessible through the Web this means that their contents are ephemeral parts of the Web only being disclosed through a query.

5 Tips for Creating Infographics with Students Do you use infographics in your classroom? Student readers should be able to gather information from infographics. Student creators should be able to make one. In this blog post, I’ll share five tips for creating infographics with students, along with a few places to find examples. You’ll also hear about a tool you can use in your classroom to help students make infographics this school year. An infographic presents information in a visual format.

Choose a License This work is licensed under the Creative Commons LICENSE_NAME License. To view a copy of this license, visit LICENSE_URL. We are currently testing a new version of the License Chooser. Please consider using the Chooser beta, and leave us feedback on how we can improve. Creative Commons is a non-profit organization. Supporting inquiry learning in kura kaupapa Māori Āria matua — key concept An āria matua / key concept connects the ākonga to why the topic is important to learn about. For example: 'Mena kāhore tātou e ako ana ki te hangarua ka kīkī haere ngā wāhi rāpihi.' Mahi whakarite — pre-teaching In order for ākonga to engage and ask questions about a kaupapa, they first need some basic knowledge about it.

How Google autocomplete works in Search Why inappropriate predictions happen We have systems in place designed to automatically catch inappropriate predictions and not show them. However, we process billions of searches per day, which in turn means we show many billions of predictions each day. Our systems aren’t perfect, and inappropriate predictions can get through. A Helpful Guide to Search Engines, Top Page A Helpful Guide To Web Search Engines Tips on using internet search sites like Google, alltheweb, and Yahoo. The Spider's Apprentice, Spidap, is not another search engine. Our purpose is to help you understand and use search engines.

‎Canva: Graphic Design & Video on the App Store Canva makes design amazingly simple (and fun)! Create stunning designs with your photos and videos—even if you’re not a design expert! Whether you need an Instagram story, logo maker, or birthday invitation—create all these graphic design needs and more on Canva. Available on your iPhone, iPad, and computer so you can jump back into your design anytime, anywhere. HOW TO USE CANVA1. Start from scratch or a ready-to-use designCreate a design with our blank canvas, or save time when you use any of our 60,000 FREE templates created by professional designers.