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Space Oddity

Space Oddity
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Astronaute, skipper, sous-marinier : les “pros” du confinement partagent leur expérience Sur les mers, dans l'espace ou à 200 mètres sous la surface de l'eau... Eux ont passé plusieurs semaines coupés du monde. Comment ont-ils surmonté la solitude et l'enfermement ? Legos: How One Vulgar, Ambidextrous Toy Opened the Door for Gay “Marriage” in Denmark The Kingdom of Denmark is set to legalize homosexual “marriage” later this month in a move that has been widely condemned as yet another step towards the dustbin of history for the once great nation. Theologians and educators have long criticized the country’s rejection of compassionate morality in favor of radical social engineering. Indeed, Danish cultural history is rife with the blind arrogance, sexual promiscuity and political anarchism of its spiritually primitive population. The Danes are a people with little respect for traditions and ethics, social science or even common sense.

Pioneer 10 Pioneer 10 (originally designated Pioneer F) is an American space probe, weighing 258 kilograms, that completed the first mission to the planet Jupiter.[1] Thereafter, Pioneer 10 became the first spacecraft to achieve escape velocity from the Solar System. This space exploration project was conducted by the NASA Ames Research Center in California, and the space probe was manufactured by TRW. Pioneer 10 was assembled around a hexagonal bus with a 2.74 meter diameter parabolic dish high-gain antenna, and the spacecraft was spin stabilized around the axis of the antenna. Its electric power was supplied by four radioisotope thermoelectric generators that provided a combined 155 watts at launch. Education is Ignorance, by Noam Chomsky (Excerpted from Class Warfare) DAVID BARSAMIAN: One of the heroes of the current right-wing revival... is Adam Smith. You've done some pretty impressive research on Smith that has excavated... a lot of information that's not coming out. You've often quoted him describing the "vile maxim of the masters of mankind: all for ourselves and nothing for other people." NOAM CHOMSKY: I didn't do any research at all on Smith.

Music Browse | Movies | Upload 124 videos 8:15:18 duration 181 views Music Coronavirus : L'astronaute Thomas Pesquet vous donne deux-trois astuces sur le confinement Question confinement, il en connaît un rayon. Thomas Pesquet, qui a passé pas moins de six mois dans un espace réduit avec trois autres astronautes, a décidé de partager un minimum de son savoir et de ses astuces pour bien vivre la situation. Comme n’importe quel Français, l'épidémie de coronavirus l’a obligé à revoir ses plans. Il n’a donc pas pu se rendre à Houston pour reprendre son entraînement en vue de sa future mission dans l'espace. « Bloqué » chez lui, lundi, il a mis à profit son temps pour partager sur les réseaux sociaux son « tuto confinement ». Comme de nombreuses personnes, il télétravaille et en profite pour trier ses photos prises lors de sa dernière mission à bord de la Station spatiale internationale. « On peut passer pas mal de temps à lire, je peux même vous donner des conseils », plaisante-t-il. Côté activités, il préconise la construction de maquette en mode « loisirs créatifs » pour les enfants.

Bergen Student-TV » Arkiv » Vaffelmix: Smartphone, Baby 1. mai 2012 Smarttelefonen er vår tids lommelerke. Du bærer den med deg overalt og blir mer avhengig av den enn av alkohol. Too much Wordfeud? Må du på Smartphone-rehab, maybe? Vaffelmix illustrerer omfanget og konsekvensene av dette moderne fenomenet i ny musikkvideo #denfølelsen.

Minecraft (alpha) I plan on having several game modes: (copied and pasted from the blog) Creative mode You’ve got infinite materials and build without any delay. Can be played both as singleplayer and as multi player.You can share the maps with other players somehow. Why Americans doubt man-made climate change - Inside Story: US 2012 It was 42 years ago that the first Earth Day was organised in the US, drawing millions of Americans to rallies across the country calling for a sustainable environment. Some consider that day to be the birth of the modern environmentalist movement in the US. Today the day is marked by millions around the world but its impact in the US seems to have fizzled, with only dozens turning out at the National Mall in Washington DC on Sunday. While the first Earth Day helped lead to the establishment of the US Environmental Protection agency, this year it was largely ignored by politicians and the public.

Spoken Word by Hollie McNish

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