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The Difference Between ABS and PLA for 3D Printing This entry was posted on January 27, 2013 by Luke Chilson. You've got a 3D Printer, or you're looking to buy a 3D Printer and each one seems to indicate it prints in either ABS, PLA, or both. So you find yourself wanting to know, what is the difference between ABS and PLA. Some Common Ground There are many materials that are being explored for 3D Printing, however you will find that the two dominant plastics are ABS and PLA. Now while there are many thermoplastics, very few of them are currently used for 3D Printing. To pass all three tests, a material's properties must lend desirably to first, it's formation into the raw 3D Printer feedstock called Plastic Filament; second, process well during 3D Printing giving visually pleasing and physically accurate parts; and lastly, it's properties should match the intended application, whether that be strength, durability, gloss, you name it. Storage Smell ABS - While printing ABS, there is often a notable smell of hot plastic. Part Accuracy

Alternatiba » Alternatiba - le village des alternatives L’imprimante 3D, ce gadget qui change le monde Imprimante 3D de la marque Makerbot Le salon des techniques de l'information et de la communication (Cebit) se déroule cette semaine à Hanovre en mettant à l'honneur l'économie du partage. On entend beaucoup parler de l'émergence de cette économie, mais ce partage croissant de connaissances, de ressources, de contacts, d'échanges ou d'emprunt d'objets peut-il changer le monde ? Quels sont les nouveaux espaces d'innovation ? Sont-ils portés par l'ambition de bâtir un monde plus viable ? Bienvenue dans l'industrie du bricolage Dans Makers, la nouvelle révolution industrielle, l'américain Chris Anderson estime que l'impression 3D et la multiplication des possibilités données à chacun de bidouiller par lui-même et en réseau, de manière libre et ouverte, dessinent les contours d'un nouveau modèle économique de fabrication. Oui mais voilà : quand on y regarde de plus près, il est important de distinguer les vecteurs de cette révolution annoncée. Une impression pas nette En plastique...

i.materialise 3D printing service blog Are you looking for a specific model; but can’t find the right size? Dave Cowden, a mechanical engineer with a passion for 3D printing, came up with the solution: Parametric Parts . An interview! What’s your background? David : «I was educated as a Mechanical Engineer, but I’ve always enjoyed ‘making things’. I moved into the IT industry about 15 years ago, and managed an e-commerce team for 10 years during the dot-com boom. Why did you start Parametric Parts? Can you tell us a little bit more about it? «Designers can create models that yield an unlimited number of possibilities, and users can finally get what they want without endless searching.» How will it help designers? How easy is it to use? Right now there are 14 models; how many models do you want to put online in time? Do you make these models? Can you give an example how and why designers would want to customize these models? Who can use your web based app?

Printed Solid – Helping you make the future, one layer at a time. » colorFabb woodfill filament People who have experience in 3D Printing and other kinds of polymer processing will tell you that not all materials are the same. PLA from one source is not the same as PLA from another. Material, environment, and process conditions all make a big difference in the end product. That’s true for all filaments, but it’s even more significant with wood filaments. colorFabb woodfill is a new type of wood filament for 3D printing. The filament and printed object have good mechanical properties. Check out our testing of this material here. colorFabb has provided excellent informational resources for this material including profiles for Cura and Makerware here. Here is a video review from one of our favorite YouTubers:

Openmoko Gemmyo invente la création en 3 D de bijoux de luxe en ligne lance sur Facebook 3 affiches décalées et provocatrices pour jouer sur les susceptibilités... C'est une belle histoire d'innovation née, le 1erjuin 2011, de la demande en mariage du couple fondateur de Gemmyo, qui aura lieu... samedi prochain. Ne trouvant pas chaussure à leur pied Place Vendôme, Pauline Laigneau (en photo), fille d'entrepreneurs diplômée de HEC et Charif Debs, conseiller en stratégie revenu des Etats-Unis avec un MBA (Harvard), décident de créer leur maison de joaillerie en ligne. Pauline Laigneau C'est un coup de coeur pour quelques business angels VIP : David Maruani (l'ex-DG de Gérard Darel), Justin Ziegler et François Rousseau (PriceMinister)... La start-up a lancé une campagne dans le métro Gemmyo Date de création : 2011Président : Charif DebsDirectrice générale : Pauline LaigneauMontant : 3,1 millions d'eurosEffectif : 10 personnesSecteur : joaillerie

3D Printing News and Trends wood TED's Ten « Textiles Environment Design The TEN → sign up Kids and 3D Printers A technology center in Wahpeton, North Dakota, USA, now offers students the use of a 3D printer. We're quite certain this isn't the only school doing so, but we suspect a trend is beginning. In fact, it isn't the only one. offer cutting edge design and technology to its students As more and more schools expose students to 3D printing, we will soon see a wave of young adults entering business who are quite familiar with the concept of 3D printing. Via Norwich Evening News and Wahpeton Daily News

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