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The Organised Housewife » Tips, ideas, inspiration and motivation to help keep you and your household clean and organised

The Organised Housewife » Tips, ideas, inspiration and motivation to help keep you and your household clean and organised

April Featured Space: Living Room - Tucked Away Toys Anyone with little one's can tell you, that toy's can quickly overtake any space in the house! I find that to be especially true, not only with three young little boys of my own, but also with a daycare business to boot! However, too many toys in a space will quickly make it appear to be much smaller than it is, and feel like crazy commotion and clutter! Enter these amazing beauties: I discovered this amazing piece of furniture awhile back when I was looking for an easy yet stylish way to conceal loads of miscellaneous toys that continued to creep into the living space. They tuck oh so perfectly under a console table in front of our large picture window! But back to why these are so amazing. Plus, the ottomans are lined inside, making sure the toys get a good night's sleep {or protecting the insides from nicks, wear and tear}! When I did a post on our happy play zone, I mentioned that I sorted ALL the toys in the house into groups to corral in bins.

The $120 Food Challenge | $120 – A Week of Family Meals – It Can Be Done I'm an Organizing Junkie Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia Reader Space: A Thoughtful Pantry Seen enough organized pantries yet? Me either. It's a sickness I tell you. I. Another fantastic gal that I have met through the blissful blog world, Courtney, runs a blog that always has a variety of goodness. And although I check it daily because I adore everything she shares, I may be a little partial to the organizing posts, which she always does incredibly well. She recently shared her pantry project and I couldn't wait to share it with you! First, lets just take a moment to gaze at her beautiful kitchen.... sigh. Courtney doesn't have a large pantry {it's next to the fridge closest to the edge of the photo, only the bottom portion is used}, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her photos. "Installing this hanging system on the door made the biggest difference. Here is a list of items that I added to help me get organized and make the best use of my space: I spent about $45 above what I already had. I have a little bit of a theory about a small pantry. Hello!? Now it's your turn!

About Us Lime Tree Kids was formed by Shelley Mason in 2011 to bring to parents a hand-picked, exclusive collection of tried-and-tested toys and products for kids and mums, that all had real meaning behind their use. Not just big, shiny and LOUD toys! In 2007, when Shelley travelled with her husband, Dave to bring home their son, Sam from Taiwan, she discovered he really needed time spent learning to be loved. He had a series of very special needs that required him to slowly learn to trust and develop relationships along with severe hyperactivity and hyper-arousal. Lime Tree Kids has evolved since its beginning in February 2011 into a carefully chosen, exclusive collection of Unique , Stylish and Fun items. Our toys and products are for children with special needs and those whose needs are special! Our Vision We want to make parenting easier for you by providing options of outstanding quality and "a little different" something to add joy, fun and laughter to your life as a parent. Happy Shopping!