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Picks the Top 10 Photos of 2011 We’re in the business of making icons. From immortal covers to probing profiles to our annual Person of the Year, TIME has always shaped the first draft of history with the personalities and moments that mattered most. We get iconic. But 2011 has been a year of iconoclasm: powerful orthodoxies were challenged, notorious villains slain and dictators came crashing down. Infographic: How The Poor Spend Their Money Vs. The Middle Class The rich get richer. It’s one of those old mantras that’s tough to really calculate. After all, didn’t everyone’s 401k tank in the last few years? BREAKTHROUGH: Feisty startup slashes chip power by 50% High performance access to file storage An impressively staffed startup by the name of SuVolta has teamed up with Japanese heavyweight Fujitsu Semiconductor to create a new chip-baking technique that promises low-power, inexpensive chips created in a highly scalable process and manufactured using equipment that's already ready in chip foundries. Yes, that description is a bit of a mouthful – but that's the breadth of promise offered by SuVolta's "deeply depleted channel" (DDC) CMOS transistor tech, as presented on Wednesday by a Fujitsu researcher at the 2011 International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) currently underway in Washington DC. If DDC works as advertised – and from the deep-dive details and test results provided to The Reg by SuVolta's director of device and modeling Lucian Shifren, we have no reason to think that it shouldn't – it could revolutionize how low-power system-on-chip (SoC) silicon is created.

A Carefully Selected List of Recommended Tools on Datavisualization When I meet with people and talk about our work, I get asked a lot what technology we use to create interactive and dynamic data visualizations. At Interactive Things, we have a set of preferred libraries, applications and services that we use regularly in our work. We will select the most fitting tool for the job depending on the requirements of the project. Sometimes a really simple tool is all you need to create something meaningful. The 25 most difficult questions If you are one of those executive types unhappy at your present post and embarking on a New Year's resolution to find a new one, here's a helping hand. The job interview is considered to be the most critical aspect of every expedition that brings you face-to- face with the future boss. One must prepare for it with the same tenacity and quickness as one does for a fencing tournament or a chess match. This article has been excerpted from "PARTING COMPANY: How to Survive the Loss of a Job and Find Another Successfully" by William J.

GraphNews The GraphNews project (beta released) has been developed as a new visualization and browsing feature of the Libero WebNews service, part of the Libero portal, one of the major Italian Internet Service providers. Libero WebNews, developed from Arianna Team, allows a fast visualization of the news published on the Web from more than 1.100 journalistic sources online. GraphNews analyzes the content of the news articles processed in Libero WebNews, with the goal of highlighting the main subjects, i.e. the people, the products, the localities, the societies, the institutions, etc., and extracts the relations that elapse between them. Fonts Buffalo Velo Serif Yorklyn Stencil Three fonts, three size ranges, $75 Spencerian