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RC Quadrotor Helicopter

RC Quadrotor Helicopter
This project is a RC quadrotor helicopter (quadrocopter, quadcopter, quadricopter, etc). It's a RC helicopter that uses 4 rotors. Watch it in 720p You need some pre-requisite skills: How to use Arduino, enough to get started Soldering, wiring, basic electronic skills Basic hand tool operation A quadrotor helicopter flies with 4 spinning propellers on a + shaped frame. When one rotor spins faster than the rotor on the opposing side, the faster side will have more lift, and thus the helicopter will tilt. The propellers also need to be in counter-rotating pairs, two spin clockwise and two spin counter-clockwise. We will be building a flight controller circuit that contains an accelerometer and gyroscope sensor so that a microcontroller can detect undesired changes in the helicopter's angle, and adjust each rotor's speed accordingly to counter the variation. The flight controller is a completely open source circuit. This helicopter will use four brushless motors. Summary of Downloads:

Andrew Davison: Robotics Course I teach the Robotics Course in the Department of Computing, attended by third years and MSc students. This is a one term course which focuses on mobile robotics, and aims to cover the main issues in this dynamic field via lectures and a large practical element where students work in groups and implement robotics ideas using the Lego Mindstorms NXT kits and, new for 2014, the Raspberry Pi single board computer and Python using BrickPi interface boards. The course always finishes with a competition where the groups compete to build and program the robot which can most effectively achieve a certain challenge against the clock. See the bottom of this page for pictures and videos from previous years' competitions. Thank you to Duncan White, Geoff Bruce and other colleagues from the department's Computing Support Group, and to teaching fellow Maria Valera-Espina, who have helped hugely in the transition to the Raspberry Pi-based platform in 2014. Spring 2014 Lecture Plan Additional Handouts

RUG/Sweden Projektet är härmed igång och vi har som mål att bygga och förbättra en Mendel alternativt Rapman. Målet är att studera designmässiga förbättringar av en extruder. Frågan är: -Kan en Reprap fås att skriva så exakt och med så många materialvariationer att den blir 100% Reprap? Vi som uttalar målet är tre bröder i Malmö. Location RepRap Map link. Time 7pm Tuesday every other week, starting with the second Tuesday in January. The forum is the official mailing list! local First Robotics Competition local RoboOne and Robot hobby group. (keywords: your town, artist-run center, artbot, barcamp, dorkbot, experimental media, ham radio, linux, arduino, blender, circuit bending, RC aircraft, rocketry, cnc, etc.) Local/Nearest FabLab? CNC Group Meetups on or otherwise Local/Nearest FabLab or Techshop, Community College with a Machine Shop that people can use? [] Kullager

SimonK sim-/tgy Abbeel's Robotics and Control Course University of California at BerkeleyDept of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (3 units) Announcements new 11/20/2008 Project write-ups will be due on December 11. 11/12/2008 PS3: was missing the file ps3_vi_GS.m, I reposted a new which includes it. 11/04/2008 Reminder: project milestone #2 is due on Sunday November 9. Problem sets Lectures Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00-12:30, 405 Soda People Instructor Pieter Abbeel Office: Soda 721 Office hours: Tuesdays 12:30 - 2:30, and by appointment Email: Course description This is an advanced course in learning for robotics and control. Prerequisites Familiarity with mathematical proofs, machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimization, probability, algorithms, linear algebra; ability to implement algorithmic ideas in code (C/C++ and matlab). Grading Open-ended final project Problem sets Scribing lectures Final project The final projects are open-ended projects. Homework policy Syllabus (subject to substantial change!)

Funktioner | 5-axis CNC hobby Allmänna funderingar CNC maskinbygget är en hobby i sig själv, men det jag vill åstadkomma är en maskin som klarar många olika operationer så att en enda maskin duger till många olika hobbyaktiviteter. Den erfarenhet som jag har fått från mitt första cnc-bygge är att även om jag har byggt en maskin som inte är tillräckligt stabil för annat än plast så är det ändå möjligt att fräsa i aluminium och verktygsstål om man har små krav på bearbetningshastighet. Denna första maskin har enkla trapetsgängade ledskruvar med hemtillverkade muttrar av POM. Muttrarna är brotchade med hjälp av en bit av trapetsskruven som har svarvats konisk och givits tänder genom att den har slitsats med en vanlig bågfil. I denna maskin har jag även gjort försök med automatiserade verktygsbyten som jag har för avsikt att vidareutveckla till nästa maskin. En fjäderbelastad spännhylsa greppar ett 8mm cylindriskt verktygsfäste. Jag har nu kommit fram till realiseringen av vridlederna.

Quadcopter Build for Noobs All - I have been following various threads on here for the last month or so and have been inspired to attempt my first RC build, a quadcopter. I will attempt to catalog the build as I go so that other inexperienced builders will have something to reference. Before I get started, many thanks to Old Man Mike (OMM), S11D336B, Signguy, Reverendrichie, Jesolins, and others for their informative threads and builds. A quadrotor, also called a quadrotor helicopter, is an aircraft that is lifted and propelled by four rotors. Many resources are available to prospective quadcopter builders. It is my understanding that the QuadPowered guys will soon be releasing detailed build instructions in the Docs section of the QuadPowered website. Quadrocopter and Tricopter Info Mega Link Index My Build: The following is a list that I have compiled of parts that I intend to use for the build. Part Choices: Frame

Google I/O 2011: Cloud Robotics, ROS for Java and Android Yesterday at Google I/O, developers at Google and Willow Garage announced a new rosjava library that is the first pure-Java implementation of ROS. This new library was developed at Google with the goal of enabling advanced Android apps for robotics. The library, tools, and hardware that come with Android devices are well-suited for robotics. Smartphones and tablets are sophisticated computation devices with useful sensors and great user-interaction capabilities. Android devices can also be extended with additional sensor and actuators thanks to the Open Accessory and Android @ Home APIs that were announced at Google I/O, The new rosjava is currently in alpha release mode and is still under active development, so there will be changes to the API moving forward. This announcement was part of a broader talk on Cloud Robotics, which was given by Ryan Hickman and Damon Kohler of Google, as well Ken Conley and Brian Gerkey of Willow Garage.

Tekniksidan :: Läser ämne - Tillverka egna profesionella kretskort Hittade ett enkelt sätt att tillverka egna kretskort med professionellt resultat. Man behöver följande: Ett layoutprogram för elektronik, jag använder mig av DesignSpark PCB. En svartvit laserskrivare. Glättat papper av den typ som en del reklam består av. Så här gör man: Designa kretsen med hjälp av layoutprogrammet. Så här blev mitt kretskort innan etsning: Eggshell Robotics Comic: If I was a robot Don't know the origin, unfortunately. If you know, whom to credit, please leave a comment, thanks! [via] Tags: humor, comic, living-with-robots Mar_31:2009 .020200 Comments(0) New Rescue Robot with a special "step"design This rescue robot has an really interesting design. [via] Tags: living-with-robots, rescue, urban, research, design, form Mar_29:2009 .020200 Comments(0) Bodily Human Robot Interaction A cool idea of interaction with robots had researchers from the Brown University Robotics Group. Tags: gesture, interaction, recognition, usa, living-with-robots, art Mar_18:2009 .020200 Comments(0) Kacey Wong: Homeless Urban Shelter Robot Robots as urban artifacts - a topic, that was made popular in culture by Futurama-robot Bender. It is a "classic tin-robot" made of wood, that you can unfold into an urban bed or small place, to make the inhabitation of the street a lot more convenient. [via] Current research into robotic development Well, well, well. [via] [via] [via]

Make PCBs at home with magazine paper and your laser printer How to make PCBs at home in 1 hour & W I T H O U T special materials What you need You need also: a blade cutter, scotch tape, sandpaper, kitchen paper, cotton wool, vice, hacksaw. How it works Laser printers and photocopiers use plastic toner, not ink, to draw images. Finding the right paper The perfect paper should be: glossy, thin, and cheap. Paper preparation I discard pages heavily printed, preferring pages with normal-size text on white background. Printer setup Laser printers are not designed for handling thin, cheap paper, so we must help them feeding the sheets manually instead of using the paper tray. Printing Disclaimer: your laser printer is not designed to handle this kind of paper. This is my PC thermometer circuit printed on IEN magazine paper. How to cut raw material PCB material is fibreglass like, and a trick to cut it effortlessly is to score a groove with a blade cutter or a glass cutter. Cleaning the board for transfer Preparing for transfer Iron it! Peeling The hanger tool .

Dr. Joanne Pransky World's First Robotic Psychiatrist Stepper Motor Driver v3.3 by makerbot Microstepping for great justice These new stepper drivers are capable of doing 1/8 stepping which means that instead of jerking from one position to the next, the stepper motor will gradually move between them. This results in lower vibrations, lower noise, and better precision. Highly configurable and tunable While this driver works great out of the box, we've added a bunch of configuration options to this board if you want to get into the nitty gritty of stepper driver operation. High power output The chip we're using is capable of handling up to 2.8A per phase, so you can easily control motors up to NEMA23 size.