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The 10 Tools of Online Oppressors - Reports SAN FRANCISCO In reporting news from the world’s most troubled nations, journalists have made a seismic shift this year in their reliance on the Internet and other digital tools. Blogging, video sharing, text messaging, and live-streaming from cellphones brought images of popular unrest from the central square of Cairo and the main boulevard of Tunis to the rest of the world. In Other Languages • Español • Português • Français • Русский • العربية • Multimedia • Audio Report: Offenders and TacticsIn Print • Download the pdfMore on This Issue • CPJ Internet Channel: Danny O'Brien's blog • Blogging in Egypt: Virtual network, virtual oppression • Burmese exile news site endures hacking, DDoS attacks Yet the technology used to report the news has been matched in many ways by the tools used to suppress information. In two nations we cite, Egypt and Tunisia, the regimes have changed, but their successors have not categorically broken with past repressive practices. Key country: Iran — Australia’s #1 news site Newslookup Multimedia and Photos The Internet map NBC News - Breaking News & Top Stories - Latest World, US & Local News DailyEarth International Newspaper Archives More and more digitized archives for historical newspapers from around the world are coming online. A large number are available for free, covering a broad swath world history, from the 1600s to modern times. Vintage newspaper archives from all over the globe are highlighted on this page (other than US and Europe archives, which are on other pages). Headlines, articles, display ads, broadsides, classifieds, sports scores, financials, the rise and fall of empires…all there for the taking. News Flash! European Newspaper Archives (see separate page) U.S. Canadian Newspaper Archives Canadian newspapers and the Second World War. British Columbia, Canada newspaper archives, from 1926 on, courtesy of the Terrace, BC library. The British Colonist, British Columbia, 1859-1860. More British Columbia, Canada papers from the Prince George newspaper project, covering 1909-1976, with more anticipated. Toronto Star, covers the past century. Manitoba, Canada Newspaper Archives, 1859-present.

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