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Get Organized in 2015 with 15 Free Printables - Simply Stacie. “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” ~ Benjamin Franklin It feels so good to be organized which is why I have a few more organizing projects on the go for the new year. For instance, I plan to organize my pantry, bedroom closet, crafts supplies and start meal planning. I think that should be a good start and keep me busy for a little while. One way to help you get organized is with printables. . ©[broker] I’ve rounded up a list of helpful (free) printables that you can use as a starting point for whatever area of your life you need to organize. I won’t be printing these out all at once because I think that will overwhelm me (and my printer ink). Free printables Archives | Dawn Nicole Designs. Organize Your Personal Files Simply Fabulous Living. If you’re new to the site, WELCOME and thanks so much for stopping by! The Weekend Organizer is a series of projects that I post on Thursdays.

These projects are small and easy to accomplish over a weekend. They also relate to each particular month’s organizing topic. Paper organization can be an overwhelming issue. So today, we’re going to tackle the paper clutter of our Personal Reference Files with a simple strategy that is sure to get them fabulously organized! Personal Reference Files are hard copy files that we can refer to for important–and sometimes vital– information related to major aspects of our lives.

Before we go into detail, I just want to say that this is just one way to do this, not the ONLY way to organize personal files. Let’s talk STRATEGY. 1. {BEFORE organizing the files} Get a tablet of paper and a pen and do an assessment of your files. Here’s a few images of how I divided my files into MAIN subjects and sub-files. I did, until I discovered Pinterest. One more thing. 10 DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas. Η κουζίνα είναι ένας χώρος που περνάμε αρκετή ώρα. Ας την οργανώσουμε όμορφα και έξυπνα με μοναδικά πράγματα που θα δώσουν άλλο αέρα στο χώρο μας. Οργανώνουμε τα ντουλάπια τις κουζίνα! Βάλτε τα όσπρια, άλευρα, μακαρόνια, ρύζια και ότι άλλο έχετε σε γυάλινα βάζα και αν θέλετε ονομάστε τα. Οργανώνουμε τις ξύλινες κουτάλες και λοιπά εργαλεία Βάλτε σε ένα ωραίο δοχείο τις ξύλινες κουτάλες και τον πλάστη. Μια παλιά κανάτα θα ήταν μια υπέροχη λύση για να τα βάλουμε. organization rolling pins and wooden spoons Οργανώνουμε τις σακούλες για τα σκουπίδια. Ανακυκλώστε ένα μεταλλικό κουτί και φτιάξτε κάτι έξυπνο ή αν σας αρέσει η ραπτική, όπως και σε μένα ράψτε μια ''θήκη'' Οργανώνουμε την κατάψυξή μας βάζοντας ταμπελάκια.

Τώρα δεν θα ξεχνάμε πότε έχουμε βάλει κάτι στην κατάψυξη Οργανώνουμε τις συνταγές μαγειρικής Φτιάχνουμε ένα βιβλίο μαγειρικής και συγκεντρώνουμε εκεί όποια συνταγή μας αρέσει. Τις συνταγές μπορούμε να τις γράψουμε σε συγκεκριμένες κάρτες που μπορούμε να τις κατεβάσουμε δωρεάν Happy crafting! Amazing Pantry Makeover from A Little of This, A Little of That {contributor} Hi! I'm Sarah from A Little of This, A Little of That. As the name of my blog suggests, there is a little of everything going on over there. I love to decorate, DIY, sew, craft and cook! I'm a momma to three beautiful children. I blog about my latest projects, so I hope you'll stop by some time and get your creative juices flowing. I've known Ginger for a long time, and am so honored to be a contributor on her blog today!

One thing has been lurking-and driving me nuts. Our scary pantry. This is the scary before picture. Brace yourself! I could never find anything. Here are a few {easy} things I did to spruce it up! First, take everything out. To add some interest to my plain old walls, I decided to wallpaper! It's "peel and stick" and "repositionable". It really was just like a giant sticker. Cut it to size, and stick it on! It was SO easy to install. It only took about 30 minutes to get these prettied-up walls. I was loving the look of it. Here is my after picture. The left side view: So. Spices. Organizing Made Fun. 34 Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your Entire Life. Creative Storage Solutions - Megan Brooke Handmade. I live in a teeny tiny apartment. It has plenty of space for little ole me, but when it comes to storage, it’s a little sparce. I’ve mentioned before that I might be a borderline hoarder.

I have a ton of stuff, I’ll be the first to admit. Most of the excess stuff that I don’t need on a daily basis I’m storing at my fiance’s house, but there are some things I needed to store at my place that I would need to use every now and then. I do have a decent amount of kitchen cabinet space, but I also had a lot of kitchen items. Instead of using a normal table as my coffee table in my living space, I had this chest I got from Target a few years ago that I decided to use.

And here’s why. Inside of it there is a ton of storage space. For those of you, like me, who live in small spaces, creative storage is essential. Obviously if you were renting you couldn’t build this out. {Source} This is a clever way to create some storage on your shelves while also making them look pretty. {Source} {Design Sponge} The Less Mess Project: Pantry Reveal! Well, I’ve spent the last week painting, stenciling, and organizing my pantry and I have to admit…it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Not because it was particularly fun to do, but because the results make life so much easier. Seriously, if I had known how much less stressed having an organized pantry would make me feel I would have done it years ago. So, here it is…my organized masterpiece. As a reminder as to how horribly disorganized I am, the before shot… Now it makes me smile just to look in there. So much better, right? So as a quick recap of the last post… The hardest part of this makeover was taking the rack off the back of the door and finding a place for all that stuff. Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Below that we have more baking supplies in Tupperware canisters (that I’ve had forever). The clear canisters are OXO POP Canisters. They’re not the cheapest thing ever, but they’re the nicest canisters I found by far. Next shelf down we have rice, beans, etc and cereals. Household Essentials Slim Line 3-Tier Metal Storage Cart, White - Kitchen Storage Carts. The Organised Housewife : Ideas for organising, decluttering and cleaning your home. 30 Organization Tips, Tricks and Ideas That Will Make You Go Ah-ha! - Beautifully BellaFaith. 10 DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas.

Organizing Homelife | Operation Organization : Professional Organizer Peachtree City, GA. 31 Days to a More Organized Home & Mind. Happy 2014 friends!! This is where I should post the obligatory dressed-to-the-nines and looking fine photo. However I somehow forgot to snap a picture of me wearing my jammies, downing pizza and watching ESPN before I went to bed at 11. (Did you hear that?! I made it to 11- WHOOP!). Ah, pregnancy. Whether it was a good night’s rest or the shiny, clean slate that comes with a new year, I’m so ready to tackle 2014. After searching pinterest for over an hour looking for the perfect month-long plan, I decided the only way to tackle all of my personal needs was to create my own. So, here it is- my 31 days of tasks that will tackle all my organizational needs, declutter my home and provide me the peace of mind I seek.

If anyone out there would like to follow along, please do! January 1: Put away all Christmas decorations. January 2: Clean out purse and diaper bag. January 3: Clean out master closet. January 4: Clean out the fridge. January 5: Clean out the freezer. January 13: Clean out desk. 52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home.