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How to Get Your Stuff into Evernote

How to Get Your Stuff into Evernote
It is no secret that I am a big fan of Evernote. It is one of those amazing tools that can radically boost your productivity. I use it probably more than any other program other than Mac Mail. But Evernote can also be initially intimidating. If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, Second Edition. Now, after several months of really exploring the program, I have discovered ten different tools for getting my content into Evernote: Type It. Record it. You don’t have to use all of these techniques, of course. Question: Which of these tools do you find yourself using the most? Want to launch your own blog or upgrade to self-hosted WordPress?

How To Encrypt Evernote On Mac OSX In yesterday’s post, we discussed how to encrypt your Evernote database on Windows. Today, we will be going through how to do the same thing using Mac OSX. Unfortunately it is slightly more cumbersome, but it is certainly do-able. Encrypting Text Inside A Note The “official” way to do encryption in Evernote is to simply encrypt any sensitive text in a note. Step 1: Select the text you want to Encrypt. Step 2: Right-click (or Command-Click) and choose Encrypt Selected Text. Step 3: Make up a passphrase that you will later use to decrypt this text. Step 4: Your text will now show as encrypted in Evernote. Encrypting Your Evernote Database Here is where things get fun. What is an encrypted sparsebundle? When you read this it might look kinda technical, but its not that bad. Note: You are going to be be moving around your Evernote files. Step 1: Click on Applications, then Utilities and choose Disk Utility Step 2: Go to File, then New then Blank Disk Image Here is what it looks like so far.

7 Evernote Resources You May Not Know About When it comes to Evernote, I am a hopeless fanboy. It has become an indispensable part of my productivity tool box. I use it as much as I use email or my calendar. While it is easy enough to get started with Evernote, it is a program that is incredibly deep and rich. For example, last week I discovered that I can share a note with others by creating a “shared note URL.” Because I have written a number of posts on Evernote, people assume I know more than I do. Here are seven Evernote resources you may not know about: The Evernote Essentials e-Book. This should get you started. Questions: What else should I cover in my blog posts about Evernote? Want to launch your own blog or upgrade to self-hosted WordPress?

How to Organize Evernote for Maximum Efficiency Please note: The way I organize Evernote today is completely different than what I wrote here. You can find my updated methodology here. I have been using Evernote for months. However, I have not really taken time to explore the depth of this incredible program until just recently. I have mainly just used it for a place to store meeting notes and an occasional web clipping. Photo courtesy of © However, thanks to Brett Kelly’s very helpful e-book, Evernote Essentials, the Evernote user forum, and a little experimentation, I have begun to see the incredible power of this digital repository. It all begins by establishing a solid organizational structure. If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, 4.0. First, let’s define some terms: Notebooks: These are collections of individual notes. Perhaps my current structure—which is still a work in process—will serve as an example.

Evernote Essentials -- A Complete Getting Started Guide for Evernote You’ve probably already heard about how amazing Evernote is. It can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Your data is with you wherever you go, thanks to the Evernote mobile apps that run on just about every platform and device on the market. You can snap a photo of a wine label or a street sign and search for the text within the image! (I’m still blown away by that feature after all these years.) That’s all fine and good — you already knew all of that anyway. You and Evernote each have a problem: Evernote’s problem: it’s a blank canvas, an empty sheet of paper. Your problem: you’ve heard the hype and you want to get started with this earth-shattering product, but you don’t want to spend hours upon weekends learning not only how to use it, but the best ways to use it. Friend, you’ve come to right place — because I’ve got the answer to both questions. Evernote Essentials: The Definitive Getting Started Guide for Evernote Hi, I’m Brett. Did I mention I work for Evernote? Glad you asked.

Scanning documents and notes directly to Evernote with a Canon MP Series printer | Tech and life You don’t have to scan documents to your PC then save them into Evernote organizer in two stages, you can set up your printer/scanner to scan directly into Evernote. I’ve already posted about scanning directly to Evernote with an Epson Perfection 4180 scanner. I recently got a Canon MP series multifunction printer with built in scanner (MP280) and had no trouble setting it up to scan directly to Evernote. Here’s what you do. When you installed your Canon printer drivers and utilities on the CD which came with the printer, you would have installed MP Navigator, the application which, among other things, allows you to scan directly to an application, in our case Evernote. For me it was actually called MP Navigator EX 4.0 but you may have a different version. Click on Custom and that should open a box like below. This is the part where we select Evernote as the program we want to open the scan with. Select that file and click Open.

Ten Steps Evernote Can Take Toward Perfection After Google announced the demise of their awesome Notebook product, I was pretty bummed. In the aftermath, I looked at a few other tools, but I’ve mostly been using Evernote. I haven’t been totally happy about it, though. As I said my earlier post reviewing Evernote’s Google Import utility: Overall, I think Evernote has done a nice job … and it’s definitely a strong contender to replace Google Notebook as my app of choice. As you’ve probably noticed, I still haven’t followed up. So here it is, 3 months later, and I’m about to tell you how I think Evernote could improve on what I must admit is the leading notebook product available. Major issues Keyboard shortcuts in the Web version. Minor issues Would a little color kill you? Nested folders in notebooks. Well, there you have it. I look forward to Evernote improving because they responded to many of these ideas within their user forum (many of which are included above as links).

The Issue From the time we are small, we are given tasks to perform, starting with “make your bed,” “clean your room,” “take out the trash,” and “be nice to your sister.” Once we attend school, those requests begin to increase as we are assigned homework and projects to complete. During high school and college we have further demands thrust upon us as we gain specific interests, hobbies and passions, and as our social calendar begins to fill. So we each kludge together a system to track all that we juggle in life, from those little things we need to accomplish today, to appointments, to items we need to remember to pick up downtown, to those larger projects in the coming months and then those larger, grander dreams we want to fulfill someday. To add to the complexity of this, everyone manages multiple roles. Mismanaged Time From what we’ve seen, using one’s Inbox for storing hundreds — if not thousands — of emails as unfinished to-dos is a recipe for confusion, stress, and mismanaged time.

10 Unique Uses for Evernote Evernote is a free website that allows you to save information for future reference. You can create Evernote entries by 'clipping' them from your internet browser,directly entering them into the Evernote application,typing them into your iPhone or iPad Evernote app,emailing them to your Evernote account oruploading them from affiliated applications such as various iPad apps like Genius Scan. This flexibility ensures you can capture the idea in the moment thereby creating a web archive of your thoughts and reference material. Evernote has a wide-range of uses that can help you become more organized and productive.

Going Paperless Below is a condensed index of my weekly Going Paperless tips that I do in my capacity as Evernote’s Paperless Lifestyle Ambassador. These weekly tips are also available via RSS. Below the index are some supplementary posts I’ve done that may be of interest to folks. Looking to get started going paperless with Evernote? Category Index Here are links to lists of the Going Paperless articles by category. Going Paperless 2.0 Articles Full List of Original Going Paperless Articles Supplementary Posts My Shared Template Notebook For Evernote

10 Ways To Make Evernote Rock Harder I used to keep notes and information in various places around the Web and on my devices: Google Drive, the Notes app on my iPhone, to-do list apps, notes scribbled on Post-It’s and notepads, notes and sketches digitally scrawled into iPad apps like Paper and Penultimate. You get the picture. My information was disparate. When I first started using Evernote a few years back, it was pretty simple: upload a note to the service or simply create one natively from within the app itself. Recently, while doing a bit of research for an upcoming presentation about must-have apps, I realized that Evernote had been changing. Here are some of the best. Scansnap Evernote Edition Scanner Imagine being able to easily scan that mess of paper lying around your office and cluttering up your kitchen table directly into an Evernote folder. Evernote is all about keeping your thoughts and information organized. Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus Zapier (Web App) (iPad App) Skitch PopClip (Mac App)

How to Email Your Documents Directly to Evernote Since making the decision to go paperless, I have gained a lot of experience with Evernote. It has become my digital filing cabinet for literally everything. As a result, I am now working in a clutter-free environment. Photo courtesy of © Once you have organized Evernote for maximum efficiency, it is time to start filing your documents into Evernote’s digital repository. If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, 4.0. Yet, surprisingly, I have met many Evernote users who don’t even know this capability exists. Here are five steps you need to take to use this feature: Find your unique Evernote email address. Start using it! Evernote is one of those applications that becomes more valuable the more you use it. Questions: Have you tried this feature with Evernote? or upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress blog?

7 Ways To Make Use Of Evernote Evernote is becoming a favorite of many people for holding all their stuff. We put things into it. That’s a little vague, if you ask me. What Evernote actually does is offer you essentially a blank slate of information capture and management tools, that allows you to use their product for a huge number of interesting and different things. Some people use it as their GTD system, some as a way of storing business cards, and any number of things you could think of. Me? Bookmark Manager One of the best features about Evernote is the Web clipper. Evernote actually has most of the features of a good bookmarking service: you can tag bookmarks, search them, and even send them to someone else. File Backup This is the only use of Evernote that differs whether or not you pay for an Evernote Premium Account ($5/month or $40/year, and well worth it). This is yet another application ““ online backup ““ that Evernote does really well. Photo Library Student Organizer “Mind Like Water” Shopping Helper