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IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: DIY Canvas Color-Blocked Totes. Sewing has never been one of my strongest skills, but I am always wanting and willing to learn more.

IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: DIY Canvas Color-Blocked Totes

I have sewed basic curtain panels and attempted a few pillow covers, but what I would really love to learn is how to make organizational supplies. You all know I love custom organizers far more than anything I could purchase off of the shelf; it is wonderful when you can select your exact size, shape and even colors/patterns for your storage. So while I am not at a point with my sewing skills to be sharing detailed tutorials on whipping up an amazing organizer, I do have some very skilled contributors to help me out!

#love With that, today I am thrilled welcome Megan back, as she is bringing us a fantastic tote making tutorial. She blogs at The Homes I Have Made, where she details her quest in turning rentals into colorful and functional homes. When it comes to an organized home, you really can’t have too many bins, baskets, totes, and containers to corral everything! IHeart Organizing: Organizing Apps. I have been a pen and paper girl for my entire life.

IHeart Organizing: Organizing Apps

In high-school, I realized my joy for note taking, list making, calendar planning, journaling and letter writing. That continued on through my corporate career and into my days at home as a mom and shop owner/blogger. And although I don't see that changing until the day my old frail hands can no longer hold a pen... I do know that I should be doing a better job taking advantage of the technology we have available to us, and find ways to simplify some of our day-to-day tasks/routines with the help of my phone.

I found it very interesting that when I reached out to my amazing team of contributing writers, so many of them stated the same thing. I am thrilled to start some discussion here about how using smartphone apps can help us stay organized in a variety of ways; whether it be by saving time, money or even sanity. IHeart Organizing: Pinterest Hunt. Good Morning Lovely Readers and welcome everyone to Day ONE of The Great Pinterest Hunt...

IHeart Organizing: Pinterest Hunt

The Great Pinterest Hunt /// Day ONE Giveaway We are starting the event off with a bang with our favorite storage solution... The Original ScrapBox WorkBox!! Think that the 'Transformers' are only for kids? Then you've never seen The WorkBox. The Great Pinterest Hunt /// Day ONE Hunt So here's how the HUNT is going to work. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Day TWO of The Great Pinterest Hunt!! IHeart Organizing: Quick Tip.

I was recently going through my daily routine and thinking about the things that help me out the most on a daily basis.

IHeart Organizing: Quick Tip

Not necessarily anything ground breaking, but things that we use every day that also makes our lives feel a bit easier and run a bit smoother. IHeart Organizing: Reader Space. I can't believe how much fun I had taking over four different areas of our home and life during the last month.

IHeart Organizing: Reader Space

I have to admit, it was nice to take a small kitchen break and shift my focus back to organizing and home management. Taking the time to work on the areas that had fallen by the wayside was refreshing and invigorating, and the results of my efforts are being celebrated on a daily basis. And when I say "being celebrated", I mean not only smiling each time I get into the car or walk into my closet space, but I also mean by eating oodles of homemade strawberry ice cream. IHeart Organizing: Reader Raid. I am all about finding eye candy and inspiration anywhere I can find it.

IHeart Organizing: Reader Raid

Magazines, blogs, Pinterest, store displays, hotels and restaurants, nature.... it is all around us. But the most common place I find inspiration, is through visiting the homes of friends and family. IHeart Organizing: July Featured Space: Bathroom - Weekend Update Part 3. When we left off with my recent main bathroom weekend update, I left you with a glimpse of the end product: Well... something wasn't quite right.

IHeart Organizing: July Featured Space: Bathroom - Weekend Update Part 3

I didn't heart the art. I just didn't. It wasn't functional. IHeart Organizing: Reader Space: Did You Get the Memo? {Part Deux} A few weeks back I did a post regarding our current memo station: I also mentioned that filing memo related items, doesn't always have to be costly: And then, I begged for you guys to send in some memo board ideas going on in your own abodes.

IHeart Organizing: Reader Space: Did You Get the Memo? {Part Deux}

And imagine my shock when I got two submissions that VERY DAY! I about fell over when I opened the emails... IHeart Organizing: You Asked: Basket Case. I recently received an email from a reader, and I thought it was perfect since the question about where I get specific storage has come up quite a few times in the past: Hello, I just have to say I found your blog through and you are amazing!

IHeart Organizing: You Asked: Basket Case

I absolutely love your house! It is just adorable! IHeart Organizing: Fresh Face at Fresh Home Blog - Tool Caddy Organization. Remember when I shared my glee for being featured in Fresh Home Magazine as one of their "Fresh Faces"?

IHeart Organizing: Fresh Face at Fresh Home Blog - Tool Caddy Organization

Well, life got a little sweeter when they asked me to hop on board as a Fresh Home Blog "Fresh Face" contributor! So now, when you pop over to their blog, you may see a little somethin' somethin' written by yours truly, and if not, well, there is all sorts of other greatness always going on, and wonderful stories and projects from the other very talented contributors.

Today is my first post over on their blog. IHeart Organizing: Our Storage Spaces: Diving In to the Storage Room! I am going to do my best to condense the first eight hours of project storage room, into a single post. Wish me luck. Last week I shared that I have some storage spaces that I need to take care of; the utility room, under the stairs and the garage.

All not so fun in my book, but thorns in my side and spaces that cause unnecessary stresses. I have addressed all of these spaces in the past, but I haven't done it correctly, and they end up falling back into stash-and-dash rooms. So what makes this time different? The first thing I realized is that none of the spaces we are using are given direction or clearly defined. By defining what we want in each area, it allows us to sort correctly right off the bat. One look at the utility room, and I can come up with a huge list of reasons why it has been failing us for the past two years. Clearly that huge door in front of shelves has been causing us a lot of problems. IHeart Organizing: Our Storage Spaces: Storage Room Paint Organization. I have been so overwhelmed with the excitement and encouragement you all are throwing my way, as I tackle our storage areas.

You are the best readers a gal could ask for, and knowing that you are supporting me as I take on our biggest problem areas yet, keeps me inspired and motivated to keep at it with a giant smile on my face. It's been over a week since we shared our last update on the space, and a week later, I can honestly say we haven't made a lot of progress, although, that doesn't mean that time hasn't been invested and that we still aren't happy dancing about what we have gotten done. Our lower level living area still looks similar to the last update, mountains of miscellaneous items everywhere we turn, however, we have done two really impactful things: IHeart Organizing: DIY Storage Cabinet. Well! It took much longer than I planned (which is typically the case with our DIY projects), but now it is done and I am excited to proclaim, "We built a cabinet!

" A little over a year ago we tackled our storage room and I organized all of my painting supplies on some open wooden shelves. I loved the outcome, but ultimately decided that certain stains, cleaners and spray paints would be better off stored in a location further away from the furnace and water heater. And if I were going to move some, I thought, better to keep everything together and just move it all. Since taking everything out of the storage room, my paint supplies have been hanging out in limbo. I had been keeping my eyes out for some sort of cabinet, but nothing that was the right size, color, shape or style was hitting my budget.

Some of my paint supplies are pretty (jars of colorful paint), while others are less sightly (cans of stain). Below is the plan we came up for to accommodate the doors we purchased: IHeart Organizing: Our Storage Room is FINALLY Organized! I am sighing one of the biggest organizational sighs of relief that I have sighed in a very long time. Earlier this afternoon, I finally stuck the last label on the last bin in our storage room.

On one hand, this was one of my least favorite projects. IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: A Home Office to Admire. As you have already heard and learned, this month is Home Office month here at IHeart Organizing. And if you are needed a little boost of inspiration, boy do I have that! Ashley from 7th House on the Left is here today to share her super organized, stylish, functional and happy work place. Swoon worthy doesn't even scratch the fabulous surface! Since this month’s Organization Challenge is the home office, I thought I'd show you around my office space. Well, part of it anyway since my office is still a work in progress. I'm not an avid scrapbooker or crafter - so I didn't have a bunch of glue, ribbon and stickers to store.

Let's jump right in and start with the big guy the lives on the right side of my office window... IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Scraptastic Paper Storage. My darling, scrapbook loving friend, Sarah, is back today with another edition of being an organized crafter. IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: File This Project Away To Do Someday! More proof coming your way today, that organizing doesn't have to be expensive to be stylish! The lovely Chelsea, from Two Twenty One is here today to show us how she took a standard blah filing cabinet and made it a major "Wow" factor that looks like a bajillion bucks!

Here she is now... IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Creative and Unexpected Craft Storage. Do you love to craft and DIY? IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: A Tool-Tastic Solution. Amazing how inspiration can strike at any moment. Contributor Sarah had that happen to her while shopping one day. IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: A Laundry Cupboard to Covet. OK class. IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: A Sweet Little Sewing Station. My very sweet sewing friend just created a very sweet sewing station. Palak, from Make It Handmade, is here today to share how you don't need a large space for it to be fab and functional. I am over the moon for her smart storage solutions, and how her new happy corner turned out. Hello, IHeart Readers! IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Creatively Colorful Office Styling.

Today is another great example of when a little excitement paired with color creates a beautifully organized and styled space. Say hello to Megan of Honey We're Home. IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: 5 Simple Sewing Projects To Organize Your Home. You all know that I am doing what I can to get acclimated with our sewing machine, which is why I invited my friend Palak from Make It Handmade to be part of the IHeart contributing team.

Not only does it save money to sew your own home accessories {pillows and curtain panels anyone?} , but why not go a step further and save on storage as well? So many great organizing options can be created with the help of some fabric and a sewing machine. Here is Palak now to share some of her favorites from around the web. IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Crafty Font Organization. Whether you are creating a digital file or a scrapbook page, fonts are a huge piece of any design process. IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Making a Mark on Key Organization. The fabulous duo behind DIY Playbook are back today to share a super sweet and simple project that anyone can do. I love that we are all so different when it comes to our lifestyles and our homes, yet today's topic is probably something majority of us have in common.

Keys. Whether you only carry a few or a whole slew, Bridget & Casey are here to share how you can create the most fabulous set of keys around. One of the things we truly love about reading IHeart Organizing, is the fact that Jen doesn't just show you amazing ways to organize your space. She always takes things to the next level... and makes them look stylish and cute too! IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Making a Mark on Key Organization.

IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: A Handy Craft Station. IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Shut the Craft Door. IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: A Darling DIY Rope Basket. IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: DIY Canvas Color-Blocked Totes. IHeart Organizing: Great Crate Pantry Storage. DIY Lined Rope Basket. Paper Sorting Organizer. Under Laundry Room sink. Easiest Pegboard Project. Cereal Box Drawer Dividers. Ring Jewelry Organizer. Master Bedroom Refresh. Crafty DIY Projects. Stylish Storage Boxes. IHeart Organizing.