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FPVsystems - Online FPV Store

My QuaXCopter Project. Hi Everyone. I've been working on my Quadrotor project for one year. My last attempt was not good enough to fly. The control board worked well, but... i had problem with the frame. The frame was not enough rigid to absorb the mechanical vibrations coming from the motors. Some months later, I decided to give the project another try, with new changes on the control board and definitely on the frame "the frame will be smaller". Stellaris Cortex-M3 microcontroller (LM3S5749).IMU sensor 9DOF sensor stick.Wireless communication via Bluetooth or RF, (Bluetooth module UART and NRF24L01 module SPI).Temperature Sensor.Sonar Sensor.USB connection. I would like to show you some pics of the control board: The rest of this month and the next one, I will work it on the firmware development. Would accept any suggestion or recommendations. Regards.

FPV flying - RC FPV UAV equipment MultiWii additional HOWTO overview 4: MultiWii release descriptions This post just combines the release descriptions of the last revisions. Release version 1.9 1.8 -> 1.9 - some factorizations between PPM sum receiver code & standard receiver code EXPERIMENTAL: integration of direct SBUS receiver thanks to the contribution of Captain IxI & Zaggo For this, you must use: - a MEGA board - the RX1 of the Serial 1 port - have a way to invert the input signal. more info here: EXPERIMENTAL: integration of SPEKTRUM satellite receiver thanks to the contribution of Danal Estes For this, you must use: - a MEGA board - the RX1 of the Serial 1 port It could be used also on ProMini board with some restrictions (exclusive GUI or Spektrum use) more info here: EXPERIMENTAL: integration of direct Serial RX, to command the multi from a Bluetooth+phone Signal for instance. thanks to Luis - many optimizations to reduce loop cycle - all in one FC: Quote:

autopilot: Do it yourself UAV Building a palm size quad-copter & Introducing a new simple flight controller Build the frame: I cut the aluminum tubes down to 10" long. I guess I can cut it shorter, but let's see how this go. One arm is now cut by half. The two half's are joined together with the other uncut arm to form a cross. They are then hot glued and screwed to 2 pieces of hobby ply wood (1/16" thick) And the finished frame: Drill holes that fit the motor mount & cut the two arms that would be the front and the back of the quads. The cut is necessary so that I can tilt the front and back motors. Tilting mechanism I found some aluminum tubes (also at local hobby shop). I use a heat gun to heat both the tubes and then I put some hot glue into the tubes, and then the round tubes are pressed inside. I tilt both of them about 8 degrees. The hot glue can be then melt with a heat gun so that I can twist to adjust the tilting angle. Install motors & ESC's 4 ESCs Power distribution I cut two pieces of copper clad PCB.

Bental Motion Systems - Products - MicroBAT 275 Company Profile Ownership Certifications Social Accountability תנאי רכש כלליים Define your own products Motors Alternators Servo Actuators Blowers & Dust scavengers Spindles In house Technologies Proven Capabilities Technical Bulletin News Events Global Contacts Deutsch Home page > Products Printable version MicroBAT 275 2010 © All Rights Reserved. created by Heavy-Duty Quadrocopter - Imperial College Robotics Society Wiki From Imperial College Robotics Society Wiki Imperial College Robotics Society ( ICRS ) is a student-led university club aiming to increase robotics interest at Imperial College London and across the UK. We run workshops, competitions and lectures to teach about robotics, electronics and software as well as providing help (financial and technical) to students looking to start a robotics project. Our club was founded in November 2009, and since then we have entered a few student teams into the Eurobot competition, built 2 RepRap 3D printers and created a quadracopter with a fully 3D-printed chassis. ICRS is always looking for new members that want to learn about robotics or create cool projects. Projects For a full list of ICRS's projects, or to propose your own, please visit our projects page . ICRS-ARM Robotics Workshop 2012 ARM ran a fantastic Robotics Workshop at Imperial on the 7th of March! ARM Robotics Workshop ICRS Megabyte Talks Robotics Courses About ICRS

3D Printed Quadrocopter - Imperial College Robotics Society Wiki From Imperial College Robotics Society Wiki Note: this has now been superseded by the Quadcopter v2 ! Our quadrocopter is totally custom with a chassis which was printed on our RepRap Mendel . The development process was particularly quick with just 2 weeks between conception and its maiden flight! Current Status Broken frame - waiting for design of 3D Printed Quadrocopter V2.0 Tuning the PID loops Getting a stable oscillation with only P gain. Using two screws at the center of gravity to allow free rotation. The PID loop after first round of tuning. Microcontroller ARM mbed - Accelerometer Note, this accelerometer has too low resolution for this type of application, and will be replaced. Gyro Guide to hacking Wii Motion plus RF Transceiver

Chiindii - Chiindii Paparazzi arducopter - Arduino-based autopilot for mulitrotor craft, from quadcopters to traditional helis The DIY Drones development team is proud to bring you the ultimate open source quadcopter and helicopter UAV! ArduCopter's autopilot is based on APM 2, the most sophisticated IMU-based open source autopilot on the market. It provides full UAV functionality, with scripted waypoints, Ground Station and more. Advanced GCS Waypoints! See the Wiki manual linked above for full details and instructions. Sample video: GPS position and altitude hold See some other ArduCopter videos here! Order ArduCopter kits and parts here or buy them ready-to-fly here. ArduCopter Platform Feature List