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Kostenlos als Clickworker registrieren und online Geld verdienen

Kostenlos als Clickworker registrieren und online Geld verdienen
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Crowdsourcing + Smartsheet = Smartsourcing Crowdsourcing + Smartsheet = Smartsourcing Smartsheet is the only online software collaboration tool that makes it possible to connect to an on-demand workforce. We make it easy for you to get work done with co-workers, clients, and vendors so it made sense to us to take it to the next step – we make it easy for you to get work done with a global workforce that’s always available. Smartsheet utilizes Amazon's Mechanical Turk on-demand workforce for the crowd labor behind the Smartsourcing feature. For a detailed overview of the paid crowdsourcing industry, check out the Paid Crowdsourcing Research Report, or listen to the in-depth conversation on the future of Paid Crowdsourcing and Cloud Labor from our webinar featuring Jeff Howe. Writers' Guidelines for Coffee Break for Writers Thank you for your interest in writing for Coffee Break for Writers. We provide content for new and experienced writers around the globe. Before sending your ideas or submissions, we ask that you read and follow our writers' guidelines, as well as study the current content on our website. We're seeking unique articles (500-1,000 words) about the writing or publishing industry. Photo-taking tips for writers who submit photos with their articles for additional payment. Payment for accepted articles will be made within 30 days after publication. When including your bio at the end of the article, please keep it under 50 words and include a maximum of two links to your book(s) or a writing-related website or blog. Coffee Break for Writers buys one-time rights and will publish your article on this website for a minimum of one year. Feel free to submit query letters, outlines or complete manuscripts. Send your query, outline or submission to Mrs.

Getting the Most from Your Crowdsourcing Initiative By: David | September 23, 2010 When running a crowdsourcing contest, which strategy makes the most sense? Entry with most votes wins Select winner from top N (e.g. 20) most popular entries Pick the winner from what you like most, regardless of crowd feedback Perhaps the best way to answer this question is, “It depends.” For purposes of the analysis below, I’ll refer to the recent Enterprise 2.0 Conference Call for Papers. I generally think the best approach is this: In this model, the crowdsourcing ends with selection by experts. Each of the elements offers its own value, which is important for both sponsoring organization and participants to understand. Crowdsourced Submissions The opening phase is to get the ideas, proposals, content, ads, etc. Several factors relate to getting meaningful value from this process: Targeted community. This self-identification is an important point, and one that sometimes gets overlooked. Actionable outcomes. Motivation. Here’s a spectrum of motivators: Rules.

Content Divas – Shelby Larson and Heather Sneed Crowdsourcing Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Il crowdsourcing (da crowd, "folla", e outsourcing, "esternalizzazione di una parte delle proprie attività"[1]) è un modello di business nel quale un’azienda o un’istituzione affida la progettazione, la realizzazione o lo sviluppo di un progetto, oggetto o idea ad un insieme indefinito di persone non organizzate precedentemente. Questo processo viene favorito dagli strumenti che mette a disposizione il web. Solitamente il meccanismo delle open call viene reso disponibile attraverso dei portali presenti sulla rete internet. Ad esempio, al pubblico può essere richiesto di sviluppare nuove tecnologie, portare avanti un’attività di progettazione, definire o sviluppare un algoritmo, o aiutare a registrare, sistematizzare o analizzare grandi quantità di dati[2]. Il crowdsourcing inizialmente si basava sul lavoro di volontari ed appassionati, che dedicavano il loro tempo libero a creare contenuti e risolvere problemi. Origini[modifica | modifica sorgente]

The Petting Zu: Your First Three Leaves Once you've graduated from the Petting Zu, you'll get some nice perks. The biggest perk is that all of your outgoing links will become dofollow links. If your account is in the Petting Zu, that means all of your links are nofollow links. What on Earth does that mean? Those familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) might be familiar with dofollow and nofollow links. There are other perks, too. What else? You'll get a badge on your profile page for this accomplishment. We encourage you to stop by the forums and introduce yourself, if you haven't already. Note: You'll only be able to post in the forums after you graduate. Photo by John McStravick. Crowdsourcing: 5 Reasons It's Not Just For Startups Any More Next-generation enterprises looking to drive efficiency and innovation have recently been able to tap into online communities to offload work. For the first time since outsourcing became prevalent in the 90s -- making it easier to move tasks out to partners that could do something better or more cheaply than you could -- businesses now have a new, potent, and often far cheaper option thanks to the Web. Frequently referred to as crowdsourcing, and a darling of the Web 2.0 industry, it has recently come of age as the tools and marketplaces for on-demand work capacity on the network have expanded far beyond the early volunteer communities that originally proved out the concepts. These pioneers, which include the world of open source software and online services such as YouTube and Threadless, get most of their value from a large group of people or community through the simple use of an open invitation. Related: Crowdsourcing is one of 18 key topics for IT and business leaders this year.

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Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding - The Industry Website Get Paid to Write Tutorials April 9, 2013 · 102 Comments The Official Get Paid to Write Page Calling all technical writers! We are offering $50 per tutorial written. These tutorials will be featured in the community section of our website and we will credit the author who produced the content. There is no limit to the amount of articles that you can write. Articles can be written on a variety of topics. All articles should relate to installing or configuring open source software and applications on the following Linux distributions: Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Arch Linux. Our goal at DigitalOcean is to build up a large, comprehensive, and beautifully written collection of tutorials. If you are interested in becoming an official DigitalOcean Community Writer, please submit a sample article and the topics that you enjoy/would want to write about to for review (feel free to CC We pride our community on having very well written articles. -Proofread your work

ROBOTICA/ Ecco l'I-SWARM, lo sciame dall'intelligenza artificiale Il progetto I-SWARM (acronimo per “Intelligent-Small World Autonomous Robots for Micromanipulation”), coordinato dall’Università di Karlsrhue e portato avanti da un consorzio di 10 partners europei, tra cui la Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa, rappresenta il primo tentativo di costruire un robot autonomo di dimensioni millimetriche e di replicarlo in centinaia o migliaia di esemplari, per realizzare uno “sciame” di microrobot. La “Swarm Robotics” (swarm significa appunto “sciame” in inglese) mira infatti alla programmazione di un grande gruppo di robot (di per sé relativamente semplici come capacità computazionali) al fine di far emergere comportamenti collettivi del sistema utili ad uno scopo desiderato, dimostrando quindi quella che viene definita “Intelligenza di Sciame” (“Swarm Intelligence”). Le strategie adottate sono spesso bio-inspirate, inspirate cioè a quelle osservate negli sciami di insetti in natura. © Riproduzione Riservata.

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